Monday, June 29, 2009

Gifts from Auntie Patty

Thank you Auntie Patty for the package in the mail. It was full of goodies for the kids and Derek. Derek got a shirt that says, "does this baby make me look fat?" which was pretty funny. They went crazy for the stamps and new colors and of course I loved the ladybug shirt that Patty made them! Thanks Auntie Patty and we can not wait to see you next month:)

Kelly B's exciting news!

Kelly and Amanda are engaged to be married! On Saturday while we were over at his house to celebrate his 31st birthday we were told the date is set for November 20th at the Biltmore in L.A. We are very excited for the both of them and on a more personal we are happy one of our guy friends is getting married!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Marlene & Samy

Marlene got married to a wonderful man, Samy! She was BEAUTIFUL and you could tell the dashing frenchman, Sam, thought so too! I have been to so many weddings and loved many of them, but this one was a little special:) She smiled the ENTIRE time, danced her little booty off, and was just so stress free (which is what we were shooting for during the planning and set up)! A few years back I went to a wedding where you could feel that there was nothing but stress and has hard as you tried to enjoy the couple it was very hard to get past the "why?" of it all. They were so separate that is was horrible to sit there and try to be all smiles. All couples have their ups and downs, but I think that when you are truly wanting to be with that person for the rest of your life you want to make that person happy with you and what better way to demonstrate that to your closets friends and family then on your wedding day for all to see. I know this may not make any sense and since I am pregnant I can not get thoughts out clearly...which is a total pain, but I guess what I am saying is Marlene loves Sam for who he is and wants to be (she did not have to change him to make her happy) and she knows that as years and their lives change they will grow TOGETHER. Them together, not separate is what I saw and felt on the 20th and I will always remember that.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello all!

Lillian just wanted to say HELLO! I had another ultrasound today and this little one really did not want to be photographed:( She was facing my back and had her arm over her face and head! Such a stinker!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swim time!

Beautiful Keeli has agreed to give Drew some lessons on SWIMMING! We went over to Suzie's to meet up with Keeli, Connor and another little girl Sydney for some FUN! First I have to point out that Drew does not really like to dunk his head under water or get into the pool with out a floaty, but yesterday he did both! I was so very proud of him and I think that it really does help having Connor as his big cousin..I know it is only a 4 month difference:) Drew kicked in the water, dunked his head, made big circles with his arms, and attempted to float on his back (work is needed on that one). He was just so HAPPY and of course giggling at everything. He was a good listener for Ms. Keeli as well. After the lessons we had lunch and headed right back into the pool. Uncle Dale got home from work, Remy came over after his Jr. Guards to play. So all of us got into the water (yes even me!) and just swam the afternoon away:) Thank you Keeli and I can not wait until next week!

Father's Day

Last Sunday was Father's Day and I think our "daddy" had a pretty good time! What man would not have fun while BBQing, having a few beers, swimming with his kids (oh and throwing balls at 16 & 18 year olds in the pool), taking a nap on the couch, getting presents, and receiving admiration from his wife!!??
We celebrated this "blessed" day for daddy's at Dale and Suzie's place with what seemed to be most of the Bray family. I just have to say we LOVE the Bray family! Dale heated up the BB Q's and everyone brought their own meat to grill and a side to share. It was a ton of fun and of course the kids DID NOT sleep on the way home, in fact they were awake until around 11 in their beds just talking about what I think was their day:) **Oh, and Em FINALLY likes the pool. Thanks to G-ma Linda**

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Note to self...

Note to self-
Do not eat three pieces of french toast with butter and syrup, string cheese, and Ruffle chips before going to bed. Remember that you woke up at 1:30am with acid in your mouth that could burn through a table!
A wiser Sara

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Graduations 2009

Another year of school has ended and the few days of graduations/promotions are now done. Kyle is making his way to 7th grade next year and Saige is heading to HIGH SCHOOL! Kyle looked so happy to be done with school and so dang handsome in his slacks and tie:) Saige had the honor of being picked to sing the solo during a song at her ceremony and did a great job! Kyle is headed to his dad's then Mammoth for the weekend and Saige is going camping with her mom for the weekend too. I know they are very excited for the mountains and we hope that they have a great time! Good job kids!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Proof Reading

SOOOOO, Derek made a point on Saturday to tell me that I need to proof read the blog posts that I make. I do not read them after I write them and probably should, but I do not. So, I am writing this to tell everyone that reads the blog that I know there are mistakes on the blog, but really I do not care because if I looked over everything I would not post as much as I do:) haha

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh a girl!

