Saturday, June 22, 2013

Love-Hate Relationship

I have a love/hate relationship with technology.  On one had I like to look at peoples lives on Facebook and shop online and create the cutest projects, on the other hand I strongly dislike what it has done to our society.  People have forgotten manners/tack/how to communicate face to face or even hearing a persons voice.   I am not a fan of Evites for weddings or baby showers.  I am not a fan of Twitter.  I barely like blogs, even though I have one. But like many I post things on FB or on my blog so that many family and friends can see what we are up to. It is mainly about the kids and I rarely post pictures on FB of people other than my children...I have gotten into trouble a few times.  I do not even do Skype, but may have to cross that barrier when my mom and Brian move to Atlanta.  Yep, Atlanta....pity party for me.  

HOWEVER....the kids and I were at the beach over Spring break this year and I did not bring my camera, but I did have my phone.  So, I took pictures and posted them to FB.  THANK GOODNESS I did because my phone crashed and I lost the pictures, but they were on FB so I have them.  I love these pictures and was really sad when I thought I lost them.  So today I would not say I 'love Facebook' but would 'Like' it.     

Friday, June 21, 2013

Love in Vegas

What I went to Vegas last minute? No shocking news there!!haha.
What was shocking is that I went WITHOUT my KIDS!  What-what?!  It was the BEST Mother's Day present I could have asked for.  Yep, I love to leave my children for the day every year:)  It was awesome and so dang quick, but I LOVED every minute of it.  Thank goodness I found Amanda to go with me.  Hell who would not want to go to Vegas, right!  Off we went on a Saturday after Amanda got off of work, sat in traffic for a bit and landed in Sin City around 8pm.  I am telling you it was a VERY quick trip.  By the time we checked into our hotel room, it was getting a little late.  You would think we would want to change and head out.  Nope, we laid under the covers, drank some wine and talked.  Finally, I was like, "we need to get out of here or we are going to fall asleep!"  Off we went to dinner and then a bar and back to our room...barely 1am.  I think we were out for about 3hrs.  Good times!

Next time we are FOR SURE staying at the Cosmopolitan.  Amanda is a blingy girl and was IN LOVE with it.  Derek and Kelly....December is calling you both.

Of course no Vegas trip would be complete with out a picture with a random person on the street.  So awesome.
The night was fun and lunch the next day at one of the best Mexican food places I have ever been to, but the reason we were there was to see the Ballet.  Romeo & Juliet.  I brought Amanda with me, but Kels was already in Vegas for her mom's wedding so she met up with us.  It worked out perfectly.  Kels got to go to the place that she never gets to go with me, the ballet, because she is always watching Drew and Lilly.  Actually, when I called her she was very hesitant to go.  Come to find out she thought I was asking her to watch the kids since she just happened to be there.  I had to keep explaining to her that I wanted her to go WITH US.  It was funny.  

The ballet was BEAUTIFUL!  I can not explain how great it was.  I got chocked up a few times.  I just loved our seats.  They were in the FRONT ROW.  Literally the FRONT ROW!  I had a picture of the curtain, but for some reason I can not find it....FRONT ROW.  Amanda and I sat there and Kels sat pretty much dead center of the hall.  For her first ballet that was not too shabby.  
Many people know that since Em started dancing we go to Vegas at least twice a year to watch the NBT, particularly Krista, perform.  This time was a special treat because Jordon, who dances at TDAD (girls studio) was performing in this ballet.  
Krista and Jordon have also been a couple for 6 years.  So, to every one's surprise (except both sets of parents) Jordon came out on stage during the final bow and read a sonnet.  I thought no biggy, he does stuff like this all of the time.  However, when he kept talking after he read the sonnet I knew something was up.  Yep, he purposed to Krista on stage!  I have never seen something like that before.  The entire hall, a shit load of people, was sitting watching this declaration of love, him on his knee, and her crying.  All on a catwalk high up on the stage, dead center.  It was awesome.  Men were smiling and woman were crying.  It was just great.  Of course she said yes:)  Mrs. Brenda (grandma) was so excited and surprised.  Thank you Mrs. Brenda for the tickets!!!! 
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Evan's Pinterst-Free Birthday Party

Last month we headed to the park after school for Evan's 6th birthday party!  The kids had so much fun!  As I am getting older I must admit that I LOVE simple quick parties.  I guess that comes with age right?  My 'older' family always thinks I am crazy when I throw big parties....I am now realizing why.  I also am realizing why old people hang out by themselves a lot, but that is for another post:)

Kaci and Jeremy threw a fabulous fun filled party for their middle son.  I am not exactly sure, but I think it was Davey Crockett themed...that or just the outdoors.  Either way, it was fun.  They had a flag football type chasing game, but with raccoon tails...super cute.  Then the best....homemade sling shots.  Super cool!  The dads at the party had a blast with that and Em seemed to be the best on the girls side.  I just feel in love with Kaci's 'cardboard' Alamo.

