Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Buddy

This is Mia, Drew's "big buddy" at school. Mia requested Drew and when she got him as her 'little buddy' she was excited and so was Drew. He always says he will see her on Friday, even though they live two doors down, and has the biggest smile on that cute face of his.

This is Drew and Mia the other day when Drew gave her two flowers and a note saying he was so excited she was his 'big buddy!'

Pioneer Park

I love to go to different parks around the OC and Pioneer Park is for sure one of them. We went there prior to the start of school with my mom's group and had a blast playing on the 'pioneer themed' toys, swings, wagons, and water fountain.

Then two weeks ago I met up with Sara 2, Darci, and their girls for some more fun. However, it was a little overcast for the fountain for me, so we did not do that. Even though it was a bit of a drive it is really fun.


Momma is Breaking!

Missing a baseball game, three birthday parties, and now school! Drew being sick is not fun at all! He seems to be doing pretty well, but I can tell that he is getting stir crazy! My poor boy has a fever and a cold. There is no, "loading up with OTC meds and sending him on his way" done in this household...so momma is stuck at home with sicky! Now Lilly is sick and I think Derek is not feeling too well either. I am just waiting for Em to get sick, which will stink because she is really a honker!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OC Walk to Remember


There are a lot of different walks/run that people can participate in to show their passion for a cause. We all know big ones for cancer and MS and the OC Walk to Remember is a gaining momentum. Over the past few years I have only walked in one "walk," but I do make sure I give (a little amount) to this cause as well as prostate, MS, and ALS. Once again, I can not make the walk this year, but have hopes that those who read this would like to contribute in some way.

I have never had a miscarriage or lost a child at or close to it's birth, god forbid, but Kristen the founder has and wanted to have a forum to celebrate life and mourn the loss of their child. Kristen now has 3 beautiful children that my family is getting to know through ballet and I can say this without reserve, she is one of the best women I have ever met and Leah (on the front of the flier) is one of the cutest little 6 year olds ever! Pass it on!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bug is TWO!

Buggy is 2! We can not believe it! More photos to come, but I had to post this photo that Grandma sent to me! I can not tell yet if I love it or am saddened by it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Look what I found!

Looking up more stuff for Lilly's birthday party I found this.....


Gross Freeway!

Many people want to come to see LA or Hollywood once in there lives. My second cousin asked me when I was back east last month, "oh my god, do you live by Hollywood, I really want to go there?" I replied, "oh sweetheart, you never want to go there, it is really gross." My cousin (her dad) conquered. I am not sure what to think of people that really want to go to Hollywood because it really is VERY DIRTY! The below pictures are just from the freeway! I wonder if I should do a blog post about the parking, homeless people all over the place (those that say "oh" while reading this have never seen it), old buildings that are falling apart, and the traffic! I am a historian and I have a hard time swallowing the history there because I have to plug my nose! I guess I am a real OC girl!:)

Seriously, LA/Hollywood, take more pride in your community!

Buchan's Labor Day Party

First, thank you to the Buchan's for hosting a fun Labor Day party at there club house! It was so nice to just sit and not have to clean up after everyone left! The food was super good from Brian's and I think everyone had a good time! Cheers to GOOD TIMES!


Second, Drew or Emma got a hold of my camera a few times and took these winner pictures!


Third, I took the following pictures. I wish I had brought my other camera because I hate the red eye from my little camera, but I have learned that the kids like to take pictures, so I do not think bringing my good one makes much sense anymore. Some of the pictures are cute even though the red eye is bad. It was nice to have Marci & Jason's little Ava (15months) and the Curtis' girls there (5&2) because there are way to many time we hang out with "the boys" and my little ones are the only Innocent youth:)

High School Football...

Where do I live? Do I live in the Midwest? Nope, but the way that the YLHS vs. EDHS football game on Friday looked made me think...where am I? Our dear friend teaches at YL and since I went to ED, Derek and I decided VERY last minute to take the kids. I was actually shocked that Derek agreed because he is usually not up for those things. So, we went to our fav pizza place

then headed to the new stadium at YLHS. I think we should have skipped the meal because by the time we got to the game there was no parking (looked for about 20min) and even if we had the line to get tickets was so long that we would have been in line even longer. The high school football gods were not in our favor last Friday, so we promised the kids we would go to another game real soon and left.

Moral of our experience....YLHS vs. EDHS football games must get valet parking and presale tickets available online!

First Baseball Game!

Our big boy (I am so sad to write that) had his very first baseball game on Sunday (yes, Sept 11th)! He has never had a practice (they had one of Saturday, but we could not make it) and we were SUPER nervous for him. Let me make that more clear, 'Derek was super nervous for him.' Since Derek played ball himself for so long he just wants Drew to be good, but slowly Derek realized that Drew is just 5 and only wants to have fun. Well, that was before we saw some of the other 5 and 6 year olds play! Some of those kids are GOOD! Maybe a little too good. Now we realized that Derek needs to work with Drew more on pretty much everything:)

But Drew did play left field and stopped a ball to make the hit a single instead of a double.

He also, got a little better at swinging the bat while 'on deck'

He hit the ball on the fourth 'machine pitched' ball for a line drive single. That single was followed by a bounce on home plate, another single and slide at home.

Then of course there was a team huddle and a SNACK! He was so happy! He says he really likes baseball, which I know makes Derek really happy.

He also had a fan club! Caden had his first game too, so we watched a bit of his game and got a picture of the two boys. Oh, and the GF came too:)