Thursday, April 26, 2012

I love to drive myself....

Yes, I do love to drive myself...CRAZY!

Over spring break I had this CRAZY FUN idea to have most of the kids on the block over for a sleepover. It was sparked by a great trip to with a few kids from the block. They listened to me and behaved with the other children and when asked if they could have a sleepover that Friday I thought why not. Oh and why not throw in Caden and MaKenna too.

I picked up pizza after getting the Maloafs and Derek headed to the store with a list containing soda, ice cream, and candy and the next day's breakfast of donuts. The clerk at Stater Bros asked Derek if he was having a boys night. He laughed and explained that there was a house full of kids that he just found out about shortly before he got there. Oh how I love thee, Derek!

Well, I must say that it went great! It was MaKenna and Jonya's first sleepover (besides their own family) and all of the big girls were respectful with no fighting. Everyone feel asleep by 1am and the little one's by 11pm. How awesome is that!! Even the sour gummy worms, pizza, rootbeer floats, movies, and popcorn could not keep the 11, yes 11, kids up all night!

Of course there was this the next day while I cleaned and Lilly was at ballet rehearsal...why did I not partake? Oh that is right...I AM MOM!

The Reason Why

Last Friday as my mom and I sat in my air conditioned room looking for photos of my nannie for the memory board I got this email from Derek. It was a very hot day and I know all he wanted to do was come home....he did not come home until around 8.

"I was going to call u and bitch about it being hot and why do i do this... but then i looked up and remembered why."

My mom and I both went, "awww."

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wha,t we went out??


Amazing, but my side of the family actually went out for Family Day!  I did not have to clean or cook anything!  it was awesome!  I went to church then we went to lunch in Laguna Hills! 

We celebrated Tyler's, Derek, Brian, and Uncle Kevin's birthday, watched the NFL playoffs which was awesome to watch in BJ's.  We need to do it again!
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Happy Birthweekend!

Derek always seems to have a birthday "weekend" instead of just a "day." Lucky, lucky man being born around Super Bowl!

It is always nice to have Mike down for the weekend to go golfing with Derek, Kelly and John B and of course there is usually a UFC Fight on the tele, BBQ yummies, then the football game. Man I wish I could have a birthday weekend like that every year....then again I would rather get a new vacuum cleaner or my hair done or to make a weekend like that for myself I would have to do all of the work. haha

My love, you deserve weekends like this! You work so hard for our family.


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Monday, April 9, 2012

Vegas, Story, Christmas, New Year!

Back in December we headed to VEGAS! It was Kelsey and the kids first time and they LOVED it! Kels could not believe how huge the buildings were and took so many pictures of 'stuff' that the batteries in my camera died twice! I wish we could have stayed longer, but alas we could not.

The roller coaster, NewYorkNewYork, Paris, Kels' face, Adel as our soundtrack, the one beer I drank (hello, I so wanted more, but a tired momma is a no good momma), and yummy food was so hard to leave! Em got to see the Nutcracker with her idol Ms. Krista as a member of the NBT followed by huge hugs, dinner and memories that I hope we will be able to continue to make for years to come.


Then there was the Toy Story On Ice 45min after we got home from Vegas! I was so tired, but ya know Dec was a very busy month...I have not even posted half of what we did!
The show was pretty good, but the company of Jen and Lily with their families made it even better. Next time though I think we are going to skip the seats where the poles are tied by rope and Lilly can slip though the railing!


Then Christmas!

Oh the Lee family Christmas Party followed by Christmas. Festivities! It has been months since all of this happened, but I wanted to show pictures from them and New Years. Oh, we did New Years at 9pm with the kids then again at 12am with the neighbors while our kiddos slept:)

Happy Happy Happy end of 2011 for everyone....since we are in month 4 of 2012:)

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Why is this boy getting so big? Why is he one of the sweetest and kindest 12 year old that I know!? It is a combo of so many things, but if Drew grows up to be a fantastic 12 year old like Tyler then Derek and I will be very happy!

I had been clearing out my computer and I found this email about Ty and Semper Fi Camp.

"I really liked this camp because I learned a lot of things that could help me in the future. I had a bunch of fun in all the activities that we did – my personal favorite was the climbing because I really like getting up to those heights and trying new things."
– Tyler Farnes