Monday, November 12, 2012

Ticked off!

It may take me a few days to blog about his past weekend. I just got done typing it up and they erased it! I did not realize! I am so TICKED OFF! That just added to a FAB Monday!!!

I realized I sounded really upset! Opps, but I was! Do you know how long it takes to post sometimes!! hahah

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Say Cheese!

Look at those cutie faces! I just want to eat them up!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Big Bear!!

We LOVE Big Bear! Every time we go there we find something new that we love about it I am just so grateful to have the Kemper's in our lives (Mar's fam), I will never be able to express it correctly.

Going up the mountain I DROVE! Amazing, I know, but Derek did not want me to get sick again...oh so nice! The one thing that I did miss when driving was looking out at the open space. Those colors! The colors are beautiful and the weather of 60 degrees was exactly what we wanted! The 25degrees at night...not so much:) I know, I know my backeast family. On the way home I got to enjoy the view because Derek drove, well, until I started to feel ill and fell asleep. I think Derek is a lucky man when we drive. I do not bug him and want to talk & talk because I am ASLEEP most of the time. haha

Like I wrote, we LOVE Big Bear..but it is very different when it is "off-season." Most places of interest are CLOSED! "See you in May," was the theme. Yes, the ski season is almost here (I think this weekend maybe?), but that does me no good since I do not ski (I would like to learn one day) or snowboard (I am not teenager wanting to ride a skateboard on the snow) and I really do not feel like getting all wet from the snow either, but what I want to do is go to the Zoo or a Museum. Many of those are closed. Oh well. We went for walks, are a bunch, Derek made pancakes for the kids, we drove and drove around, picked pine cones, walked on the bridge over the marsh, and went to the park. Derek wanted to just relax with this family and enjoy his long weekend. He enjoyed himself and so did I! Then kids did not want leave and we of course can not wait to go there again!


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Of course there was, "I do not want to hold your hand Emma!"

But Bug held it for Em:)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Scarecrow Voting

The girls and I headed over to the Great Park to vote on the 'best' scarecrow which was displayed in the garden part of the park. We love the OC Great Park! Can you guess which one I voted for?


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They have a few exhibits there & one of them tells the history of Irvine and the transition it has gone through. I knew a lot of it, but it was interesting to learn that the symbol of the USMC El Toro based was designed by Walt Disney.

Also interesting was the slogan of "Free A Man To Fight" during WWII.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Day

I was so bummed this year, well I still am in a way, that my babies did not do a theme for their Halloween costumes. I had this Star Wars theme that they agreed to all year and then when they got their costumes we ended up with a LaLa, Captain America's daughter, and a red ninja. Whatever,,, they loved what they were.

Besides me trying not to throw a fit about the costumes, we woke up yesterday to a day full of going to one Halloween themed event to the next.

Drew was up first. He was in the school's annual Halloween Parade. It is very cute to see all of the lower grades walk past all of the upper graders room's. Then it is the upper's turn. I did not see this last year. I was thinking that I would not be able to bring the girls on campus, but now I know it was just for the parties. Anyways, he was just so cute! He was waving and smiling and saying hi to our neighbors as he walked by. Em was already dressed up for the day and really wanted to join in the fun the kids were having. So cute!


Then it was Em's turn for the parade. It is a little different for the kinder late birds. Both of the late bird classes walk around the entire campus and go inside of each class and wave. It is really cute. I actually missed Em going into Drew's class because Lilly had ballet and we were running a little late. But we did get to see her wave to all of our neighbors and actually be a little shy...strange to see her that way at school!

I was able to get a few pictures of her in her classroom. Her teacher was a witch with this HUGE hat and I just love that. Em told me she had a lot of fun at her party and came home with way TOO MUCH candy. I wish I could have gotten a few pics of Drew's party or him in his classroom, but I guess I will have to wait for the Shutter Fly update to see what it was like. I wonder what my life will be like when I have all three of them in school? What will their little parties for the holidays be like? **I can not bring Lilly to the school during parties and all of my sitters are at school during the day**


I have to throw the below picture in. This is Alejandro. HE LOVES EMMA! It was hilarious that he was Captain America and she was Captain America's Daughter (that is what the name of his costume was).

Then after school, homework, a quick trip to Target to get Em some more cheap white leggings since she got her's all dirty, and making cornbread the kids went to take our usual Halloween pictures with the neighborhood. They even got to do their first trick-or-treat. Then off we went to DeAnne & Ryan's for chili, chicken noodle soup and treats.


All of our kids get along so well and when I saw Nate with his Clipper makeup on I thought about when he had his first Halloween. He was a lion. That was 14 years ago! Ouch!
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Then when we got back to their house the little ones were very excited to hand out candy. Lilly stood there the longest. She opened the door, handed out candy, and laughed! All those kids wanted to do was EATEATEAT!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fun!

So much going on this month that I just threw some stuff from last weekend together in this post.

Lighting never does Halloween decorations justice! I am sure I can do something with my camera or on the computer, but I won't. I am still sticking with my witches, spiders, and skull theme. I think it works:)

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Our first Halloween party, well we tried. So many of our friends were sick, out of town, or at other parties. I doubt we will have another one and if we do then maybe closer to the beginning of the month. I did not realize until the party was almost done that I did not take any pictures! So I tried to get a few all in about 10 mintues:)
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I love Avah and Lilly decorating the coupe!
The TP was so much fun for the kids but my gardeners did not come this week for some reason, so I have a ton of tiny TP pieces all over the back!
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Block Movie Night.
We were really pooped and not feeling 100%, but sitting at the end of the street watching a Wallace & Gromit was not going to exert too much energy. The kids had so much fun running around the street while it was still light out, then settling down with the other kiddies & bags of popcorn that Ms. Alisha made. She does a great job organizing these evenings. We are going to have to start talking about the Winter one:)
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So I thought that watching the movie would not be that big of a deal, well I was wrong. Maybe it was the running in the street?? I woke up at 4am or so to my throat on fire, Em honking like a goose, Lilly having a runny nose, and Drew saying his tummy hurt. Who said that Mondays were not FUN?!?! haha.

We watched Jumanji, Hocus Pocus, and all laid on the couch. Well, they laid and I was up most of the day taking temps, distributing meds, adjusting pillows, and keeping the train wreak (aka Lilly) from going outside. She is s stinker. Needless to say, when Derek got home I was not a lovey wife and just wanted to cry!

Cry, is exactly what Em did when I told her that she was not going to participate in a demo with her dance academy. She was sick and missed a is what happens. Once we talked a little bit she was better. We did go to see them the next day at the mall. Her group did okay, the youth company did awesome (as usual) and I was happy to teach her that she can still go and support others even if it did not work out for her. Lilly, who was going to dance too, could care less. She just wanted a cookie the entire time.

**health are good and mommy can not get rid of this cough!**
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