Sunday, April 7, 2013

Michelle is 40!!

Michelle, Derek's sister, turned the big 40!!!  To celebrate Michelle wanted all of her siblings to head down south to the Stone Brewing Company.  And they all did!!  They even let their significant others tag along too.  Above is a picture of Michelle and her boyfriend, James.

**not the best picture, but I am happy I had an actual camera in my purse!**

I was very excited to leave my kids with my mom & Brian for the weekend and get out of dodge for a bit!  The brewery is AWESOME!  If you love a fun atmosphere and good drink go THERE!  Suzie and Dale had been there before, but I am pretty sure it was the first time for the rest of us.  Well, after about 7 hours there..we knew the place pretty well!! The place is huge.  It has ponds and trails, lots of rocks, candles, flowers, plants, food and well......BEER!  If you do not like beer have no fear they have wine and champagne.  By the time a friend of the family showed b up, Dickey, the party was in full swing.    

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Then people got silly.  Posing really out of it, but really we were not this bad.  

After a great night we all headed back to our hotel rooms.  Well, Dwayne/Elisa, Derek/myself kept the party going in their room for a bit.  Needless to say, I woke up needing a 'little hair of the dog!'  So back to the brewery we went!  We met up with Dwayne and Elisa for some brunch.  Then we headed up north to San Clmente for my side of the family *family day.  

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Carly In Transworld Motocross

Coming to the May issue of Transworld Motocross Magazine.....our niece Carly!  She is beautiful, smart, lovely, respectful, and well balanced!  Yeah Carly!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Malibu Anyone?

March Family Day for the Lee side was in MALIBU!  There we celebrated Skylar's birthday.  Picture below was not taken in Malibu:)  I love stealing Aunt Cindy's FB pics!

Below is Malibu.  I have never been there and decided that even though I would have to drive there alone (surprise,surprise)  and only be there for 1.5hrs it would be worth it since we had not seen the Weil's since before Christmas.  However, as with most of my life, it did not go quite as smoothly as I thought it would have.  Lets put it this way, I was the only Lee to be there.  Everyone on Derek's side was busy or out of town.  I guess you could say that me and my three kids 'represented' the Lee family.  That is how I am trying to justify me driving for 5 hours that day (three of which was the drive more reason I HATE LA), Drew being late to his game, me forgetting half of my stuff, getting lost and me having a panic attack in front of my mom at the baseball field.  Yes, my life is not soooo smooth.     

The kids did play, get to see their cousin and great aunt/uncle and we ate hot dogs with cheese and bacon.  Well, I did not eat it, but Sky wanted that for his birthday.  It was very windy at Leo Carrillo State Beach, but the kids did not notice.  They just ran and ran, they climbed rocks, Drew went to see the stairway with Sky, Aunt Cindy had a bunch of food and yummies, the older one's surfed, and Uncle Alan covered up the dead baby seal that was next to us!  There was a bummer though, we missed Daniella and Connor:(  The kids really wanted to see them both.  Oh well, there is next month!  

Beach Ditch Day

Yes, my kids ditched school!  Of course, I did not tell them that.  Momma needed a break.  Now that I think about 'a break' doesn't that usually mean 'a break away from your kids?"  Well, I guess I was feeling in the mood to hang out with them or something:)  

After a busy weekend I decided to call Amanda, who just moved down to Dana Point, to see if she wanted to hang out at the beach.  She did!  So I packed up the kids, some toys & blankets and headed to the beach!  We grabbed Amanda, saw her and Kelly's new fabulous house, grabbed lunch and went to the beach for a picnic.  

I did not plan it too well, because if I had then I probably should have checked the weather and put my kids in bathing suits.  Oh well, they had fun and it was nice to see Amanda!