Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blog Challenges...many of them

A picture of my family,

Both of my camera's are broken and this is from my phone. This is us at Linda's a few Sunday's ago. Blurry, but this is us.


What stresses me out,

Not much stresses me out, but when I stress my anxiety loves to overload on me.

I am always stressed the day of a party at my house, always! It does not matter how prepared I get prior to the event...drives me bonkers!

When Derek works too much. I miss him and need him to keep me grounded.

Money. Thankfully not as much as it use to:)



I wish to live a long happy life and hope that everyone I know does too. Life is too short to be sad or depressed.

It has been a fun blog challenge and I hope those that read our blog learned a little about me that did not know!

Blog Challenge, a picture

This is a simple picture of my life. I have had three of these little love bugs and love almost every minute of it. They have taught me a lot about myself and the world. Some good, some bad. I could not imagine my life with all of the memories, emotions, and lessons they have given Derek and myself. Nothing is as sweet as when a baby sleeps...oh without crying in the process!

Blog Challenge, Pets

AWW aren't they cute! Too bad I am so not a pet person! I really do not like any AT ALL! In fact, I actually tell all animals that I do not like them once I meet them. Yes, every once in a while I like one for half a day or so, but then shift right back to not liking pets. They bug, they have bugs, you can not go anywhere without thinking about caring for them, some smell, they cost money (hello, I have three kids that cost a butt load of money), and they need attention which I do not have left to give them. More power to those that can juggle it all and still love their pets (Meg, I think of you and your sweet doggie:)), but I lack that gene!