Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Preview of the 4th?

Anyone that REALLY knows Em you will know that when she really does not want to do something or is afraid of something she lets everyone hear her LOUD scream, she crunches her nose (like I do), holds on to my clothes as hard as she can, and of course... cries for me.

Kinder play-date last Thursday....

Huge tears and her adorable face smashed into me!

She would not put her name on the sign and you can see from the below pic how she was all by herself with chalk...her eyes were all puffy!

Yet, at the end of 30min she took at picture with some of the other girls, but would not take the one with Thomas and the girls. Even though Thomas is the son of her doctor!

I do not think Em knew/cared about Thomas because right when she saw Dr. Wu she became a little less tense. I wonder if it is because Dr. Wu has never told her something that ended up being wrong, or that Dr Wu is someone that she trusts, or someone that makes her feel better? I could take offense, but hell.......Dr. Wu does make her feel better, has never told her something that ends up being false (ie, stand there and we will look at the pretty pictures while I touch your tummy and it will not hurt), and she has always been someone she can trust. Or could it be that over 5 years I have told her how awesome going to the doctors is (I really doubt this is the reason)....oh and the people that give the shots are the nurses! Who really does know the mind of a 5yr old!

We find out on Thursday who her teacher is and if she has a late/early bird start at school. Derek and I keep telling her how much fun school is going to be and how much all of the other kids are going to like her and how she is going to have so many friends. This is all typical stuff you say to your child to get them comfortable for school. However, I do not think either strategy with Em; if we hype it up or ignore it will really work. We are just going to see how it goes on the 4th! I am hoping the park preview is just a fluke that we can laugh about. Maybe I should ask my mom!!!
Kenna Girl had her 4th birthday at Kips Gymnastics. So much fun the kids had just jumping around for 1.5 hrs. Sweaty-sweet messes is exactly what they were! Lilly really did not want to jump or bounce or run or tumble, but since Jen and Stan love to have their kiddos birthday parties anywhere else but their house...Lills had to suck it up and MOVE! My camera died at the gym, so I could not get any of her RUNNING, really RUNNING around the the place. Luckily I had to go back home to get Derek after the gym so I grabbed some batteries. I was then able to take more pics.

Baby Andrew...can I call him that anymore since he is can now fit into hand-me-downs from Drew which came from Tyler. Dear lord, I bought that shirt for Ty! That shirt is at least 8 years old!

Look at baby Lucas! I have not seen him in months! I swear those Giangrande kids walk so quickly! Ya, he is licking the matte, but you know what I mean:)

We are sad that they moved and Drew asks all of the time when Tati will come back to visit, so it was awesome to see the Thomas kids!

Later, we went to Jen's house to watch Makenna open her gifts, eat pizza, have ice cream, listen to the kids yell, ALMOST fall off the trampoline, and listen to a HUGE LOUD thump or two from the second story as us four adults talk about life and how nice it was to not have to keep an eye on the kids at every moment.

**Oh wait, we actually did have another kid to look after that just learned how to army crawl! Up went the toys, little Legos, papers, and debris**

Look what Lil is wearing on her feet...those slippers that when you walk have the eyelids lift to expose their eyes. Yay, those. The kids loved walking with them.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Check her out. I have loved all three of her books and am recommending them to people. Gone Girl becoming a movie.....Derek just gave me a harsh talking about my hating a good book becoming a movie. For example, I read this teenage book called Hunger Games and when it became a movie I was sad....they did not get all of the detail...then again like Derek pointed out, "how can they." I am happy that I had Hailee (10 years old) to talk to about it! Happy reading!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Who knew, he plays hockey!

Damon plays A LOT of HOCKEY! I have yet to get over to a game...I swear Damon I am trying! Seriously, I have not been able to make it to one and he is on THREE teams! The very busy Weil family and Daniela even made one and they drove all of the way to Irvine from TO. Derek's little brother is the goalie for his team and has in the past been the oldest team member...ya know at the ripe-old age of 31!

Damon did show me his second place trophy that he recieved from one of his teams. It was a shot glass. I hope he has used it! Now, stop getting hit in the neck, stop going to the emergency room, and PLEASE play again so I can come see.

**make sure you are watching Anger Management! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1986770/**

Zoe's Princess Birthday Tea

Em and Lilly's friend from ballet, Zoe had her birthday party the same day as Em's 5th birthday party. Once again, I have to thank my sister for taking the girls. That gave me time to set up for EM's party.

As you can tell by the pictures below it was a princess party. I do not know any of the information on the company that Buffy used, but from what my sister told me the company did EVERYTHING for the kids. Lilly sat on Em's lap most of the time and Emma played with all of her friends. Fun, fun!

Then Em came home for her party. All Red, White, Blue! Thanks my sista Em for the picture!

When looking for the pictures from the tea party I found this one:) So tiny!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Alison's Blog


It is not often that I find a blog that I love, but I found Alison's and just love it! I met Alison while I was an active member of CLC and she was the Youth Pastor (I think that was her title). My cousins love her and I always enjoyed her company. My Uncle Kev said we looked alike at times. I also think she was actually there when two of the three of my kids were baptized! She is just a joy and look at her family...cuties!

Lee Family Reunion!

Lake Shasta 2012! 5 days of of the Lee Family having fun and loving almost every moment of it! We all can not wait until we all meet back at the ranch in 2014. Here is just some of what we did. If I were to show all of the pictures of what we did there would be not enough space and as it is this post is very long.

So here is the breakdown.

Right when we got there, mom you are going to flip, but RIGHT as we pulled up to the ranch the boys were off to shoot and play with these things, below.



Everyday we were at the pool for a bit. The OR Lee's only see clouds and feel rain, so when it is 100degrees out and the sun is shining, they really want to be at the pool. In fact, this was the first in three family reunions that I have been able to Go into the water.

We even had a arts and craft time for the little ones. Suzie, Kels, and Saige did an awesome job painting the faces. I am pretty sure it was the first time for any of them face painting. I loved Drew's! He really did not dig having his hair up and after about an hour it was down and the paint was off. I loved it.


Of course we had the kids ride the horses. Lilly wanted no part of it:) I really wanted a picture of her with her boots on Chocolate, oh well maybe next time.

And of course, the horseshoe tournament! I bought two trophies this time. Carly and Elisa won! So now the Corona Lee's have 3 trophies to brag about. Dwayne was so ticked that Kyle beat him. It was very funny to see the reactions of son beating father for the first time.

Then there was the patio boat rental, a lot of fishing everyday (they did not catch one fish while we were there), and I even got into the lake water. Right in the middle of Lake Shasta we swam and I took at picture with Emma. I do not remember the last time I was in a lake...all of those dang fishes wanting to touch my feet. I did not even mention it to Em..she would have freaked. The water was warm and the kids had a great time letting the wind hit their faces and go through their hair.

**While waiting on shore the kids played, the dad's tried to catch up from the previous nights fun, and Max made a drift wood raft and a paddle which he then went around the lake in**

This was my family after the lake:) Awe, so cute!


We even had dressup time with Carly and posed (I meant to pose this way) with the iron cowboy. That was fun times! Oh and bocee ball! Drew wanted to play so bad and when he was down there for a few minutes he realized how hot it was!
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SO much fun was had those days and even though we had to leave early...I can not wait to be up there again. Maybe this time I will finish crossstiching and more crafts and FINALLY get down to the Sacramento River! Everyone else has been down there dangit!

**Papa's Tree, small but still there**