Then Kaci shared that everything was Pinterest Free.  I laughed because now a days everything is 'from Pinterest' and so on.  The kids parties at school are always being one-up'd from so many of the moms when it comes to cuteness and so on.  So I just had to laugh when she told me that.  PLEASE, do not get me wrong, I LOVE Pinterest, but things are getting a little out of control with it at school.


Look at the cake Kaci made!  It was yummy too!

Then there was our third monster, Lillian!  This girl is CRAZY!  She threw a huge fit, which I walked away from, but had to first take a few pictures.  Then she was all smiles.

Then shirts came muscular they are!  haha.  Thanks for a great time!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wizard of Oz

It is DONE!  Drew and Emma were so excited to perform in the Wizard of Oz with so many of their friends from school this past weekend!

This was no ordinary school play.  They had three shows per cast, a beautiful set, and location at the Curtis Theater.  I had no idea that it was going to be like that.  I thought school play=at school.  Drew had just gotten done with his "Earth Worm" play at school and felt pretty good about it, but when he was told that the play was at an actual theater...I think he was a little scared.  But it all worked out.  He did awesome in his special role as a member of the Lollipop Guild, as well as a monkey.  Em shined as a poppy and munchkin.  You could really tell that she had been on stage before.  In fact, her first performance for ballet was at this theater.  The rest of the cast was great and you could tell that by the third show that everyone was more comfortable on stage.

The kids only rehearsed 5times at school then twice at the theater.  Being that this is the first time the school has used this company, Starlight, I was shocked at how organized and informative everything was.  The Shutterfly sites really do help.  If you have not seen one yet, go look at Shutterfly...they are awesome.  Also, one more plus about this play was that it was only an hour and a half!  That was awesome.

Thanks, Suzie, Dale, Hannah, Connor, Mom & Brian for coming to the show.  The kids are still talking about you guys coming to see them.

 *Em and Evan with their teacher, Drew had her too*
 *Em was in love with Dorothy.  She even saw her at a softball game and was so excited to say hi*
 Drew & his good buddy Cam
 Lollipop Guild
 Some of the munchkins and EM

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Marlene's New Addition

The Zaka Family have a new BOY!!!  Mar wants me not to post his name, but you can probably guess if Derek's nickname for him is SeaBass:)  

He was born on the 27th weighing 7lbs 10ozs and 19inches long.  Mar was in the hospital for a little over 2hours before he came out.  Quick uh!  However, she was in labor for almost 3days..just not in the hospital. She also did her hypnobirthing which left the L&D staff amazed!  They are home now and enjoying a baby who likes to sleep.  Baby Sam was not that type of baby, so I am thrilled for Mar!  I can not wait to see him, when that will be I have no idea.  Since the baby came 2.5weeks early (maybe that is what happens when you run until 35wks) her family is going to NC at the end of the this week.  I miss her face...She MUST move back to Cali!

I was waiting until she had the baby to blog about her shower that I threw the same weekend as her brothers wedding (Austin).  I received a ton of comments like, "you are having it the same weekend as the wedding?" But it was the only weekend that it could be done.  After all, I told Mar I was throwing her one and she did not have a choice...I threw in some 'mommy & daddy' words when telling her:)

There was just a few family and friends here on a rather hot day, but there was a breeze and I made sure to have plenty of mimosas on hand!  It did drive me crazy that Mar was not finding out what she was having, but I think the colors went well for either a boy or girl. I made sandwiches and desserts (actually Costco did), we played some very simple games (Mar is not into stuff like that) and the only children that were here were Alexandra and Emma (nice to have a break).  It was a fun little shower and I know Mar loved it.    

**funny thing, I refused to get Mar a gift since she would not find out what she was that he is here I guess a blue gift it is!**

*this is what Derek did with Drew and & lunch.  Fun, Fun*

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