Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cousin's Hanging out!

After one of Tyler's soccer games Hailee and Ty came and spent the night with us!! We hang out in the front, went for a walk to see the CHOOCHOO, walked to Zitos for pizza, hand ice cream, ate popcorn, all followed by a bath with ALL 4 of the kids! It was soooo much fun to have all of them together with Ty giving Emma kisses, Hailee wrestling with Drew and calling him 'big head,' & of course all of them having fun playing with BoBo (aka daddy, Derek). Derek and I remember the days when Tyler was little and Hailee would wear dresses and think, "where did the time go!" Tyler is 8 and Hailee 6, they can read, are good at everything they do, Hailee loves to say 'whatever' to her brother, Tyler is still that sweet little boy, & WE LOVE THEM!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fun at the Park

Emma and I made a trip up the hill to The Irvine Park on Sunday for an Easter egg hunt, train ride and fun time with the Hansen and Calagna Families. Drew did not come with us (we missed him), but we still had a great time looking at the horses & riding the train. We played pass the baby & listened to Emma talka..talka..talka. It was a beautiful day with a ton of kids and lots of candy. Next year will be so much fun with both drew, bella & emma bigger!

Derek & Mikey C

We get our friend time in too!

Eyebrow being shaved!

We know that we are blessed to have two healthy (well drew has a big head!) babies who love to play, eat, and be merry BUT Emma's perfection will be hitting a rough patch!! HER EYEBROW IS BEING SHAVED!! On the 30th of March Emma will be having surgery on the cyst that she was born with just above her left eyebrow. Auntie Suzie said, "hope her eyebrow grows back in time for her 1st birthday!" I am thinking that they can just take the hair that will be coming out of the cyst and somehow glue it there! Actually, that is pretty gross! Seriously though, please pray for our little one since she will be having to 'go under' and think of how many Xanx's I will have to be taking before hand!!!

Drew at Grandma's

What child would say no to grandma's house when there are the following things to do!!! Eat a TON of powdered donuts, drink Pepsi, have Taco Bell, dip your chips in cheese dip, make a huge mess of the house and she cleans it up, go swimming, play with rockets (fake air ones), play in the front, maybe go shopping at the fav places of Bed, Bath and Beyond or TJ MAX, and on pretty days go to the beach! Well....Kelsey, Saige, Kyle, Connor, Drew, Emma and the soon to be here Hannah Lee ALL love it...and never say NO! High Fives for Grandma's house.

Derek's Dad

We just wanted to give a little update on the condition of Derek's dad. Dwayne Sr., as many of you know has cancer. BOOOOOOO. The docs are pretty sure it is prostate cancer (spread to his bones in a few places), but with hormone treatment, hopefully radiation, surgery, and the love of his family and friends he will get through this. He will be having surgery sometime next week on his hip to (placing some rods in there) to help him regain some strengh so he can walk again with ease. Please send out a pray to the guy up above for not only Dwayne, but anyone who is battling any sort of disease. Gotta love all of the "WHITE HAIR" folk in the picture. Left to right, Margie, Gary, Dwayne, Allen, & Sandi.

Time with Mary

Last week the kids went over to Mary's house and had a great time with Teddy (the huge lovey doggie), walking to pick up Susan from school, listening to the birds, playing with Tinker Toys, kicking the ball around, sitting on Mary's lap, and eating lots of COOKIES! The kids absolutely love it there, which is so great because l love it there too:) The next time we go over there I will take a picture (can you believe that I did not take a picture of something!) and post it. WE LOVE MARY & SUSAN!