Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My First Pinterest Visit

Found this on Pinterest!

Hello, love love love love love it!

I have been invited so many times to pinterest and ya know what I know why I never follow up on it!!! I can spend forever on that dang site. The only reason why I looked at it was because I started planning Patty's baby shower today (my first in a few years) and she told me to look at the site. Now all I want to do it look, look, look. I am really going to try not to look though because we have dinner plans in an hour!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Tamale Fest

At the beginning of Dec was the Tamale Fest in Old Town. I wanted to go last year, but could not make it over to that section of town, but this year we did! Or I should say Drew, Lilly and I made it. Derek was working and Em was at ballet. Even though we only had three of us out of our clan, we made the short trip over there, stayed for about an hour & half, picked up Em then headed home. No tamale's though...I did not have my card and only a few dollars of cash on me. Maybe next year I can actually have a tamale! haha

In the short amount of time we were there we listened to one of the local high schools Jazz band, we walked up and down the short street, stood in line to get some tamales only to not get some, Drew got his hand painted by a came out as a spider, Drew tired to win a gold fish, and I think we found another vendor for my KIDS Fair out of Mustache Mikes food trucks...this one had Italian Ice.

Well, maybe next year we can have tamales, have Derek and Em there and maybe get a picture with me in it that actually comes out.






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Merry Christmas!

I sent out our Christmas cards on Friday, so all will be getting them soon if you have not already. Here was the picture on the card,

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We also had these ones taken, but I did not have them on the card, I framed this one,
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but left the rest for another time...or just to blog/keep on file.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ugly Sweater Party 2011

Food, booze, and good company makes for a great low key UGLY SWEATER PARTY! This past Saturday the kids went off to Nana and Papa's house and momma & daddy had some fun! Once again, Mar and Max are back east so they could not come and Sara had to work...I wanted my partners in crime, but whatever. We did have most of the neighbors, some of the Lee's, the Buchans, John & Gina, Case, Tati & D, and Mike came down.

We had so much food and for some reason most of the pictures we had were of taking FIre Ball Shots (super yummy!), that was kind of funny how grown adults like the hot tamale liqure. No other pictures were really taken. I really do need to get on that:)

**winner of the party for the uglest sweater was Dale, he was very happy.**

Up Goes Christmas, Outside

The weekend after Thanksgiving we threw Christmas up. While many areas of the country are heading into winter, here that weekend it was in the 80's and Drew was wearing this when playing outside.....

That weekend Derek also hung up the Christmas lights. I was very excited to watch him do this and a little worried that he would fall. This was Derek's first time hanging up lights for our family. I know strange since we have been together for 12 years...I always do it.

He did not fall, we did not fight while he did it (that does happen since I want things a certain way), and even though he waited until about half way to make sure the lights worked, they did. This did happen though, "damn Sara, isn't suppose to be cold outside when people do this...I need to jump in a pool!"

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tackle Tuesday

So I was reading Meg's Blog (actually, w.w.j.d) and how she posted her 300th blog post! It made me think, how many have I posted? Well, my last post was my 600th post! How fun is that!

Anyways, my tackle for today was to have the kids go and take the annual Santa picture at the mall! We did it, went to CPK for lunch, headed over to The Disney Store for some "well deserved sleeping in your own bed" gifts, came back home and in a bit will be going to the movies! **Emma has dance, but with that cough of hers she will not be going.**

Here is the annual picture! I know, I know you all love the picture:) After all it is the worst one that they took...I just had to get it!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My New Fav TV Family.....

The girls and I were folding laundry today and we came across this show. I loved it!

*it is so not like the John & Kate Plus 8...they seem to actually like eachother!*

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December, list of things to do!

Keep checking our blog for all of the posts that will appear, cuz we are going to be BUSY this month! My tackle yesterday was to do laundry and figure out our monthly schd. So hold on to your seats and have a laugh at what the Lee Family 5 will be doing this month!

Heritage Hill Park
Irvine Park Train
Mission Inn
Discovery Science Center
Newport X-mas boat Parade
Huntington Harbor Light Cruise
YMCA Christmas Show
Nutcracker Production
Toy Story 3 on Ice
Movie Block Party
Visit to Santa at the mall
Lee Family Christmas Party
Our 2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Party
Great Park
Old Town Holiday Night
Tamale Fest
Richard Nixon Library to see the trains.
Two sleepovers......

Oh and all of the normal stuff we do like ballet, getting hair done, MC.

And of course, the reason for the season....Jesus Birthday!!

My first Turkey

It does not look too pretty in this picture, but DAMN that turkey was good!

Derek and I hosted my family Thanksgiving on the Sunday before Thanksgiving since we were going to be with the Lee's, and my mom & Brian were heading up to Monterey to see Patty and Clint. We also celebrated Patty's birthday because they CAME DOWN! I love having them 7hours away! It was really nice and I wish I had taken some pictures of my set up, but I did take the turkey one and I stole the rest from Claire's FB.

Gobble, Gobble....

We hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving this year! Once again, we had a great time with the Lee family at Linda's house. Good food, good drink, good company, and great cookies provided by Linda (we went through two tins in 4 days!).

The morning of Turkey Day I joined Jen and her cousin at the Turkey Trot at Yorba Regional Park to benefit Research for a Cure...for a quick 5k. Since Jen is about to pop that kid of hers out next month she did not run it and thank goodness because since I can not run anymore I did not feel too bad as people zoomed by us. Oh, Elisa and Kels did it too, but they ran. I still am amazed at how people who dressed up as turkeys ran a 10 or 5k and did not pass out! It was a very nice way to start a day full of eating!