Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Emma loves Hummus!

This little girl LOVES Hummus!! Derek thinks it smells like cat poop (whatever that smells like), but I love that she loves it! Mommy and Emma can eat it all of the time now!

Feeding the duckies!

Today Sara 2, Madi, Drew, Emma and I met up at the Irvine Park up the street from us to feed the duckies and walk around for a little bit. Since, we are making our kids BFF's it is always fun to make them take cute pictures of them & I think one day we will have to show the kids and laugh at them:) Love you guys!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Too cute

I thought I would post this. Drew did not want to go to sleep in his bed last night, so he got a book and laid with me while I read my book. Derek actually took a picture!! haha

Our Christmas

We hope everyone had a FANTASTIC Christmas...cuz we did. On the Eve we headed down to the Farnes Family 4 for some Swedish meatballs (our family tradition) and other treats. Followed by church at 11pm. I will not go into detail about church with two babies at 11pm, but I have to say is that Emma knocked down a HUGE basket of candles that we had lit!!! HORRIBLY embarrassing. After church we headed home to lay out with presents, then bed for Derek and I.
This is the first year in 28 years that I have not seen ANY of my family, so it was kind of sad for me, but Derek really wanted to do it. SOOOOO, in the morning we opened presents, Derek made b-fast, the kids took a nap while we watched 'The Dark Knight.' After the kids woke up we made halibut for dinner and headed back to the couch. Thinking I could spend the entire day in my PJ's was when THE FARNES' came to see us!!!!! They stayed for a bit and then headed home themselves. It was so nice to have a day to ourselves, but I think that (Derek too, well I think) next year we will have presents at home in the morning then have dinner here or go somewhere. Like I was can have a birthday party for Jesus with just a few, but why not have as many people as you can to sing happy birthday to him!!

Nanny and Auntie Chris' B-Day!

Pretty girl

Mom and Emma

Watching a movie with Auntie Deb

The birthday girls

In the car with warm goodies!

On Sunday the 21st we had a birthday party for my cousin RJ (19), my nanny (78), and my Auntie Chris (53). We had a good time eating Italian food and hanging out. The kids just run and run nonstop! It is way tooo funny sometimes!!
After the party Em, the kids and I headed to get hot chocolate (me and Em got lattes) to look at Christmas lights! It was fun and I think every year we will make a point of it:)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lee Family Christmas Party 2008

On Saturday the 20th we celebrated Christmas with the Lee family in the usual fashion...Wings to eat, a ton of presents, drinks, and hiding Linda's famous cookies from each other. It was a ton of fun to see all of the kids get along and show their love for eachother! Well, I guess us adults do that to. It was a great time and can not wait until baby Hannah can sit next to the christmas train with the kids and eat all of the cookies she wants!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sara 2 Graduates!

The Two Sara's

Sara getting her Rose, after being pinned

Dave giving his speech

Sara opening up a diamond necklace!

The kids eating. Em was wearing white, hence no shirt:)

Sara 2 graduated yesterday from the nursing program at Riverside City College. Besides taking 1 hour and 45 minutes to get out there...the rain...the ceremony was perfect and the party afterwards was so much fun! Sara's brother, step mom, and dad flew in from Texas. Her mom (who has been here for a few months) and step dad took time away from their boat in Panama to join in the celebration. Of course the Deleon's and we were there, as well as, Dave's family. We just love Sara and Dave so much (having a child 3 weeks apart does not hurt either:)) and are so proud of Sara (and I guess Dave)for making it through these last few years. I know Sara 2 will make a wonderful Labor & Delivery NURSE!!!

Hannah's Baptism

On Sunday the 14th Hannah Lee was baptized! Emma and I did not attend, Emma was sick, but when Derek and Drew got home I got to see a few pictures Derek took, well until the camera died! Her godmother is Michelle (Derek and Dale's sister). I am very proud of Hannah for taking her first sacrament and with the guidance of her parents and godmother I know that she will live a life with God. We are so sorry that Em and I missed it, but from what I hear Drew and Connor ran around the courtyard for about 45 minutes and Drew could not help but look at himself in the windows...he even ran into a pole doing it!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Avah Grace was born!

