Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Drew is 2!! Emma is 7 months!!!

Wow, they have grown. I feels like Emma's life is going so dang fast & Drew has stayed 1 yrs old for awhile now. Drew turned 2 on the 24th of Feb. and Em turned 7 months the same day. So i guess my little boy is getting older and my little girl is getting closer to 1!!! It is so much fun and since both of them are so good it is easy for me to say when asked if it is hard with two babies I simply say "YES!" Emma still only has two teeth and loves to sit up (hates to lay down) & Drew is starting to go through the withdrawls of not having his BIBI as much:) At Drew's party it was just family, Thomas the Train theme, mexican food, decorate your own cupcake, & fun had by all. It was just a great day! Thanks for all of the gifts and your love!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

When did he turn 30?????

Derek turned 30 on the 28th of Janurary and boy was he sad:( There was nothing myself or the kids could do to snap him out of his 'i am getting old funk,' so I just let him drink and hang out with friends during the Super Bowl game. All & all we did survive the 'horid day' as derek would call it, but my few is that i have been with this lovely man for a third of his life and I LOVE it

I am going to do this!!

So I have not posted anything in over a month...I have been crazy busy. So to all of my friends and family who have not recieved my full attention, I am very sorry:( Things have not been to grand for the extended Lee & Smith Families, but hey we have been through worse. I think i live in my car and the kids are in permanet no "NAP" zone. I know things will get back to normal, but then I think of how normal can life be after the last two months? Oh well, I guess I should write, "I hope that life takes a shift into first gear for a little bit...we need a break!"