Monday, May 31, 2010

The Phone

So many times I have been on the phone with someone when they must have heard the 'life' that I live. This is how it goes:)
"My tummy says I am hungry"
"Mommy, I want bubbles"
"Mommy, Drew (or Emma) hit me"
"Mommy I want to hold baby Lillian"
"Mommy, who are you talking too?"
"Mommy, I want to eat some meat, banana, and cookies."
"Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy.....................

This is just one of the faces that I look at while.... well, most of the time:)

**I just have to write that I in NO WAY would let my kids end up like this while I am talking on the phone, this is her throwing a fit when wanting to play with mud!**

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wine Tasting!

Yesterday I braved the Memorial Day traffic on the 91 to go DRINK in Temecula! Okay, well I only had 2 glasses with lunch because I was driving:) What else can I say but me and wine can not stay away from each other...haha
Anyways, Jo and I met up with Emma and her close girlfriends down at the South Coast Winery for a farewell wine filled afternoon for Emma since she is moving in a few weeks to North Carolina!! It was a nice afternoon to share with Em and her friends, but I do have to mention that I cried when I got home:( I am going to miss my sister a lot. Okay I am not going to write anymore...I am crying!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yes, I am continuing my list:)

I decided to see what I could mark off of my 'List of 101 things to do' and I have to say I am doing pretty well. The big ones are still a work in progress, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I am doing things that I wanted to conquer. So here are some more I can check off.....

#27- I call my parents (text my dad) at least once a week.
#3- potty train Emma....pain in the butt because she insists on taking all of her clothes off!!!
#28- thanks to family and sitters Derek and I go out about twice a month...sometimes more. This has really helped us stay connected.
#50- As a family we eat out once a week...usual place too.
#51- I tried for two weeks to have a set schd and stick to it. I still do it too:)
#59- The 4 (now 5) go to the beach.
#77- sign Em up for ballet
#85- get kids birth certificates
#86- have the doctor update the kids immunization records.
#99- go to a play (The Frog Prince with Em and my mom...I am counting that)

However, the following will NOT be able to be done.

#60- rent a beach cottege in SD. My hookup is moving:(
#87- spend an entire day with my mom and Emilee watching movies. Em is moving:(
#91- I will not be able to refinish the server because of the material that is over it....I am still not sure why it can not be done, oh well.

***on a side note, I have no idea when I started this thing and what site to even look on (frankly, I do not care either). So I gave myself until this date next year to finish my list.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Founders Day

Here is a picture of some ladies from the moms group I joined back in Novemeber.

On Saturday I divided the kids up to different family members (that is what having three kids does when it comes to sitters) and headed to the Hidden Valley in Irvine. There were over 700 women from southern CA..with no kids..for the International Moms Club! I wish I had taken pictures of some of these ladies all dresses up in matching outfits and their spots in the 'village' were so decked out that I felt I was at a craft fair. My group did not dress up, had the simplest basket, and did not decorate our spot. Yeah, we kind of suck:) However, next year we are going to rock..."simple" though because some of those gals were a little too into it and I just do not roll that way.

Tackle It Tuesday

Ya know when you put something off because 'you have time'? Yet, now the 'time' is running out and you still do not want to do it! Well, I think I will tackle Drew's pre-k paper work that is due on the 4th of June. Yes, so simple I know and I should be happy he is going to be going to school 3 days a week, but really I think I do not want him to go. Yes, my kids drive me nutty most of the time...don't yours? However, when they leave me to go with family or I leave them to go out a part of me is with them...that drives me nutty too.
So, I will of course do the paper work and make copies of documents for his school, but I am not going to be happy about it.
Having one less monster during the day is just going to be weird!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our Son Kicks BUTT!!!

Drew-Drew had his last soccer practice this past week:( Another mom, Tami, and I were so sad to see it end!!! Drew just loved indoor soccer (then again, he has not had the outdoor kind) and I can not wait to sign him up for the next!!!!

I mean really with this crowd

Time to hang out with his buddy

His cousin Connor came too, who I think he loves more than us!

He likes his coaches, "oh so much,"

Kicked butt playing!

And, of course all of the LOVE!!!!!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Albertsons Tour Anyone????

You know you are jealous!

Since I joined the mom's club we have been to many places, but I always get a laugh when I say, "hey, I went and had a tour of PETCO, The Post Office, and now Albertsons!" I am sure Lily has set up many more places to go and I am looking forard to it! Like on Friday I ran to the store had the leftover snacks the kids did not eat and then ran home. 4 miles done! It is a blas tto see the kids really 'pay attention.'

Prom 2010

Look at these girls! Kels and Aniessa are both natural beauties, but add a beautiful dress and they are breathless! Hearing about their experiences sent me back to a life that was carefree with out real responsibility and ya know for a moment....I wanted to go back! However, I am sitting here in my house, with a car I can drive at anytime, I have no curfew, a can drink a glass of wine, we have three kids, I have a husband (snoring on the couch) that gives me everything I want, a college degree and I think, "HELL NO, NOT GOING BACK THERE!!!" Prom seemed like the highlight of all time back then , but these girls have no idea what wonderful things life has in store for them. I can not wait to see where life takes them:)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

So today was tackle Tuesday and I did not do anything I was suppose to do! haha
Goal was to put away laundry (Monday is wash day) and go through papers. Well, I drove around with Saigey for a bit after picking her up from school, added more clean clothes to my pile, talked on the phone, went to the store, played outback with the kids, signed the kids up for a few swim lessons, made some yummy dinner, gave the kids a bath and WAS in bed by 9. All to avoid what I wanted to do today, laundry and going through papers. I just did not want to do it AND NOW I am going to have to do that plus all of my daily stuff, plus ballet and soccer. Oh such is my life!

ps- love how I said I went to bed at 9, but 2hours of tossing is enough for me! I hate my sleeping habits!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend of Trains

So Derek and I realized this past weekend, that we are train DORKS! Yes, we have been saying that we are train dorks since Drew first got into Thomas at about a year old, but I do not think we TRULY believed that we were the dorks we said we were. However, now I think I have to say with full belief that we are TRAIN DORKS! When you go to a train show and you have seen almost all of the booths numerous times at other train might be a train dork! On Saturday we went to Fullerton Train Station and saw this

Then I got freaked out when this came by on our side!

Derek just laughed at me as I was running with the kids, do not worry though I never show the kids my fears. Damn that thing was FRIGHTENING to stand by and it was going so fast!

Then we went to Downtown Brea and saw some more trains on Sunday. That is where we shook our heads and laughed at how, yes, we are dorks and we LOVE TRAINS!! Just as long as Drew is not one of those men who run around with a train shirt, camera, conductor hat with all the pins (sorry those guys are weird) then I do not mind being a dork for a few years right now:)


We love them these little monsters who...
Get into the fridge
Won't leave the baby alone...EVER!
Gang up on their Daddy and Momma
Seem to have become an united front
Drink milk like it is going out of style
Love to jump on the couch and our bed.
Get the floor of the bathroom wet EVERY TIME they take a bath.
"Why" is Drew's favorite word.
Fruit snacks are Emma's crack.
Lilly refuses to roll over.
Lillian thinks her name is 'Bills.' Derek and his nicknames!
ALWAYS dump the bubble solution on the ground!!!

Love our little monsters!