Thursday, January 29, 2009

Derek Turns 31!!

Derek turned 31 yesterday!!! Of course, he hates his birthday (every year he gets so upset) and every year I try to make it special, but this year we played it low key and just had his family and the Ayala's over for some dinner and cake. I do not think I have ever done anything here on a week night for any of our birthdays and I must say it was fun. We had a great time watching the kids play, eating, making fun of how bright the room was with Derek's 31 candles lit, and OF COURSE enjoying the 'little boy toys' that Michelle always gets him. Last year she got him some Nerf set and this year she got him some sort of grip ball and the Indi Whip that makes noise. Oh, I can not forget to mention the classic Linda case of beer and "Truffle Shuffle" shirt (this year it is black), as well as the 'bodily function' card that Dale and Suzie always get. Thanks to everyone!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Movie week

ANNNNNND the themed weeks continue:) Last week was movie week! I took the kids to see "Madagascar 2" at the dollar movie theater, we rented "Meet the Robinsons," Auntie Emma took them to see "Tale of Roooo" (I do not know how to spell that rat/mouse's name), and on Thursday we went to Ms. Beckster's house to go on a walk, visit and watch a movie. Well, while at Beck and Bella's house we tried to watch some sort of Barbie Christmas Movie thingy, but that was short lived. However, I did get to see how good Becky is at bowling on Wii! hahaha It was a fun time last week and all I keep doing is laughing when I think of how Em took all FOUR kids to the movies and when she got home to tell us how it went all she could say is, "I have NEVER heard Emma talk that much in her 18 months!"

Kyles last soccer game

Kyles last soccer game was a few weeks ago and they made it to the commishioners cup. They lost the final game (they ended getting second place), but Kyle did score the only goal for his TEAM!!! You could tell he had such a great time over the two weekends the tournament took place, however happy that all 6 of the games were done. Drew and Emma hang out, of course, and just eat ice cream, play with their toys, and love to wave at people as they pass by. I love going to most of Kyle's game and can not wait until he starts BASEBALL!!

Santa Ana Zoo

Two weeks ago the kids and I went to the Santa Ana Zoo with Sara 2, Madi and Sara's BFF Kaila. Kaila came out for a short trip to visit Sara and her family from their home state of Texas. Kaila is very sweet and it was very nice to put a face to all of the stories that Sara tells about when they were growning up. The zoo was so much fun with the three babies and Kaila all excited to see the small animals and ride the train. Later on that night us ladies went for drinks and dinner at the Yardhouse followed by watching the movie, Twilight. Sara is a freak about that movie!!!! She is such a 15 year old!! hahaha Sara 2!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I did some more!!

On my list of 101 Things..., I have done some more over the last few weeks:) Here they are.
#1- Kiss Derek everyday night when he gets home. He liked this and did not understand what was going on until he read the blog (I did not tell him about my list).
#7- Enroll Drew (I did Emma too) in an outside activity. It does not start until Feb, but at least I did it.
#9- No more trash on the inside door of the car. Derek helped point that OUT!! haha
#45- I made coffee (and lunch) for Derek for 2 weeks straight. I am still doing it:)
#49- I gathered and got rid of all of our VHS'
#54- I learned about Double Coupons
#63- I made my calendar on my google account and on the paper calender with birthdays and anny's
#84- I have been going to bed at the same time as Derek even if I am not tired or want too. Sometimes after a few hours I will get up, but at least I am trying.
#101- I told Derek, Drew and Emma how much I loved them and gave them some reasons why over hot chocolate.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It is HOT!

IT was, oh wait is, SOOOOO HOT!!! Of course, I can not pass up a time when the weather out here is 90 degrees and back east (hey there Smith Clan) is at around 5!!!!! I love you guys back there, but ya know it cracks me up to have the kids sit outside with no shirt or just a dress on!

Anissa turns 15!

