Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cody, Lilly, & Auntie

I had to wait two whole weeks to see that little man!! He is just the sweetest thing and so dang cute! Last Tuesday I dropped Em and Drew off at Suzie's for a few days while Lilly and I headed up north to see the new addition to our family and the first addition for Patty and Clint.

Of course, we had to stop in Buellton at Anderson's Pea Soup. Of course, we had to take a picture and of course, we had soup. In fact, Lilly would not eat anything but pea soup with crackers. "Mommy, soup. Mommy, I want soup," were Lilly's exact words as I pulled off the freeway. And of course we had to stop at the Madonna to look at all of the pink!

Seven hours later we saw him. I just love that baby! Lilly walked around saying 'baby Cody,' she stole his bibies, and she LOVED Murhpy & Blackjack. She was not even afraid of them, unlike Emma who screams when she sees the dogs.

We went to "Tuesday's Farmers Market" where Patty picked up some veggies for dinner the next night. Clint knew the 'bird guy' at the market and placed a bird on Lilly's arm. She loved the birds and wanted him to put it back on. I, on the other hand, was not too thrilled because I am not a lover of birds! They always poo on me:) Since I do not eat food from vendors, we went to dinner and by the time we went to bed it was 10pm! Super late for Bills.

The next days were filled with trying to fill Cody up on milk to get his weight up. He still had not hit the 7pd mark. With adjustments in his feeding times, amount, what he was going to be fed and appointments to "Baby Moon" (lactation people) & the baby doc...I am happy to report that when I left he was well on his way to gaining weight. Now he is above 7pds and getting cuter everyday!

Even though it was all baby in the Hanna household, Bills and I were able to get out for two "culture stops." I have been to Monterey many times I have pretty much done and seen it all. The city of Pacific Grove, is a different story. I have stopped on the shore once, but I have never stopped in the main part of the small city. We went to the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History and a huge antique store. I really should have gone super fast though the museum and spent my time at the antique store. The entire place was filled with this.....

How cool is that piece! But we did have fun at the museum and Bills just walked around wanting me to take pictures of her next to all of the stuffed animals. She also liked all of the Monarch Butterflies.

I had to take this picture of a plant's sign for Hailee (aka Monkey).

After having great dinners, feeding the baby, and spending time with my littlest monster...we headed home. But first we had to stop by Mr. Mike's house in SLO. I LOVE it in San Loui Obispo. The last two times we have gone up to see Patty Mike hangs out with us for a bit and shows us around town. If I were to live anywhere else but OC , I think it would be SLO. Mike took us to the street over from his place where a farmers market (yes, two in one week) was taking place. Once again, I wold not eat anything so we went to pizza. I was so full on pizza and a couple of beers that I really did not want to drive home...but after a quick rest on the couch we were back on the road for 3 hours. Here are two pictures from Mikes. One at the pizza place and the other is infront of his fish tank. Thank you Mike for entertaining us!

Now that Patty and Clint are moving and I do not know the next time I will see them, expect one more post from Monterey. Oh, and I still need to post Easter!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Connor the All-star

Anyone surprised that Connor made the All-star team for his FV Pony league? Well, if you are you do not know Connor! At 6 years old this kid is a hulk and a solid athlete. From the minute he was born I think he as always been above everyone when it comes to jumping/swimming/sports. He does tricks on his bike and scooter and hit a few home-runs and made awesome plays during the regular season of baseball.

He is loving it so far and even though the weekends are long and full of ballgames the kids he plays with & the parents involved really do have a great time. Hello, mortorhomes, BBQ's, and a common interest......could you ask for more. I can not wait to go to his next tourney in a few weeks. I just do not know how I am going to cram it in!

These are pictures of Connors season. Dale also pitches for the team during the regular season.

Alone on Mother's Day

My Mother's Day is always awesome. Derek takes the kids to his moms house or somewhere else for most of the day and I clean/do laundry/drink some champagne! So I was very surprised that Derek asked me for the very first time, "Are you sure you want us to leave?" My reply was a quick, "YES!"

I do not want gifts or even breakfast in bed...I want to be ALONE! Even when I just had Drew, I wanted to be ALONE! It is really a win-win for everyone. Derek gets to see his mom and for her her son and grand-kids, I clean the house in peace (well, I rock out to The Doors:)), and Derek gets to come home to a very clean house and I even make dinner.

Strange? I think not. I am never disappointed and every year when my family gets home I am so grateful that I have them. Then we sit and enjoy the clean house!

**Oh, the house was a wreak by Monday night!**

Picture of Derek and the kids at Linda's. They had a blast with her and the rest of the family.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cody James is HERE!

I call him the most expensive baby in the world! After 4 rounds of IVF, who knows exactly how much money, and 9months of pregnancy...Cody James was born at 3:30am on Tuesday the 8th of May! He was 6.14lbs and 23 inches long!

Patty got induced at 7am Monday morning and things seemed to be going pretty slow, but once they broke her water and filled her up with some drugs the baby boy was here 8 hours later. Three pushes was all her doc was going to give her before she was going to have a emergency section due to Cody being in distress.....bam he was out in those three pushes. My mom and step dad were there to share in the joy of their 6th grandchild being born, Clint was in a little bit of shock, and Patty cried at how beautiful he turned out to be. I have received a few more pictures that are more of his face, but I just love this one because he looks like such a little man and shows off his HUGE hands and feet.

Now Clint holds that little man all of the time, Cody is feeding well (the way I think is totally gross, haha), my mom is dying to get him all to herself (but she much share), my dad is now living back in Ca so he will be up there soon, Lilly and I will be up there next week to give hugs and love to that little man, and Em is lucky she is living in NC because when the 'Hanna Three' move back there next month she will be able to see him all of the time!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

March Of Babies

The Moms Club that I have belonged to and am AVP of raised $1300.00 for the March of Babies this past weekend! One of members, Sara P, organized our team and did an awesome job at it! Our donation goal was not nearly this much, but wow to how much we got!!