Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I have an addiction!

Some may think that by the post title that I am admitting that my love of wine has gotten out of control, too bad that is still going strong and I love my 2 glasses at night and will continue to until my kids are off and married!

My current addiction is to WEED! No, not this weed,

but this one!

Weed or Weeds whatever, I thought it would be cute to post it like this:)

Honestly though, I watched all 5 seasons in about 4 days. I have been watching the seasons via Netflix stream on the TV (technology is crazy, btw) and almost cried when season 5 finished! I wanted more!! I made Derek check and double check that I had gone as far as I could. I wanted to scream! Yeap, I have to wait until Netflix gets it and who knows when that is going to be because the show is STILL running new episodes, argh! I really am very sad! Mad Men is not even easing my withdrawal! ARGH!!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good old fun!

I love to give the kids our smaller (& older) camera and let them walk around taking pictures. These are from last Monday, at least I think. I just love to see life from there prospective!
*just x out of that dang adopt a pet thing. I can not get rid of it*

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mo is 3!

I am loving my 3 year old! Yes, I am finally blogging Em's birthday! I thought that almost a month was long enough! We went to Big Bear her birthday weekend then headed to the beach, and the next day I had a pool party for her. The theme was suppose to be RAINBOW (thank you Teren for the blog in your favs), but I soooooo messed up the timing of Monday that I ended up not using anything that I bought! So if anyone needs a rainbow pdf just let me know because I will send you it:) Then,,,, life happened and the Lee family reunion. So here is Emma's birthday celebration from my family party to her pool party:)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Richard's Birthday

Another of us turned 30!! A friend of ours from high school, Richard, had a "Jersey Shore" themed birthday party this past weekend. Yes, like the show! Argh, I know.
Derek and I were against dressing up, but sooo enjoyed seeing everyone else at the party. Some of the girls went way out (out of their way to not wear any clothes) and most of the guys were all 'spray tanned out' and even cut their hair like people in the show.

It is nice to see this group of people every once in a while at weddings, birthday partys and around town. We all have so much history together and even though Derek and I have gone the 'family' path, it is nice to catch up and talk about old times. Oh, I have to mention that Mike said he was going to come down, but then did not. That kind of made the birthday boy upset, so we took pictures with an arm out to represent Mike.

Here are some pics from the party....just in case you were wondering how to dress for a Jersey Shore themed party.

Big Bear

A few weeks back we went to Big Bear and had so much fun taking in some fresh air! In southern California we have some BAD air, so good thing it is a quick drive to the mountains where you can see all that BAD air on your way to the GOOD air.

Anyways, besides the air we had fun in the bear decorated cabin of the Kemper's! I mean this thing is ALL bears! We even got them a 'bear themed' present (a bear clock) and asked them to find it when they got up joke, so many bears. We went to different restaurants, went shopping, went to the lake, made a trip to the zoo, the discovery center, the historical museum, and headed over to the other side of the lake, and celebrated Emma's third birthday. CAN YOU BELIEVE I HAVE NOT BLOGGED ABOUT THAT YET!

Of course, I was a wreck about the drive up the mountain. After all, what if we fell off!! But much better once we got there. Derek and I thought it was hilarious that when we left the mountain it was 84 degrees outside, when we got to the desert it was about 96 and when we got to the beach for family day it was around 75. Yes, we can go to all of those places in one day around here!

It was such a nice time for the five of us, especially since Derek did not go to Palm Springs and prob will not be able to go to Vegas. However, off to the family I have had a busy summer!

Monday Meetings

This week meet the most sought-after spot in the house....

*Drew took this picture*

The computer chair.

This chair has been more booty action than most that I know! Between the four of us fighting for the computer and LP loving the rocking motion it delivers, the poor chair only rests for a few hours a day.
Now I have to compliment the chair...."you are just so dang comfy!" Thank you the company that manufactured this have made the Lee's very happy!


I have been saying lately that the only thing good about having both of your sisters living in different states are the 'packages that come in the mail!'

A few months back I posted about how my favorite drinking glass broke. I was so bummed, but look what my sisters picked up for me!

It is different than the one that I got when at Cheers but I love it all the same. Of course, I ran and got a beer to pour in it right after I opened it. I wonder if I even washed it?

Thank you my sistas!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Exactly 11pm

It is exactly 11pm and I am at the least stressful place in my life in awhile.
I kid you not!
I just got done watching It's Complicated, while doing so I hit my head kind of hard on the arm rest! Maybe it knocked some sense into me. Or maybe the crying all day on Tuesday after seeing two sisters at the pool talking about Chelsea Handler and going to see her...tear to my sisters who I miss seeing so much! Then the lack of things I have been doing around the house....who the HELL knows, but I am getting over it. I do not write these things for any sort of support, but rather to share..."what the heck was wrong with me!"
I have a great hubby, kids that listen to me half of the time, a very supportive family on both sides of the aisle, and friends that do not really mind me yelling at my kids while I am speaking to them on the phone, btw thanks Mar/Em/Sara 2 for always laughing at my expense!
Now it is off to looking on FB, maybe get another blog under my belt, watch Handler, drink a beer, and off to bed! I am back!!!

Sara 2

You see this blog link....

Another of my fab creations! haha. Now Em and Sara 2 just have to keep up with them!
I really do it for selfish reasons! I am just nosey like that! Thanks Em and Sara for letting me help you get started sharing your life with the world wide web. I had to have help too!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday

Oh so many tackles, so I am going to choose one from them. Make a list of things to do before we head up to the ranch for each day until we leave. Three kids and two adults on a road trip to the mountains where there is fishing, hiking, dirt, a pool and family activities! All of that sounds like fun, but not heaven for mommies who are anal like me! I just have to remember to breathe! Wish me luck!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Meetings

Meet 'My Struggles'

Paper pile

This pile may seem small, but I think I drag it with me all over the house, so to me it seems HUGE! I am getting better at keeping bills away from the pile, but sometimes they creep in there and then I get in trouble.

Laundry pile

Okay, I suck at this. I love to (really I do) wash the laundry, but putting it away is a different story! With daily life so busy, being out of town, and the apparent abundance of clothes we laundry piles just add up!

Van pile

It may seem like the cleaniset mini van in the world (thanks to Derek cleaning it on Saturday), but give it a day and it will be NASTY!!! I have never been good at keeping my cars clean and with three monsters with me all of the time in the "Blue Dragon"...well it really does get nasty in there!