Anissa is 15!!! We LOVE this beautiful girl and she is the best babysitter, it does not hurt that she live across the street. Last night we went over there and had some pizza and some yummy cake (well that is what I heard)! She got a lot of girly stuff and OF COURSE she was happy with everything...she is such a lovely girl.

Picnic week!

Last week we had the theme of 'picnic week!' We had so much fun on Monday at Hart Park in Orange with Wendy's as our "picnic food", but mommy had a very difficult having both of them playing on different play gyms!! On Tuesday we went to Auntie Sara's and Madi's house for some pb&j's and more park fun. WE LOVE AUNTIE SARA!!! On Wednesday I went to a funeral and the kids went to Auntie Chows to hang out at the park and Mc Donald's. On Thursday we went to the Irvine park and LOVED it!! This week are not having a 'theme' but next week we will.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I did a few on the list

I know I just posted my 101 list, but I had already done a few since I wrote it:)
I did #13- buy a journal & #96- write/email/call the city about the cross walk.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

101 things to do in 1001 days

So I have joined a few friends, like Becky and Teren, in creating a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I think that this is a great idea and once I sat down and thought about all of the STUFF I have to do and have not yet AND all of the stuff I WANT to do...this list just began to grow. On my list are some personal goals and others are for my children, Derek, and loved family and friends. Some of the items have been edited and others have may seem a little strange, but if you know me then they make sense. So now I am going to map out my list in the order that it came to me while I sat and wrote it. I just want to thank Becky for starting this with us and for giving me another avenue to make my life more fulfilling:) xoxoxoxo
1. Kiss Derek everyday when he gets home from work, no matter what I am doing, for 2 weeks straight.
2. Potty train Drew
3. Potty train Emma
4. Get Drew off of his pacy
5. Get Emma off of her pacy
6. Teach Drew his letters and numbers
7. Enroll Drew into some sort of outside activity with other children
8. Do my 'theme weeks' for at least 40 weeks out of the 52
9. No more keeping trash in the 'inside door' of the car
10.Wash the car once a month
11.Work on Lee baby #3
12.Find somewhere larger to live
13.Buy a journal
14.Write in a journal 3x a week
15.Pray daily
16.Read the bible front to back
17.Volunteer for something at church
18.Take Drew and Emma to church twice a month
19.Go to church 3 times a month
20.Tithe every week even if I am not there.
21.Try not to cry to hard at Marlene and Sam's wedding in June!
22.Make a list of things to do for Derek and not hound at him to do them right away
23.Talk to Derek about ALL of our bills
24.Buy a new tv for our room
25.Buy a new bedroom set for us
26.Do not cuss out loud for 2 days straight (that is going to be hard!!)
27.Call my parents once a week
28.Derek and I go 'out' twice a month
29.Read the proper care and feeding of husbands.
30.write a letter to the 'two' people I need to
31.Try not to be on the computer while the children are awake
32.Buy new boxes for the kids keepsakes
33.Order year 2 scrapbook for Drew
34.Order years 1 & 2 scrapbook for Emma
35.Conquer 'bath time' with Drew
36.In a two month period see ALL of my local friends
37.Every three months set up a play date for Derek and his friends
38.Work on 'me'
39.Go to the movies three times a year (the last movie Derek and I saw together was Star Wars 3)
40.Watch the first season of "Always Sunny In Philly."
41.Go out with Amy to the Irisher
42.Tell Patty how proud of her I am!!
43.Walk/run 4x a week
44.take the kids outside once a day (even if crappy weather)
45.Make sure Derek has coffee in the morning for 3 weeks straight and hope that I will continue (I use too)
46.Pay off ALLLLL debt by June 2009
47.Go IN the ocean one time
48.Stand on the center of a bridge with my eyes closed for 1 minute
49.Throw away ALL of the VHS'...what is the point
50.Eat out once a week
51.Make a day by day schd of our day for 2 weeks straight and stick to it (i.e. food/activities
52.Get my teeth whitened
53.Keep dental appts, even when I do not want to go.
54.Learn about double coupons
55.Take Anissa and Kels to a CPR class
56.Go to the market on Tuesday for one month
57.go to Colorado
58.Take the kids to the mountains
59.The four of us go to the beach
60.Rent a beach cottage in SD
61.Open savings accounts for kids
62.Enroll in graduate program
63.Make a list on the computer of family members and friends' birthday and anny
64.Take Derek to 2 concerts
65.See a financial adviser
66.Surprise Derek with lunch at work
67.Organize our financial papers
68.learn about my phone
69.write a will
70.give Emma's godparents their gifts
71.Buy some sort of partial tickets for the Angels
72.go to a NBA game
73.give Derek flowers
74.For two weeks only have the kids watch one tv show and one movie per day. Maybe it will continue??
75.Buy ALL of Jack Johnson's Cd's
76.Take a dance class with Derek
77.Sign Emma up for a dance class
78.Post something on Utube
79.Buy a new Bible
80.Make an emergency kit for the home
81.Make an emergency kit for the car
82.Buy a new camera lens
83.Get a safety deposit box
84.Go to bed at the same time as Derek
85.Get the kids birth certificates
86.Have the doctor update the kids immunization records
87.Spend one ENTIRE day with my mom and Emilee watching movies
88.Backup photos
89.Go to a Quakes game
90.Take the kids on a BIG vacation- who knows where
91.Refinish server
92.Do not let my 'gas light' come on for one month (this is a hard one).
93.For each nephew/niece go to at least 3 of their sports games per season
94.Have a backup of hygienic items we use daily...we always run out!
95.Get some of my childhood x-mas ornaments from my mom
96.Email/call/write the city of Orange about the cross walk around the corner
97.Before/after/during a party at our house I will NOT put anything on Derek's work bench
98.I will not buy anymore plants/flowers until I either take a class on the proper way to garden or have someone teach me!!!
99.Got to a play
100.Take the kids to a 'kids concert'
101.Since I am thinking about myself, my children, and my husband I will make them hot chocolate and tell them how much I love them while they drink it! I do not like hot chocolate:)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tyler turns 9!!!