So I keep posting that we think we are having a girl, but I could not help but doubt! So, today Derek and I (with the kids) went to get a 3d/4d ultrasound to take one more peek. Well, the baby is still a girl and we got to see the parts twice, so that was awesome! Lillian Patricia is on her way and we think she even looks like a Lillian:) Oh, but since her head was so low and the tech could still not get a lot of great shots of the head we are going back in two weeks which will be cool to see how in two weeks she changes.

Monday, June 8, 2009


On Sunday we went and saw Elmo, Abby, Tele, and many more characters perform in Long Beach at "Sesame Street Live." Emma just LOVED it and Drew we pretty good for about 20 minutes then just wanted to leave to go and see Hannah and Connor:( We decided not to sit on the lower level because I was afraid Em would get scared, so we sat on the balcony was perfect! We had the first row so no one was in front of us, there were not as many people up there so there was not as many crying children, and you could see everything! Afterwards we went to go and walk around the light house over by the harbor and the kids had fun running and chasing the birds. On the way home we stopped by our old fav place to eat, Chili's...yummy! Went and got some yogurt followed by movie rentals, baths then bed! A busy day and weekend with tow birthday parties on Saturday, but it was a lot of fun! Thanks Derek for the great weekend!

List is getting shorter!

Well, I have been keeping up with my list! Have you?????? Just kidding, but it is easy to forget that there are many things that I want to get done for myself, things I want the kids to experience, and time I want to spend with Derek. So, I looked through my list and found some more things to cross off!! YEAH!
#29- read "Proper Care and Feeding..."
#36- In a two month period see all of my close friends
#42- tell Patty how proud of her I am!
#44- This one really was not hard but on the days I was throwing up from this little one in me! Take the kids outside once a day...sad in a way to have to put that on the list.
#57- go to CO
#58-take the kids to the mountains
#100- take the kids to a "kid concert/show." We took them to see Sesame Street Live.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Marlene's Bridal Shower!

Us ladies nowadays..I am pregnant (again...what a surprise!)

BACK IN THE DAY!! 9 years ago!

So my best friend in the whole wide world (tear) is getting married in 19 days! I can not believe that it is getting so close. I love her so much and am so proud of her. Hey I may not have my PhD, writing a book, traveling the world, just got done teaching at UM, and on my way to teaching at Clairmont Graduate School, nor having a husband work in D.C. at the Department of Ed........but hey I have a best friend who has all of that!! Once again I am just so proud of her! Tati threw Mar's shower at their mom's house on Saturday and even though it was crappy weather it was still a very nice time. There was a ton of wine (to bad for me!!), food, games and laughter. Marlene got some great gifts and I think had a great time. Love ya girly!

Hannah's 1st Birthday Party!

Baby Hannah had her first birthday party this past weekend! I could not attend the entire thing (I had Mar's shower to go to), but I did drop the kids off and from what I hear they just ran and ran and ran the entire time. Eventhough I was not able to be there every long I did get a few shots of the start of the party:) I can not believe that Hannah is already 1!! Well, on Wednesday she will be offically one!

Daddy got Drew a Wedge!

On Sunday Derek got the kids ready for the day, went to breakfast, then to Dick's to look at golf stuff. What did I do?? I slept until 11! Oh it was sooooo nice, but my back hurt when I woke up! haha
While the kids were taking their nap Derek got the 'surprise' he had bought Drew while they were at Dick's...his very first golfing wedge! When Drew woke up we had Drew close his eyes in the kitchen and Derek gave him his surprise! Drew was so happy and right after the balls were opened they went to the park to practice. From what Derek told me Drew had a great time and when they got back Derek hung up Drew's club and balls with Derek's in the garage. Oh he is such a big boy!!

Linda's Birthday!

Linda..aka B, Grammy, mom, or Grandma... turned 62 yesterday! So where did the Lee family go? Don Jose, of course! Dinner was fun and the kids loved to sing to their Grandma and even though she hates a fuss over her birthday Derek did tell the waitress to sing. Oh she was a little mad, but I think if it was anyone else but Derek who told the waitress she would have been more upset!:) Oh Derek and his MOMMY! Oh and Grandma and her buddy, Andrew! We had Drew dress in his favorite white linen button up, his best jeans, and pick some flowers for his dear Grandma. He just loves her so much!