Friday, March 27, 2009


Here we are in the beautiful Colorado! It was a very nice drive for us, Emilee and her little ones, and our cousin Johanna. We got in at about 1am, headed to bed at around 2am and woke up to a house full of people this morning! I have no pictures to show as of yet (I do not think I will be uploading to my sisters computer), so I think that we will not show pics until next friday or so. i will keep all updated:)

Monday, March 23, 2009

These are too cute!

Last week when Suzie and the kids came over Connor had this cool little sippy with his name on it. Of course, Drew totally wanted it! So yesterday when we met up for dinner Auntie had these for Drew and Emma. Too cute they are and the kids love them! Thank you Auntie Suzie!!

Auntie Michelle's Birthday!

The birthday girl...cha, cha, cha!

Bunny Cake...I can not wait for mine!!

Is this not a high school dance pose or what??

Auntie Chow turned 36! We went to the usual place, Don Jose yesterday for some Mexican food, drinks and fun! After we went to Michelle's for 'bunny cake' which was very yummy and to play Wii. Happy Birthday Chow!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bubble Week

I only took a few shots one day, but we had fun this past week with the bubbles!! I never buy the kids bubbles or the toys that you can buy nowadays, but EVERYONE else seems to do so!! We have so many dang bubbles and bubble toys! So hey, why not use them up.

To be young!

My "To Do" list is getting shorter!!

Not much this past month has been crossed off my list, but I do love to cross things off!
#2- potty trained Drew
#4- Drew off of the pacy
#12- we are moving!
#83- I can not do this one because our bank does not offer safety deposit boxes (booo)! So, I am just going to buy a fireproof safe.
#88- backed up more photos
#92- I DID NOT let the gas light go on for 1 month!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Park Week!

Since I am starting to feel a little better I thought I would start on week themes again. This past week's was the "Park!" The kids & I went by ourselves, once with daddy, once with Auntie Chow & Auntie Suzie, and (yes, I am counting this) once with De Anne to the fountain at the circle:) Of course I forgot my camera a few times, so here are just a few pictures. Here are just a few of Derek and the kids, Michelle in a tree, Emma on Connor's bike, and the boys wrestling while little Hannah watched. This week??? I think bubbles?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This has never happend before!

On Thursday after we got home from Darci's and did some naps... I made dinner and this is the response I got to Mexican food from Em!! Derek and I could not help but laugh and take a video of it, because this has NEVER happened before with either of the kids. Drew and Emma are not the type to fall asleep in the car, stay asleep on my shoulder, sleep on the couch, or even fall asleep to a movie... so this is a SHOCKER! As she slept and ate I kept thinking "it is only 6:30 and now she is going to stay up all night!" Good thing I was wrong, because I changed her into her pj's and she slept until 10 the next morning! CRAZY!!!!!

Look what Darci made for ME!!

So when I reconnected with Darci she showed me her camera strap and how PRETTY it was. It is all bright with polka dots on it. Anyways, then I saw a gal at church who had one all PRETTY too. SOOOOOO, of course I wanted my camera to be PRETTY too. Well, here is what my camera looks like all PRETTY like Darci's and Alison's.

Thank you Darci for taking the time to make this for me! However, I must say that I had more fun chatting it up and letting the kiddies play! You are one talented lady!!
Oh and when I got home and showed Derek he said, "yep, your camera now!" Like as if it had not been this entire time..wink!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Teegan 1st birthday party

On Sunday we headed over to Rancho Cucamonga for some birthday party fun! Teegan turns one tomorrow, but he along with his family and friends got to celebrate a little early by way of going to his Carnival!! Teren had it set up in the garage with games and face painting. Inside she had hot dogs, drinks, and of course peanuts! Even though we had to leave before cake and presents (I had a baby shower to go to) the kids had a great time and even got to take a fishy home!!! We named him Frank and I thought for sure he was going to kick it prior to making it home..but he surprised us and hung in there! Thanks for inviting us Teegan and hope to see you, Jax and your mommy soon!

Hailee's soccer season starts!

On Saturday both Hailee and Tyler started their new sport seasons. Tyler is on the Red Sox baseball team and Hailee is on the Monkey's soccer team. Since Ty's game was at 8am we could not make it (takes me a hour to get to their area), but from what Grandpa told us Ty held his own and did a great job playing short stop and 2nd base! Hailee's game was at 1:15 (much better timing!) and did a FAB job at moving that ball down the field and blocking balls while she played goalie. Hailee is SOOOO dang fast and loves to play the sport and with Em as her couch I think she enjoys it even more. After the game we headed back to Em's house and watched a movie, watched the kids play, I went on the treadmill and we had some lunch. It was a very nice day spent with the family and we can not wait until next weekend for more sporting event action!!
**Oh and I do not mean to brag, but myself, Emma and Drew made 4 dozen cupcakes with Hailee's team colors as decoration for her team. After the game we handed them out (well after they got their other snack)not only to the team members, but their parents and siblings. It was a hit and I think Hailee liked that her Auntie and cousins thought of her and her team:)**

Drew's 3rd Birthday Party

On Saturday the 28th we celebrated Drew's 3rd birthday with typical Lee family fashion!! Drinks, food, bounce house, family, friends, and SUNDAES!! We had so much fun and with the time that we held the party (3-5) I did not get too worn out!! That is always a good thing...haha. After most of the people left we had the typical Lee family after party food, Zito's for dinner and enjoyed watching Toy Story and hanging out. It was a great day and Drew loves all of his new puzzles, Manny toys, clothes, bubble toys, books, and learning tools!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Avah's Baptisim!

Big brother Nate.

De Anne, Ryan and Avah

There she goes!
Sweet Avah got baptized on Sunday, along with 6 other little ones. She did so well the entire time and even though she was the only one that got dunked she hardly even cried! Since Drew ate too much junk food at his party the day before he and Derek did not make it, but pretty girl Emma and I went to the church service and the lunch afterwards. It was a very good time and we were very blessed to be a part of this event!