Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lillian Patricia is here!!

Okay, so I have not really had any time to put together a clide how or anything, so here are a few picks of the newest LEE!!! Lillian Patricia born born Sept 16th at 1:13 pm, weight 9.6 lbs, and length 20.5 inches. Thanks to all of the prayers and well wishes we have recieved before and after the c-section, all of the visitors and gifts!! We are very blessed to have three healthy children, family nearby, and true friends!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 Years!

Derek and I on the day we got married.

I have always loved this picture

Last Thursday, the 10th of September, was our 5 year wedding anniversary! We have been together for 10 years and were shocked at that high number, but to be married for 5 was just as strange to us! Strange because so much has happened since we got married. We are having our third child in 24 hours, we have moved twice, went from having a truck to a minivan (we have actually had two), went from sitting in the bar section of restaurants to the 'dinning room,' have gained or lost contact with friends, have seen loved ones go back to the maker, Derek has grown so much as a man, provider, father and husband, and I have become a stay at home mommy...which we all know what I do so there is no need to write that!! For the next five I want to focus on education with the children, being more crafty with activities, spend more time with friends (I feel like we have let that go by the waist side), TRAVEL, buy a house, save more money, and hang out with Derek more often.
So, what did we do for the 5 years? Well, being 6 days from giving birth I did not want to do ANYTHING!! I told Derek that he was the luckiest man because his wife did not want anything or wanted to do anything to mark the big year. He actually wanted to do all sorts of stuff (wouldn't ya know, for once it was him planning), but I really did not want to do any of it. On Thursday I laid on the couch and Derek joined me. That was it:) On Saturday we went to dinner and then to the mall. We were cracking up at how we were at the mall on a Saturday night when the mall was CLOSED! However, Macy's was still open, so we did some shopping for the kids. Then went home. It was very nice to be together, talk about the future, hold hands, eat in peace, and watch Derek pick out clothes for the kids.
BUT, this is what I wanted to do. 1st thought- have Michelle come over and watch the kids while Derek and I sat in our room! That is really what I wanted to do!! haha. 2nd thought- go to Carters, then to Staters, then come home:) Strange, I know.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Drew-Drew Big Boy... Hair Cut!

Today Em and I went with Drew to go and get a "Connor" hair cut! Anything that I say is "big boy" he calls "Connor." It is very funny. He sat like such a big boy and did not move unless the lady asked him too. That is amazing to me how behaved he is since because he has only had his hair cut 5 times or so since he was born. Then again, it does not that he is sitting in a car and watching a movie. There were other kids in there that were screaming and running away, but mine just sat there! I love how well behaved they can be for others....why not for me...hummmmmm

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lillian's gift from Dar

I stole this picture from my friend Darci's quilting blog, http://www.stitchesandscissors.com/. However, I think that is okay, because the blanket is mine! haha, well for Lillian. I just love it and think that it is the perfect blanket for Lillian to be held in, sleep with, take pictures with, and have forever! On one side is the minky material that I just love and on the other is, well, I think cotton. I am not the material/pattern type of person, so sorry for not knowing. The colors go with the girls room...I just LOVE IT! Thank you Darci for making it for Lillian, I love it!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Just one!

9 days to go and I guess I will post ONE and only ONE picture of me!! I am just HUGE!!! However, most of it is in my tummy:) We are very excited to meet little Lillian Patricia. ***yes, i have still not decided what to do with any of the downstairs!!**

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just funny!

Maybe it is the small things in life that make me truly happy, or the fact that I have not been out of the house since last Friday (too dog tired), but Drew makes me smile so big sometimes! Both of the kids have been driving me bonkers lately, so when I gave Drew some chips in a Tinkerbell bowl and he quietly whispered that, "this is a girl bowl," I cracked up for longer than I should have and just smiled. Oh how big they get!