Monday, March 29, 2010


Derek with his Best Friend, BL.

On Sunday we headed over to Irvine Lake to do some fishing per the request of Michelle for her birthday. So Happy Birthday (chachacha) Chow!!! it was a beautiful day to go fishing, but the conditions did not make fishing easy. It was warm, so the fish were at the bottom of the lake, it was a little windy, so the current did not help, and the lake was 4 ft higher than normal, so the shore line was raised up. Even with the conditions it was a GREAT time! The big boys were patient with the little boys and the little girls just hung out and threw rocks:) Us older gals hung out, organized the stuff, and RELAXED with a beer!!! When we were done we all came back to our place to have some dinner (not fish cuz none were caught) and the kids dressed up for us:) The entire day was just perfect and we will have to do it again soon!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lilly Is Getting Bigger

How fast 6months have gone!! We were at dinner last night and Derek just sat and said, "I have been in denial about them getting bigger!" I am so happy that we had three instead of two, so thank you Becky and DeAnne for having those Dec babies over a year ago!

What is new with our little LP:) She eats three times a day, she is a little piggy. She is almost rolling over. I still have to go to her checkup appt to find out weight and height. Of course, she sleeps through the night. She takes two naps a day with her favorite blanket. Loves her cloth bible book and bibi. We think she may be a lefty (Derek is hoping). She is almost sitting up on her own. Lost all of her hair, but now it is growing back. Lillian loves Yo Gabba Gabba and having her sister read to her. She tolerates her status as youngest child and all of the fingers in her mouth and toes in her ears that comes along with the torment the 'older children' give her. She hardly ever cries and smiles all of the time. She is just a pleasure to have in our lives!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kite's in HB

I feel like I have not blogged in soooooo long! Well, we were doing so much stuff for Pa's funeral that trying to juggle everything took a toll on us. Everyone in the family just kept saying, "make it to Thursday, make it to Thursday and Friday will be different." Well, it was different. No more going to the doctors, going over to the house to help take care of him...but then, no more Pa:( We are very sad about Pa's passing and so far there has not been a day that goes by without Drew saying, "I miss Papa." Aren't kids just so sweet! It breaks my heart to think of my husband and what he has to be feeling inside. But for all of those that would think Derek would keep it all in, he has not. I am so proud of him for sharing what he is feeling. My mom took these to share with family that could not be there.

With that feeling of loss I think Derek has found a new desire in life. He wants to do more with 'our' family and frankly so do I. Life is not just about work or being so busy that we are walking on a thin line to exhaustion. So one of the first things we did as a family was to go and see KITES! It was down in HB a few weekends ago and was so much fun! There were a bunch of kites and for all people who know how things like to fly at my head....yep, a kite almost took me out as it was dropping down!! Derek was cracking up because I was just sitting there!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dwayne Lee Sr.

Dwayne Albert Lee Sr. passed away on Monday March 08, 2010. He was known as Pa, Papa, Daddy, and Dwayne by many. He was surrounded by his family when he passed. Thank you for all of the kind words and prayers these past few years. Words can not describe how Derek and the rest of the family feel, so I will not try to do that here. He is missed greatly and for those that would like to know when his funeral service is just ask or send an email.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Gift of an Ordinary Day

This is a very long u-tube video, but it is VERY VERY good. You do not need to be a mom, but since I am a proud momma of three and a daughter....I cried like a BABY!! Grab a tissue! Thanks Lily for sending this to me! *Just shut off my playlist and you will be able to hear it*

She has written a book, I think I am going to buy it:)

Connor Weil

This is Derek's cousin (I have posted pics of him in the past when we head down to the beach) Connor from WA. He is pursuing a career in acting down in LA right now and is currently doing pilot season until I think April. He is a cutie and SUPER well behaved!!

Too Sweet

I pulled this poem from Dr. Laura's blog. It is from a dad that did not want a divorce from his wife, nor did he want to be separated from his 3 children. It is just too sweet! He only gets to see his children 7-10 times a month and he hates it. I wonder if most guys think like this?

A Poem for Claire

A poem for Claire is what I will try.
I hope it turns out - ya see, I’m only a guy.
There are jobs that I have-
One is being your Dad.
Out of all of the jobs
That one makes me most glad.

We do things we like
And some we don’t mind.
I’m pleased that you’re nice
And so warm and so kind.

I tell you I’m serious
But you know that I’m not
We’re both very silly
And we smile a LOT!

We sit out in back
And look at the clouds
You see shapes I don’t see
You make me so proud.

Walking to school
Is always so fun.
It’s been so cold lately
We can’t wait for the sun!

You fiddle with your homework.
Maybe a snack instead?
But each night we read
Just before time for bed.

I love when we play
You’re so very special
We dance and we laugh
Now it’s time to WRESTLE!

We cuddle on the sofa
Watch TV at night.
But we don’t watch a show
That might give you a fright.

We make up games to play
Sometimes go for a hike.
But what you like most
Is riding your bike!

You play Dan-Ball and Rock Band
And sometimes the Wii.
”Daddy, come look!
Come here! Come see!”

I’m busy in the kitchen
Moving fast there to here.
You’re the first and the loudest
During our dinnertime cheer.

I miss you dearly
When we’re far apart,
But I’ll always remind you
I’m in your head and your heart.

The message is clear
In this poem you hear.
Your Dad loves you greatly
And I will always be near.

I want you to know
You’re my best Valentine.
I will ALWAYS be yours
If you will be mind.

I love you.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Back in Nov I joined a Mom's Club and I have to say that I love it! We have a gal that sets up field trips, one that sets up park dates, one that sets up playdates, and much to my surprise last Thursday we even had some gals set up the KIDS FAIR in BREA! I love it because I have found out more about the community that I live in and when Drew went to b-ball it was awesome to see Michelle...a gal from my mom's group! We are super exhausted with our family and friends, but stuff like this makes me happy. I really hate to say it, but it is really such a break from everything that is going in the Lee Family right now!!