Friday, October 30, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

Tonight we carved pumpkins! I am not a huge fan of it (we never did it when I was young) and think the feeling of the insides of the pumpkin is really gross plus I really stink at carving...but for our children we make sacrifices! Well, I did not do anything but give Derek cash to go and get the pumpkin (Damon was sweet and bought the other) and take some pictures. Marlene stopped by to chat, Michelle and Saige were already here for dinner and Damon was here helping Derek move a washing machine so it was very nice to have all of them here. We had some healthy carbonara and salad for dinner and I laid out an old role of wrapping paper to cover the table and Derek, Drew, Em, Saige, and Damon all dug in. Derek carved out Emma's into a very girly?heart shaped eye/star bow gal and Damon carved Drew's into Mickey Mouse. THEY ARE SO CUTE!! Thanks all for coming over and I think that carving pumpkins the night before Halloween will become our family tradition!

6 weeks of Lillian!

Our baby Lillian (aka, Lil, Lils, Mac, baby sissy, and peanut) is now 6 weeks and I am loving every minute of it! She is such a easy baby and boy does she love to sleep! However, she hates to sleep between 10 and 2am...this I do not enjoy so much! I have no idea how much she weighs (we have no scale in the house), but we do know that she is a little heavier and longer. Half of her hair has fallen out, but it is still really dark and sticks straight up (Chris when does it fall flat?? haha). She loves her bibi, her bubby and mo. Feeding, she is up to 4oz of the wonderful Enfamil, and is still in stage 1 diapers. When Lilly is awake she smiles a little and like all babies loves shadows or the light shining through the blinds upstairs while I change her.
What is next? Well, at 6 weeks I had the other two in their cribs and sleeping through the night. THIS LITTLE ONE, I am thinking is not going to go so willingly!! A major BOOOO, but just something I am going to have to work on..notice how I wrote "I." With Derek and I....Derek is getting fixed next month and I am doing it sometime around then too! Yes, both of us! Since I had just started losing weight and enjoying running before becoming pregnant with Peanut, I am SOOOO looking forward to start that up again. With Drew and Emma....Drew will start school and sports in the spring, Em is still waiting until she turns 3 for any of that, they have been looking through the "Big Book" for X-mas, and hope that Auntie Patty is coming back very soon!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Have you ever had.....

Have you ever had a time in your life when everything seems to be a little out of wack??? Well, this past weekend was one of those times for me. I felt like everything I did took longer or did not go as planned. This is what was suppose to happen...Friday- Pick up Drew from Suzie's, Fall Festival at Emilee's school and see Clint & Patty there. Saturday- Rodriguez kids soccer games am, Kyle's game pm, then market. Sunday- family here for birthday party and to see Clint before he heads back overseas. Not much just a typical weekend. WELL MY LIFE DOES NOT GO SO SMOOTHLY!! Instead....... if you want to read it is kind of funny all of the little things that happend (keep in mind Derek is at work and it is just me with the kids).....

Friday- I should have known things were going to go crazy when I get this phone call from Patty, "hey are you home? can you please look online to see if there are any other flights..ours just got canceled!" Mind you I was just about to head out the door to take a walk, well that was delayed about an hour. I think that is when everything went wrong. So I got back from the walk waaaayy later than I wanted to and by the time we were packed up it we were behind about an hour. THEN, I realized I needed to get gas (the card machine was broke so i had to go inside..that means getting the kids out of the car, then back in), I had to go and get cash (had to find a drive thru ATM), we had to pick up Drew....oh, but I forgot my camera so I had to turn back around. Getting Drew was easy, but then Em threw a fit in the car as we drove away, this making Lilly cry. TRAFFIC!!! We finally get to Camp Pen and the road that I usually take to get to EM's house was CLOSED! So back on the freeway to get to the 'Main Gate.' Get to the festival at 5:15 (suppose to be there at 4!) where we stood in line for (no joke) 40 minutes for a hot dog!! That was okay though because my mom was there. By the time we made it to the game area it was time for us to leave! We drove back Friday traffic!

Saturday- Since Patty and Clint did not get into OC until late Friday (it was suppose to be 2pm) we did not get to see them, so she asked if we would go to TY & Hailee's soccer game. Of course we would, but that meant a HUGE change in plans. We were not going to Kyle's game or Ben and Beauy's, instead I had to...pack the kids up and get gas (remember I was running way late so i only put $20 in the tank which was gone) and head down to Oceanside again. That meant TRAFFIC, parking, getting the umbrella, towel, kids and so on out of the car and walk up a hill! FINALLY, we were at the game and we saw CLINT!!! After the game I thought I was headed home to clean and shop for Sunday, but NOPE. We had lunch and hung out for a bit watching football and I am not sure how it really happened, but Drew ended up at a birthday party next door to the Farnes' with Ty and Hai. We got back to our house at about 7 where I was going to drop the kids off and head to the store, but I did not have my wallet!! I left it in Patty's purse:( No ID means I can not get wine or beer for our party, so no store that night. Then something really bad happened...I got sick! My stomach was in knots and was then at the mercy of the toilet! Needless to say I was in bed at 8:45!