My little boy turned 9! No not Drew haha, but Tyler! He is my first nephew, my only godson, my number one 'big boy,' the first person to find out that I was pregnant with Drew and Emma, and the first little one to steal my heart when he said,'auntie.' I am so happy that he enjoys every birthday he has, but I have to say it makes me very sad to see him become such a BIG BOY!! But I do have to say this, he does still run into a room, spot me,run to me for a quick hug, and yell, "auntie!" Love ya little (I guess big) man!

John B turns 30!!

Johnny B turned 30!! I can not believe that almost all of our guy friends are the big 3 0! Mikey, you are right around the corner! haha
John had a party at his mom's house on Saturday, but it was not just a birthday was a reunion! There were so many people there that Derek and I had not seen for a very long time and others that had not seen the kids for awhile. We also go to meet some people that are a huge part of John's life for the first time. His girlfriend's daughters. We had a great time and I can only hope that when I turn 30 I will be surrounded by family and friends that care for me like John had on Saturday for him:)

New Years

For the past 3 years of so we have always gone over to the Dale Lee Family's house for New Years, but this year we just wanted to stay close to home. So, what place could be closer than across the street at the Ayala's! We had a ton of food including homemade buffalo wings, played Rock Band, drank some yummy 'adult drinks,' lilt some fireworks (oops did I put that), read tween magazines, and went to bed around 1am. However, the list of things that we did or ate is not all that happend! Little Emma and Drew found some decorations (balls)and threw them into Melissa's toilet! Caitlin...I know you will like that one! We had a great New Years and it was extra nice to have both of the kids awake to ring in the new year. I wonder if they will stay up every year...even if Derek and I want to go to sleep!! haha