Friday, June 29, 2012

KIDS Fair 2012

These tables and many more both inside and outside of the BCC were covered with items from vendors for the 7th Annual KIDS Fair put on by the MOMS Club that I was AVP of this past year. The Fair was held in February and I got 44 vendors to participate! Being the AVP of the MOMS Club meant that I am in-charge of service projects and the KIDS Fair is our biggest of the year. My phone and emails were always going! The money that we make from this event along with the other fundraising we do year round goes to charity at the end of our year.

It was a true experience putting this on and even though the attendance was down, I still had a good time and am very happy that I am not doing it next year! There was really nothing I could do about that. I think the club is doing it, but I chose not to be on the board and will not be renewing my membership...ah life:)

He turned 6!

Andrew. AKA, Drew, Drew-Drew, Bubby, DCL, big boy, Topher, & Andy.

He is 6 now! I can not believe it! After his birthday last year we decided that only 10, 13, 16, 18 years of age will be getting big birthday parties. He had five good years of big ones so we need a break.

To celebrate the day he was the 'Star of the Week' in school which I made this poster for. SOOO last mintuet and I could have done better, but he does not know the difference yet.

We made cupcakes for his class and after he chose to go to the golden arches for his birthday lunch. Really, I can not believe that he chose that place! I mean I told him he could go anywhere he wanted and he wanted to go to McDonalds! I guess that is what happens when we only go there barely once a year! I did put my food down though and went to the one without the playyard...those things are so gross!

Then we had his sleepover with his best bud Caden and cousin/best bud Connor. We played baseball outside (yep, I played too), Derek chased them around the yard, we went to Lamppost, they played games, watched a movie, went to bed, played with some more toys, we went to the store where each of the boys picked out a toy and then it was done. The three of them get along so well that I really did not have to tell them to stop doing something and never had to tell them to stop potty talk. It was very nice!

I can not wait to see where the big boy wants to go to lunch next year...I really hope he picks at least Chili's!


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Above are pictures from Drew's baseball team this past spring and his spring pictures from Kindergarten. He is getting so big, I just do not know what to say! I look at him everyday and think about the little 'Mexican looking' baby I brought home from the hospital on that rainy day. Just love him to pieces that sweet little boy of mine!

Fishing, Fishing, Fishing

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The weekend before my birthday the HB Lee's, Chow & Saige and our family got together.

The boys went fishing at the Santa Ana Riverbed, while us ladies went shopping for dinner, played outside, and hung out with the neighbors. We had a great BBQ dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs and loved having them all here. Michelle even made me a birthday cake and put pretty ballerina's on it. Of course, I did not eat it, but I heard it was good. Turning 32 hurt this year! the cake was unexpected, but very sweet of them.

So why did we not BBQ fish, you may have been thinking that. Well, the boys, once again, did not catch any fish. YES, AGAIN NO FISH! I can not tell you how many times they have gone fishing and have yet to catch anything! I have lost count. Between, Lake Shasta, other lakes and now the river bed (which is stocked once a week I think)....they just do not have the touch I guess. I do like to give them hell for it though. Such as buying a trout at the store from the lovely seafood gentleman who laughs when I do stuff like this. I brought it home and the boys had a great time shouting, "FISHING, FISHING!" while they gutted it and then I threw it away:)

There is no way that Derek will be buying any fly-fishing items until they catch a fish! Maybe this summer up at Lake Shasta they will actually catch something, but I am not holding my breath. xo