Monday, January 31, 2011

What the Birthday Boy wants, he gets!

Birthday day, he had to work:(
Birthday night, had a tequila shot with the neighbor, then Don Jose, in bed by 10pm!
Birthday 'the next day', Derek went and did this

*he made the shots in the center of the head and chest, the other guy did the outside shots and got really mad a Derek!:)*

Then went to a 'boys only' birthday party for Caden who turned five the day before.
It was held at Rider Makerz in Downtown Disney and from what Derek said it was so much fun to have some guy time. Of course girls can do this as well, but Drew was super excited to have some time with just 'the boys!'

While Derek was playing with guns and cars, I had to clean, cook, decorate (which I did not do), get the house and the girls ready for mine and Derek's side Family Day which included Derek's birthday dinner. Chili and salad was on the menu and we think everyone had a good time. Linda was the first to get here and the last to leave which meant that I had way to many glasses of this! haha

and this

So, when I write what the birthday boy wanted he got I mean it because he got to shoot a gun, build a car, get his favorite Mexican food, hang out with his family, then have Chinese food yesterday, buy a video game, and stay up late all because....well, he turned 33! Happy birthday honey and just remember that when my birthday comes around I want to go to Orange Hill, get a new purse, sleep all day, NOT have a party that I will have to cook and clean for and may spend some time away from everyone getting my hair/nails/face waxed/a massage:) Love you!!

Vday Decor

Last week I thought, "what the heck let's go and get some Valentines Day decorations." The kids and I had a great time decorating and I made an ATTEMPT to make one of Teren's trees. I have to add some more to it, but it will do for now. The point was for the kids to make some hearts, help me hang stuff up and have fun. They success!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I had to!

One of my fam's favorite movie is, "A Christmas Story." With that being said, look at Jill!

I just had to steal this picture of her from Meg and Tony's Blog to show what my cousin Andrea and her husband, Chris, bought for their niece! I love it and it would have been sooooooo awesome if it had been pink.

***I must add, this is adorable!***
***I hope I do not get in trouble for stealing the pic!***

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Tiny Dancer

After two very long days of dancing

Avah (DeAnne's daugher) is the 4th child from the right

Em is the second over from the not a good picture

After months of practice Emma did her Fox Hunt dance for all to see! She was one of the leaders of her dance and did such a great job. Some may think, "she is only three what a big deal is that?" Well, yes she is only three...but infront of a theater that can hold 400 people and how she kept crying for weeks before hand....she did it, yes, she did it! I was so nervous and freaked out that she would be crying or not dance! Ms. Brenda has done so much work with her to make her a leader, so to have to her not do it at all would have just been...well, so sad! The first night she did it right on and the second could have been better. Just to see her do it without crying, hanging out with her friends, for us to see our friends, and to view some 'to be professionals' from the academy was fantastic!

Let's Get This Tea Party Started

Last week after Patty left, my dad came! No wonder I am so tired, I have been entertaining! The quote of the week between grandpa and Em was, "let's get this tea party started!" Here is a picture to show the good time they had together.

My dad pulled out stuffed animals, other toys, hats from Drew's room to play with the girls. Em was in love and obsessed with him! She always asked where grandpa was and what he was doing. When he was not in his room she asked where he was at and why was he not having a tea party with her. It was not until Derek's day off, Sunday, that she gave him some breathing room. I think grandpa was a little hurt by the lack of affection...he understood though.
As much as my dad may drive me (and my sisters) crazy he is a good grandpa. A visit every six month seems to be working for us because when he is here it is all about him and the kids. He helps watch the kids (Derek and I went out for the first time by ourselves in a VERY long time...we had no clue what to do or where to go!) and I really do not have to worry (he had three of his own anyways, right?), he is game for anything, loves to eat whatever I make, and helps discipline the kids yet never crosses the line. Derek and him talk about common interests and the two of us gossip.

..............................................(Teren I am copying you:))

One day we went to the Yanks Air Museum. Even though we meant to go to another one, it was interesting to see all of the old planes. The planes ranged from the beginning of flight to current, but focused on older. All of the planes are restored and FAA approved for flight. I was disappointed that we went to the wrong museum, but happy how we drove by the prison (I am very strange) and knew that we would be back again to see an air show.

Now it is really done!

It has been a little over a month since our trip to "fix" Drew at CHLA with the help of Dr. Chang and his team! YEAH!!! Today was his last doctor appointment.

All is well, we are still waiting for his stiches fall out all of the way, and we plan on never seeing Dr. Chang again. I told him this and he said he hoped for the same. However, if we ever needed him again I know that he is the best! Infact, when we were there I thought of the rest of the work he does not only in California, but around the world and I was happy that there are people in the world like him. He talks super fast, but he is super good! Thanks again Dr. Chang!!

Tackle It Tuesday

Not laying in my "oh so" comfy bed

while the kids take a "rest" is my tackle this Tueaday.
My bed during this time of day is where I hope the kids would all fall asleep, where I listen to classical music and my box fan, where I count backwards, where I then pray for a little rest. That sounds so good as I type!!!!

