Friday, February 27, 2009

Drew turns 3!

First thing first..check ups!

He feel asleep reading his new book

We went and had a picnic with Bella, Vince, and Mrs. Beck

OF course Auntie Chow came over

So did papa!

Oh and then Grandma!!

Of course no birthday would be complete without a trip to our fav place Chili's!
Well, the day came! Drew turned 3! Derek and I can hardly believe that our little boy is so big and getting smarter and smarter everyday.

Monday, February 23, 2009

New pictures of Drew and Emma

Our two little ones are just too dang cute, but trying to get even these pictures was an experience...Auntie Em mommy needed you!!!! These of course are just the proof thingys and once they were all edited the pictures looked so good!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Update on my list!

I want to get as much stuff as I can done on this list before I have the here are some more!
#23-I talked to Derek about all of our bills, was not too bad actually. Good thing there was nothing shocking about them!! haha
#35-Conquer bath time with Drew. Now he can not get enough of the bath and ALWAYS wants to take one. Now I just have to wait and see how he does in a jacuzzi again:(
#40-I watched the 1st and 2nd seasons of 'Always Sunny in Philly..' LOVED IT!
#56-Going to the market on Tuesdays is just not going to happen!
#61-I opened both of the kids their own savings accounts.
#82-Derek bought me a new camera I am just waiting for it. It is taking forever!!!!
#88-I backed up more of my photos
#94-I bought backups of the daily hygienic items that we use. That was a big expense by the way and now I realize why I have never done it before!

*update- the city cancelled the class I had for the kids (not enough kids) so I guess we will resign back in the spring.*

Kels 16th & Saige 14th Birthday Dinner at Don Jose

Last Sunday we had yet another birthday to celebrate! It was Kelsey's 16th (she was so excited) and Saige's 14th. The Lee family got together for dinner at Don Jose and this time we had some extra guests. My sister and the kids came, Kyle's friend, and Kels and Kyle's mom Lisa. Of course, Mexican food and beer is always a good choice for this family so we all had fun and when it was time to sing happy birthday we did the loudest 'cha, cha' that I think they could hear us across the street!
Oh, I remember when Kels was 6 and Saige 4..they were so little and would always want me to play with their hair and they would always sit on my lap! I have so many fond memories of these kids and I know that there will be many more to come as they grow up, attend college, date, get married, and so on. Derek and I are very proud of these girls!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

All you need is love!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone that we love and care about! We hope that everyone had a great day, smelled pretty flowers and ate some yummy chocolate. Derek had these beautiful flowers delivered and right when I put some water in them they opened up and smell wonderful. I got Derek and the kids a basket full of goodies. Em and Drew got M&M's (of course), more flatware and plates, cups, the first Madagascar (I already got them the second), a Handy Manny doll (Drew's) and a My Little Pony baby doll thingy (Emma's). The kids got Derek a Homer Simpson boxer (the three of them love that show, I hate it), and I got Derek a "PED EGG," which he tried out right away and some lounge clothes. For activities...well we are doing NOTHING!!!! Oh what a prefect day!
We hope everyone has/had a prefect day too!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gosh...another birthday party!

On Sunday we celebrated Tyler's 9t, Derek's 31st, Papa B's, and Uncle Kev's 51st BIRTHDAY!! SOOOOO many!! It was a very simple party and I LOVED it!! I got to actually sit with the family and just hang out, watch the Pro Bowl (I think a first for Derek and I), watch some golf, play "Would you Rather?" eat some yummy fried chicken and even yummier cake! I never have cake, but heck you are only pregnant three times once! haha. There were so many candles on the cake that by the time the cake made it over to the boys half of them were almost melted to the frosting. Good thing we had two cakes! Once the men blew out the candles you could see the smoke and we all were waiting for the smoke alarm to go off, but it did not.
After everyone left Derek and I put the kids down, rented a movie, watched it and went to bed! What a nice night that was...that never happens!

Pa turns 60!

AWW my love!

On Saturday we had a surprise 60th birthday dinner for Dwayne Sr. at Lucille's in Brea. It was a very rainy night and the start of the dinner (waiting mainly) was a little rocky, but once the food was served and everyone was enjoying each others company it turned out to be a very nice night. Pa turned 60, but can you really tell by the party hat and cake that he seemed to enjoy like a little boy?? He also wanted a Wii for his birthday (I think he got one), so enjoying cake, wanting more gaming systems and party hats what I have to look forward to as Derek ages???? Heck that may be better than the pouting he does right now!! haha It was fun and I am happy that his family and friends got to join in surprising him on that every special night for that very special birthday!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am on FIRE BABY!!

SO, I have more to cross off of my list....
#11- Work (we succeeded) on Lee baby #3
#21- Since we have #11 done, I am going to give up on this one. I do not think I will be able to NOT CRY at Mar and Samy's wedding.
#22- I made Derek a list, but since we will probably be moving it has been cut in like half!!
#70- Emma's godparents a gift. Finally I am did it. They got a very special cross from Emma and is written on the back.
#73- I gave Derek flowers for his birthday...I do not think he liked them very much, but oh well he should just be lucky that I did not send them to his work. They were boyish, they had a football thingy in them:)
#79- I bought a new bible
#97- For TWO parties now I have not put ANYTHING on Derek's work bench..I think he liked that better than the flowers!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Did your superbowl half-time show look like this??

Busy Friday!

We had one heck of a busy day last Friday. First we headed over to Darci's to bring her lunch for her birthday and the kids played with little Gwenie. After lunch we headed over to the Hansen's to walk with Becky and Bella. Vin did not go with us, lucky boy got to stay with his Grammy, but I did get to feed him is bottle and hold him for a little bit so I was a very happy lady! From there we headed to do some errands and then we went home to get ready for Nathan's 11th birthday party. Nate is SOOO big now, but I still remember the day that he was born and the way that he smelled! Oh the memories. Nate had 'Dance, Dance Revolution' and some other games there so the kids had a great time jumping around and eating all of the chips and yummy cupcakes. After that I went to my monthly Bingo game where I ATE, ATE, ATE and own a prize. Then I came home and watched a movie. What did you guys do????

**these are the only pictures I took all day long!**