Sunday- No wallet still, so we all had to go to the market:( This drives me crazy because as much as I love Derek I can not go to the store with him, because he is such a kid! My tummy was still a little upset, but I think it was the salad dressing because Clint got it too. I still had to clean (good thing my house is not a messy place) and set up for our turkey dinner (my mom wanted to do this for Clint) and birthday party. Back in the day I would have been a little stressed about making sure everything was done before family came over, but now with three kids I get this freakish calm smile and just go crazy in my head while I just get it done! Oh and I think the fact that I can drink a glass of wine while making dinner really helps too! haha. Emma feel and hit her head really hard, I cooked my eggs to long so there were no deviled eggs, I forgot ice cream for the apple pie, and of course my hair was still wet when every one got here. The party went great and when all left I sat and watched Mad Men and chatted with Suzie on the phone for a bit. Sunday night...OUR CAR GOT TOWED!! Derek was sweet and washed it, but never moved it out of the 'no overnight' parking spot. $185 later on Monday night we got it back.

Here are some pics:)

Monday, October 19, 2009

I love this

Here is a great blog for us moms that love to take our kids out and about! Thanks Suzie for sharing!

Derek at work!

Everyone knows that Derek works a TON for me to be able to stay home with the kids (yes, I like to shop too), but many never get to see what he does. I am not really sure what he does all of the time, but I know that when he has big projects like this he is stressed and worried. Here is a cooling tower that he and his coworkers installed over the weekend...and when I say over the weekend I MEAN the entire weekend (thanks AMS, haha).

A view of the crane from the top of the building

Derek liked his crane and the Angels crane

That thing is flipping huge! They had to shut down the entire street

When we stopped by after the crane left Drew saw this part (whatever it is called) and yelled, "broken airplane!" In this picture is the new part, we saw the old one.

All I think of when I look at this picture is "I would die if this fell on me!"

It looks like it is going over the freeway.

The beautiful cooling tower all finished!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

This is how we roll:)

Lilly and I when the older kids are asleep and Derek is on the computer. I have always loved to sit with the kids at the end of the day while I am filling out cards to send to people or on the computer. It is just a nice time. However, not so nice right now as the Angels just lost to the Yanks in the 13th! Bugger

LP's face!

I just love her little face in this picture with Emma! It is like she is trying to focus on me, not fall off of the couch, and make some sort of fishy face all in one look:) Oh and LP are initials for Lillian Patricia if anyone is wondering where that comes from:)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Well, I tried!

I am not creative at all, but I will still try a craft every once in a while! Since it is raining and we having been inside for a few days now I decided to do my 'every once in a while' craft. I am all about one stop shopping these days and there was no way I was going to buy all of the supplies to make a ginger bread house, so we headed to Michael's to buy a kit. Here is what the house was suppose to look like...

and this is what it took for me to make the thing stand up...

but here are the kids having a great time...

getting this photo finish and momma getting a tummy ache from all of the sugar!

The kids and I had a great time and when we were all done I texted Teren to let her know I am happy she is a grade school teacher...lord knows I would not be able to teach kiddies how to cut and paste (I know she does mor than that, but I am just being simple right now)! Even though we had a great 20 minutes decorating (took me an hour to set up) I must share a few things I have learned while doing this kit craft.
#1- being a mother of three means everything takes way longer
#2- set up while they are taking a nap because I was was a wreck after we were all done...from the sugar and mess...when I should be organized.
#3- feed the baby
#4- next time buy the cookie set so I do not swear in front of Emma and she repeats the 's' word!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Busy, busy, busy!! Having a family of five has not set us back any when it comes to going out! I can not stay at home for too long, it drives me crazy!! So, Friday we did the normal Costco run, then went to the Taste of Brea (it is called something else now) with the kids where we stuffed ourselves and the kids played in the jumpers. Headed home to watch the game and hang out with Nana for a bit. Saturday we went to Kyle's soccer game, then when Derek got home we went to the Heritage Festival at Tri-City. It was much bigger than I thought it was going to be!! There was a few HUGE jumpy slide things, a ton of food (great pulled pork sandwiches), a classic car show, craft fair, and local vendors. Unfortunately we missed the parade:( We even saw the firemen that helped me back in July!! Oh and I think I found a mom's group to join, kind of excited about that. Sunday, we hung out and watched the game, took a nap, took a walk, and RELAXED with Derek! It was such a nice family weekend!

Once divided, now united!

As most people know I am very huge Red Sox fan and Derek is a huge Angels fan. So when the teams play each other it is always very tense in our house! Derek hates that I will cheer for both teams (I really do love the Angels too) and most of the time we can not go through a game without him glaring at me or telling me to stop cheering. So with that said, can you imagine what it is like here when they play each other in the post season! I clapped one time and I swear Derek was about to divorce me!!! But do I do that to him?????? NOOOO, I do not! I am not a poor sport and when the Angels got their broom out and swept the Sox I simply said...."they better beat the Yanks!" If they do not then it is all for nothing and that will make me mad. So, I guess I will pull out my Angels tank and cheer on Friday, but for those that think I am happy about it for one sec just picture me doing it wearing me Sox hat, cuddled in my Sox blanket, drinking out of my Cheer's mug, holding my Sox World Series bat!!! Yankee's suck!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Look at that hair!

I love her hair!!! Everyone asks if I think she will keep the dark hair since I have two blondie's and ya know what...I do not know, but she will be beautiful either way:)

Fall Fun!