My friend of 12 years had a baby girl!! De Anne, Ryan and big bro Nate welcomed Avah Grace at 3:22 am on Tuesday Dec 9th. She weighed 7.1 lbs and was 20 inches long. Of course De Anne looks great and after not being in the swing of having a baby in nearly 11 years, she looks like a natural. Avah (well right now) has her dad's nose and dark hair and she has De Anne's mouth. I actually got to hold Avah for a VERY long time and stayed at the hospital for almost 2 hours!! I am surprised that I did not ball my eyes out when I saw this beautiful girl, but I did on the way home from the hospital!! I am such a sap. I did the same thing when Beck's son, Vinnie, was born! So, now I have two friends with babies a week apart and love how I can visit with them, give them back to their mommies... and go home!! haha

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Friend Reunion!

On Tuesday me, Darci, and Jamie got together for the first time in 8 years! I have known both of them since the 6th grade, but with the crazy life that follows high school and both of them getting married at 20 made our lives head in different directions (for some, different states). Darci and Jamie have been in contact and Darci and I have seen each other a few times in the last month or so, but this was the first time that the THREE of us and our KIDS have met up. For myself, it was as though I had never stopped talking to them or had not seen them in so long. Is that what happens when you are friends for 7 years prior to the 8 of not seeing each other? It was so great to see Jamie and her kiddo's Jill (4) and Carter (2) and Darci with Gwenie (19 months?). We went to CSULB Japanese Garden and then headed over to the Student Union area for lunch. The kids ran around and we chatted it up. I think we are trying to get together at least once a month with Jamie, but I hope that since Dar and I live closer we will be able to get together more often than that:)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Farnes Family 4

This morning we missed our church service to head down to Oceanside to see Hailee and Tyler perform in the Farnes' church Hanging of the Greens service. The kids sang a few songs and boy did they rock! Tyler was at the end of the line and a good thing he was. He was so into the songs that he was moving his arms and hair all around. Hailee was dead center on the stage, but she was stuck in between two boys...hence no pictures of her. After the service I was lucky enough to go to the Farnes' for Inn & Out and provide assistance while they decorated their HUGE tree. When the tree was all pretty I took some pictures of them for their Christmas card. The kids and Chris had Bronco jerseys and Em had a Patriot. We had a very nice time and can not wait to see them again very soon:)

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Beer delivery

Melissa and Thersa

Connie and Reene

The group
About a year ago my friend Melissa introduced me to the life of BINGO! I love it and once a month I hope and pray that I will win a good gift...if I win at all. Last night it was at Connie's house and the present theme was Christmas and the food theme was Italian. So much food, drinks and fun were had with us 15 girls. Here are a few pictures of the girls that I have come to know over time. It is so much fun to sit and hang out with out kids or husbands to bug! Oh, and yes I did win.

Decorating Week

So the theme this past week was decorating. I know that it is not the best theme ever, but the kids helped in every way. They slept while I was putting up some stuff, they went with me to pick out train stuff (they loved the train store), they picked out new ornaments for the tree, and as posted earlier we went to the circle to see it's decor. It was a blast and now that I am done we can go back to an actual 'theme.' These pictures are not of all of my decorations, but enough to get an idea. I also did the outside, but Derek has to fix some of the no pictures until that happens (when that will happen I have no idea). Also, I hate my new camera and can not wait until my new lens comes in for my 'nice' camera!


The Calagna's newest addition is here! As posted earlier Vincent was born on Tuesday and now that Becky is home with her family of four I will post a few pictures...since she has:) I am so excited to see him again and hope to bring them dinner in the earlier part of the week. Of course, I forgot to take a picture of myself and the little guy!