Monday, December 23, 2013

Never going to happen!

Awhile back we went to a super hero themed birthday party and since I am a total dork, we all had to wear super hero shirts.  Once we got home I had a brilliant idea to take some family pictures.  Well, none of them turned out because they were taken with my phone, Derek did not want to really do it, the kids did not listen, the gal that took them kept saying they were fine and well, from what you can see, they were not.  It was a fun thing to do...but we are for sure not a group family taking picture type of family.  I just thought I would share the horrible session!  haha

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Times R-A Changing

I have written that our family life is changing.  It is taking some getting use to, but it is going.  One thing that was a first for me was going to a museum, perhaps for the first time, by myself.  As you probably noticed from my October post that I do a lot with the kids....sometime Derek tags along:)..... and when Dia de Los Muertos was celebrated at Bowers Museum in Santa Ana NO ONE WANTED TO GO!  I went all by myself and was sad........

Well until I realized, I AM BY MYSELF! I CAN WALK THROUGH EXHIBITS SLOWLY, I CAN ACTUALLY READ THOSE TINY PLAQUES BY PAINTINGS!  It was awesome.  I LOVED it.  Don't get me wrong, love the monsters, but I can not remember if I have done that before.  I was not even bogged down by another adult.  I also walked through the gift shop!!  Once again, so awesome.  I even went on a run after.  Hence my work out clothes in the below picture.  

I did fun into a few people.  A family from ballet and the G's.  Alisha loves the holiday and I am so happy that she put it on her calender.  The jewels, items from the Vatican, and festival were beautiful to view.  I wonder if it will happen again?  hummmmmmmm
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Bills Turned 4!

This crazy little girl turned 4!  Yes, it was months ago, but I like playing catch up!:)  She loves to just wear undies all day long, she loves to dance, loves to play on the tablet, makes movies on the tablet and phones, she adds a 'Y' to the ending of every word, she is a wonderful ballerina, she is my snuggle bug, she has so many nicknames, she keeps getting prettier and prettier, she loves speech class, never complains about taking her epilepsy meds, loves all of her friends, has a hard time stopping once she starts crying, still loves Gabba...but lately loves Mickey Mouse, she is my tag along for everything, she is sooooo stubborn, and the one huge thing about our youngest child.....SHE IS A COOKIE MONSTER!!!  She loves and loves to eat cookies.  She could survive on them, not sure where she puts all those calories!

We had a great time for Lilly's party.  One more year and then no more big parties!  8 years of house parties is enough for us!  haha.  She had a wonderful friend filled night party in beautiful weather surrounded by a ton of flowers and La La Loopsy.  She loves those dolls!  She got so many fun gifts.  I love our core group of friends that come, but it is nice for Lilly to have a few new friends that she has made.  Love that Lilly Bug!  

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Can I go Back to Napa??

Back in August I hitched a ride to Napa!  I kept calling myself the 9th wheel because I went with 4 other couples.  Derek could not (did not) want to off I went with the help of Linda watching the kids for a bit while Derek worked.  It was four wonderful days of no one calling me mommy, no one needing me to do anything for them.  I just chilled and was stress free.

So can I go back!!!!!!!???

I am not sure how many wineries we went to but I can tell you that my favorites were Foley Johnson, Raymond and Beringer.

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We ate and ate!  We loved loved being there.  We all want to go back and I hope this time Derek comes with.  I have so many pictures of that place.  I had always wanted to go and was very excited when DeAnne finished her BSN and decided she wanted to go there!  Congrats to my friend!

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Saying Goodbye....

Another thing happened in October, my mom moved to Atlanta.  She also took my Auntie Chrissy.  Oh, and she and my step dad got divorced after being together since I was 11.  Oh and my Aunt Deb and Uncle Kev got divorced to after 31 years of marriage.  Also, both of my grandparents on my mom's side died, eight months apart from each other.  My Nanny died on Palm Sunday and my Poppie on the first Sunday of Advent.  So sad.  Maybe one day I will blog about that more.  It is all so much in a year.  It is still all hard for me and I think it will be for some time.  

So Lilly and I took my mom to lunch during her last week here....  

My Auntie Deb hosted a brunch and Jo and Ken

Then we said goodbye.  I went in my room and cried a bit, but I know that this is what my mom wanted.  She got the transfer she wanted for work at the Law Office and since both of her parents died....well, a little change never hurt anyone.  Well, in this case it is a BIG CHANGE.  At least she is only 7 or so hours from both of my sisters....who also live on the east coast.  Oh my dad lives there too.  Pity party for me:)

Oh and then my BFF Marlene moved back to NC!!!  Dang it!!!

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October Fun!!

October is one of my favorite months!  It is the kick off to a wonderful, and busy, three months.  I sit and plan everything that we can do.  We do not get to everything, but I try.  I am usually pretty beat at the end.  Because not only are there the following activities that we do, but work, house work, school, ballet, homework and so on.  CRAZY!  But we would not have it any other way!