So why would I choose not to just lay? Oh... I have so much to do in little time, I took a nap everyday for the past week or so and really need to stop. I do not think I am even that tired. OMG, I think I sound like a toddler:) Instead I will make doctor appointments, fold laundry and plan Derek's birthday. However, it does not help that all of my material to do the above is right next to my bed!!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Meetings

I thought I would share one of my Mom's Club daughter blog. It is super simple and cute....all about food!!! Yummy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thinking and Crying

While Drew does his "homework" of coloring him snowmen for reading, Em insists on coloring next to him, and Lillybug sleeps I thought I would look at some friends blogs (it is so much fun!)

So I ventured to my friend Michelle's and just broke down crying!

Then I remembered I never posted this. Michelle (SIL)sent this out on Christmas Eve to the family. She played it when Pa passed and we were all there. Still so sad.

a href="">

Pa was not my father, but I can only imagion what it is like to lose a parent when you are both so young. Lilly will never know the man who just loves his girls, Drew will not get to be embarrassed by Papa yelling at his sporting events, Em will never get to make Papa wear a girly hat or bowa. So much to write

Monday, January 10, 2011

Drew Has Game?

Drew started basketball and I have to say he has improved from last year. He led the group of kids in running, actually dribbled the ball, stretched without horsing around, and ACTUALLY made a few baskets! Derek had to work and his others buddies are not playing this round, but he loved it just the same and looks forward to next week.

The girls watching bubby:)

Monday Meetings

I have been meaning to get a picture of Emma with her dance instructor, Ms. Brenda for almost a year. Finally, I got it!! Well, I did not look at the picture before I put the camera away and was so bummed when I saw it a few minutes ago!

Oh well, here is Ms Brenda! We love her and never want her to EVER retire! With Em's recital coming up this weekend I am so sad that we will not be seeing her 6 times a week. We are going back to our normal two:( If you live by us and want to know of a great ballet academy just ask us and I will direct you there!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Sexy Man

My sexy man is Derek...hello look at those arms and shoulders!

However, my 'other sexy man' is this fine hunk of a man!

Wow, Jason how I love you. Really, I do not, but to see him kick butt in a movie is always a treat. I got hooked on him when I was pregnant with one of the girls. I have seen every one of his movies (even the bad ones) and can not wait for his new movie to come out. Infact, Derek rewound the TV and called me in to see the commerical. See, he has his gal and I have my man. Jason is just yummy, so go see The Mechanic and have fun looking at that man:) Just take him as eye candy and not story lines or acting ability... most movies he is pretty good.

*Derek knows my lust (oh just a word, I do not have it) for the man**

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life As a Three Year Old!

I have taken a few pictures this past week of Emma 'being Emma.'

She is a silly girl that is has a scream that kills the ears (always has had it) and the patience 'not becoming of a Saint' haha.

She did ballet for 4.5 hours yesterday and absolutely LOVED it, yet she cries when the 'big kids' are in the studio with her. I still have to find a way to remedy that.

Emma goes by the following names; girlfriend, sissy, Em, mo, momo-potato, tates, and Auntie Patty's favorite (we never call her this to her face)..devil child.

She always has to throw some sparkle into everything. Robot thing of Drew's with her 'ladies'

Just too cute! Never naps, but the other day she did. Of course, had to have her 'favorite bears'

She wore this outfit for 4 days! Yes, I washed it. She threw on her new slips and spiced it up with Drew's hat.

This one she is playing "sticker shop" with her My Little Pony Collection. Too cute. I could not take a picture until she had some of them lined up with their hair done with stickers.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Meetings

Some may not like this post, but this is life....well, ours at least!

This week meet...drum roll....the boy who can pee normal!!

He is very happy about doing this,

To this,

Something has got to be wrong with my camera, because these pictures are not the best! Anyways, Drew called the item he is holding "a poker" and hated the thing. Wouldn't you if someone was poking your 'ya know' 2x a day then once a day for 2 weeks! Our poor baby! My poor big boy Derek...he hated this entire process. Of course, mommy has to be strong...but I hated it too. Now if the stitches would fall out, that would be great!

So now my walls and trash can can stay clean and Drew will not have to worry about spraying his pants when he gets to use the 'bigger boy' potty at ballgames!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tackle Tuesday

Since I have been just HORRIBLE about blogging (I seem to say that a lot and really must stop) I had a tackle this past Tuesday that was great!

The kids have been driving me crazy and I am really trying to be a more patient mommy and wife. Jen gave me an idea to put rocks into a jar/cup as rewards for behavior. I have done this with stickers and charts, but I need to go a step further with my 'out of hand children!' I kid you not...out of hand!

So, I got three buckets from the Gabba party. I filled one with all of the marbles, had an empty one for Drew-Drew, and an empty one for Mo. Since I started this on Tuesday Mo only has 4 and Drew has 5. Reason for the lack of marbles??? I make the kids put in and take out marbles for good and not-so-good (aka, bad). This seems to be working for us and has even helped Em with her time-outs and sleeping in her own bed. I think having them physically put in/take out the marbles is making them more accountable. To get the first prize they only need to get to 10. I will update when that actually happens:)

It is working for us:)