Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Adios Spring Baseball!

SPRING BASEBALL IS DONE!!  I am sad for Drew, but MAMA is happy!  It has been crazy for me since February with all of the driving, different game schedules, dropping Drew off at warm up, then dropping Em & Lilly at ballet, then back to the field to watch Drew play for 45min, then back to pick up the girls, then race back to pick up Drew.  If I was lucky I would be able to watch a total of 2 innings.  Oh the life of having a husband that works a ton.  But I can not complain too much...I get to stay home with the monsters.

**Oh, did I mention I was team mom?**  Of course I was:)  Actually, that was not too difficult of a job because the team was awesome and extremely laid back.  We had no snacks, no banner, only one party, and no team fees.  I just set up a Shutterfly site and filled things out and that was it.  

**Oh, have I mentioned we were on the president of the leagues team?**  That was interesting because, I hate to state it, well he is the president of our Pony ball and Drew will be around him and these coaches for some time.  Good and bad, but he was great!  Super organized and taught Drew a ton, which we liked.  For a gabber like me it took me a bit to get use to his type of personality, but I did.  

Drew had a great time this season and only had one breakdown, thank goodness it was BEFORE a game.  He was getting a little discouraged because he was not getting a hit.  He did not get a hit this season.  That was a little frustrating, but he did walk all of the time, made some great plays, scored, and of course always had a smile on his face.  

He did improve a TON and is absolutely in love with baseball now.  Throwing, hitting, catching is all he wants to do now when he is home.  When Derek is home they play a lot and Derek sees the improvement in Drew too.  He really wants to pitch at some point.  We will see about that...we just want him to hit!

Pictures below are from Drew's last game.  They made it to the Championships, but lost.  Drew was just happy to get another medal.  We are very proud of him for hanging in there this spring in KID PITCHED!

 Funny, Emma and Lilly made a friend that had been there all season, but it was the last few games that they started playing together.

 Lilly being funny at the pizza party that follow his last game.
 The last cheer of the season
 Drew getting a pep talk after the game from one of the assistant coaches that really helped Drew this season. Brian was AWESOME with him.  In fact, Brian is the one that got Drew into thinking about baseball more and pitching.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Daut Weeding!

The last of my adoptive family GOT HITCHED!  I have known Austin since he was 6...too dang long...and I just love him to pieces.  Veronica is one lucky lady indeed.  They were so happy that day and Veronica was beautiful.  The near sunset service, the mariachi band, the courtyard filled with beautiful lights and the colors they chose of gold and red were perfect for the Villa Del Sol.  Don was the officiant and everyone was in the wedding!  They had 12people per side!  Dear lord, there was no room up in the front!  

Baby Sam was the best little man!
Look at this hot mama Leydy!  I can not believe she is in her 50's!  The last of her babies is married.  Love her hot dancing too.
Of course there has to be a person who answers their phone during the wedding.  Too bad it was Mar's father-in-law!  I just had to be a stinker and grab a picture of him.
Look at that hot BFF of mine.  Gorgeous and pregnant.  She looked like a Greek goddess.
Of course, kisses at a wedding are always a must.

Birthday Differences

I love the differences in birthday parties from when you are little to when you turn 37!  I know it is very obvious that little kids have 'little kid' parties and adults have dinners big parties/trips for special birthdays such as 30, 40, and so on.  But what I am talking about is the 'conversations' and 'sitting' us parents get to do  while with our own friends!  For example....

Ryan's birthday dinner....
*we went to SUSHI for dinner and only had to get up when WE had to use the potty
*we talked/bitched about our lives/work/parenthood and so on
*I plopped down Ryan's bottle of Makers right on the need to wrap his gift
*we went to TWO places with out having to worry about kids being tired and complaining
***love the Twisted Vine!

Alex & Paulina's birthday party...
*at the park
*I had to chase the kids around
*Lilly would not leave my side for most of the time
*I had to talk to people I really did not want to (sounds mean, but I REALLY did not want to talk to a few of them)
*I had to deal with kids screaming and crying as we left to go to Drew's baseball game

I am just stating the differences that is all.  But it is very nice to have both in our lives.  We get our adult time and family time.  We had so much fun at both!  The kids ran around that crazy fools at the park and LOVED the Star Wars Theme.  Fabiola did a great job!  DeAnne did a great job surprising Ryan for dinner!  Love it!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter, it feels so long ago!  Well, it really was.  And I have a confession...I think this was the first year my kids dyed eggs??  Bad parents, I know.  They had a blast, but I have no idea why I had them put their jammies on first? haha.  With my sisters not here, my mom looking for a good location to spread my grandparents ashes, the Peterson's doing their own thing and Derek's side out of town (most of them)...this year for Easter was very low key.  The kids had fun with their baskets and so did Derek.  Maybe one year I will get one..haha/wink/wink.  Oh wait Derek did get me something!  A DSI game...!  Anyways, we had fun hanging out at home, talking to my family back east on the phone, having an Easter egg hunt around the house, watching movies, Emma learning how to ride her BIKE, and eating a yummy ham dinner.  It was small and low key, but we had a great time with our FAMILY.

Open House!

If I do not start to blog again....I never am!!  I swear life is just too dang busy.  For example, OPEN HOUSE!  The school year is almost done and I have yet to blog about Spring break and open house.  Should I even attempt to catch up?  Yes, I think I will.  So be ready to read a lot of posts soon!!

Open house, so much fun.  I love to see how excited the kids get to show us their crafts, desks, to take pictures with their teachers and so on.  

First up, Drew.....

He is just the sweetest boy ever!  I do not mean to brag, but I have so many parents come up to me and ask what Derek and I have done to make such a respectful/sweet boy?!  I joke and say, "I beat him," but really it is because I am kind of a hard ass with manners.  Lets hope he always stays that way:)  With academics he his doing awesome.  He is still in RTI for reading, but doing just great otherwise.  I swear I will fight to keep him in RTI, we love the added help.  Math he is a wiz at and he had made great friends.  I was a little worried that since his teacher went on maternity leave that he would slip in his studies, but he is doing just great.  

Second, Emma.....

What can I say about Em?  Of course, we came straight from dance but she was very excited about it because she got to show her teacher what she wears to ballet.  Both of the kids brought their teachers flowers, so she was happy to also show her those.  We saw the 'kinder-garden' and Em pointed out what she planted with her class.  They do not have a desk in kinder, which I am sure if she did have one it would be OCD!  But we did get to see that her writing and math is improving and he crafts are just adorable!  It is amazing how far she has come this year!

Third, Lilly.............she is crazy!