First, I love to decorate.  The daytime pictures never do it justice!
We craved pumpkins twice this year!
Of course there is the annual Heritage Parade and Festival.  When I was in the Mom's Club I use to be in the booth, but now I just get to hang out and see the old cars. the kids on the bounce houses, eat some great food and look at all of the craft vendors.  This year we even got to spend some of it with Mar and her little one's.

Then there is the Christopher's annual Wine Tasting Party.  There is always a ton of food and even though it was a smaller crowd this year it was SO MUCH FUN!  We did not have a sitter, so Derek stayed home this time.  I was shocked when my pricey bottle I got from Napa did not win.  A cheap bottle from Trader Joe's made was crowned the winner.  **hate these pictures of me, but oh well**

First pumpkin patch.  I never take my kids to this one, super expensive, but a mother in Emma's class set it up and we only had to pay $8 a kid.  Not too bad.  Lilly had fun bouncing all by herself:)

Second patch is an annual tradition for me and the kids.  It is at the Great Park.  you pay $10 for parking and everything but the food is free.  We love that Park!!!  Extremely busy though.
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Oh and we even met up with Jo and Ken for our first family trip to the San Diego Zoo.  Derek had never been to a big zoo before.  I think he had more fun than the kids.  Since the month of October is free for children at both the Zoo and Wild Animal Park, made the trip down.  Next year we will for sure be going to do both parks.  

Then Pumpkin Patch #3.  Love the Irvine Park.  It is also a tradition.  We ride the train, walk around the park, take our usual pictures.  It is pricey so we only do the train and free stuff....but it is fun.  And I always get good pictures.
Then of course....Halloween time!  The kids school does an annual parade though the school, which is always cute.  I love to see how many of the same costumes their are, this year for sure was Duck Dynasty.  Hilarious to see all of the little guys with old man beards.  

For Trick or Treat time we headed back over to the Christopher's for the 3 year in a row.  We eat soup, chat, let the kids play, then we head out for CANDY!  Nate is getting a little old, so he stays home and hands the candy out.

Oh then back to the dentist we went.  It happened to be dress up like a clown day at the office.  Good thing my kids are not afraid of clowns!  I wish I was in the room to see Emma all gassed up, but she did not want me in there.  Now we are cavity free.....but too bad it was not free!

***this is not even everything that we did in October!!***
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Thursday, November 14, 2013


I am not a fan of giving to schools more than I need to.  I already spend $100+  on school supplies, get teacher gifts, join the PTA, give for earth quake stuff, give for the needy , give for the library, give my time to be Art Docent, give food, give money for Life subscriptions, and say again.....give give give!!!  I still have one more child to enter school.  Who, BTW who will already be 6, but that is another sorry.  I get it and people may not agree with me.  I give and give to help the teachers and the CHILDREN.  However, it stinks!  I am sick and tired of it.  I do not care to give more.  I am done.  Judge all you want!  Judge, judge that I did not have sponsors for Jog-a-thon!  Hell, there is a play in March, three more fundraisers   Maybe if the PTA did not offer the 'bling wear' then they would get more money for the school.  BTW, I have the bling wear and still give.  I am sick of having to live up to all of  this.

So go back to my first sentence..........I will give.  However, if I have any sense left in this extremely busy more needless stuff for school.  Remember college when you just got by, but all was well!  Well, the kids getting by now adays contains Smart boards, microphones, days off, bling wear, plays with kids flying (yes, my kids will be in it) and four course lunch meals which the kids never eat.  Oh wait, now they have breakfast.  WE LIVE IN THE OC, REALLY!!  WOW.  I am sorry school, but you get my $20.00 and I will do so until my children are old enough to realize they are not getting a key chain or slice of pizza for lunch like the rest of the kids.  Then and only then, because I do not want my children to me mocked....will I give more than needed.  Thank you Jog-a thon.  Oh wait, the kids had so much fun with the sound system and DJ.  

After that day, I felt more inclined to work out. .....Still am.  Lets see if the back holds up! 

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Grandpa Came & The Sox Won!

Grandpa came out to see us!  I do not think he really wants to see me at all, it is all about the grandkids.  This time he taught Drew how to tie his shoes.  I love it!  The kids love their grandpa and I love my daddy so much that when I see him it is as if I had seen him every week as opposed to every 6 months or so.  

What made the visit even sweeter was the World Series of Baseball!  Loved it!  I have so much Red Sox gear to wear and so do the was meant to be!  The kids had a great time with my daddy.  I loved eating The Hat, him helping to get the kids ready for school, driving to dance, going to the dentist, and of course watching movies that I normally would not watch.  Oh, and taking naps in the morning.  I love me my daddy!  I regret to say...I am too much like that man!  


Look at our baby boy Drew!!!  Of course, I did a TBT for this picture after the Sox WON!

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