Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

I think my side of the garage is done!!


I asked De Anne if I could post this picture of Grant and Avah with Santa. I am so happy that she said yes. I just love it! If you did not know this, I LOVE seeing pictures of children with Santa and SCREAMING! I always pick out the worse picture of my kids, because frankly what kid wants to sit on same strange man's lap? This face of Avah's is just as classic as screaming. I can't wait to see what happens next year.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Threw Up All Over Our House

The LEG is up!

Yes, you can see it from the street when it is lit.

Here is some of my stuff all spread out and ready to go up.

Daddy and the kids did the best part!

But Mommy got to do the rest!!!

Tiny Sports and Soccer

Drew had his last Tiny Sports practice a few weeks back. I was a horrible mommy and NEVER brought my camera during the six weeks! The Tiny Sports consisted of 5 weeks and each week was a different sport. They did basketball, baseball, track & field, football, and soccer. I was sad that I missed football due to LP being sick, but I was there for track and it was hilarious! I was thinking that when he jumped the hurdles that there would be some sort of broken bone, but he did just fine and now knows how to start at the start line!
Here is the only picture I got from my phone and it is horrible! He was getting his award and knuckles from his favorite coach, Marco.

Also, a few weeks back, Drew had his last soccer game. Drew had a blast playing this season, but I was extremely disappointed with the coaches and league. I should not have to email someone 5 or 6 times to see if my son got onto a team, the coach never called me back, the coaches did not really coach and so on. They were nice and I know that they are volunteers, but his coaches are on the board and should show a little more direction with the kids. I mean, they would just stand there! I am not the only parent to feel this way either. If Drew does do soccer again it will be with another league. Maybe I am being picky, but who am I going to complain to, the board?? No point in that!!

Okay, so I was not happy with the league, but Drew was excited to play, get his trophy, have my mom and Auntie Chris come to all but one of his games (the last game was missed only because my mom was in the ER), seeing other family members come to see too (Patty came for one too). I was excited that Em and the kids got to come to one of his games and his last game at that!

Gooble, Gooble, Wooble, Wooble!

We hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving took a minute time to be thankful for whatever it is that you are thankful for, was surrounded by loved ones, and ATE!!

We did not see my side of the family this year, which kind of stinks, but going to Linda's and hanging out with the Lee's is always fun. The bummer this year was that I was SICK!!! Not the type if sick that someone could catch it, but food poisoning. I was up all night on Wednesday to Thursday just in the bathroom. It was horrible! I was able to grab a few hours of sleep and once I did that I stopped having to run to the bathroom, got the kids ready, packed our bags and left. I did just fine, but my tummy was so raw that I only hate potatoes and turkey:( Linda makes the best food and I did not get to have any of it! I did not even get tipsy, shocker I know!

The kids had fun with their cousins, we watched Elf and football, Uncle Allen carved the bird, Derek ate his once a year cheese cake that Linda makes for him, the boys played horse, I took a nap, and headed home at about 10pm. Busy day, but a fun day!

Lilybugs first X-mas cookie!

How Connor fell asleep like that I have no clue!

Me and my bubby boy

Boys looking at what they want grandma to get them for Chirstmas:)

Uncle Allen (so nice to have them in Cali FOREVER!)

I am not sure why Derek is standing behind the tree drinking a beer! haha


Did you vote?! I can not believe that I never posted this picture or even talked about it. I swear having my computer in the bedroom has made me forget to blog.

So did you? If not, why? There is mail in ballets and the lines are never that long and if you have kids and did not want to take them think about me next time voting comes, because you can bring your kids to the booths and hit the little red buttons, I did. People think that Derek and I are crazy for bringing the kids, but we feel that voting is one of the most important things our founding fathers gave us. I even had to bring the kids myself this year because Derek worked late (he went later). Remember when Iraq got to vote and the cheers that it brought from the country? Just remember that people fight and even die to do gain the right to vote around the world. I just thought I would share.

Ken and Johanna

They went to the Chapel and got married! I was singing that to myself as I typed, fyi. haha

Yes, they got hitched and I loved every minute of the day! Actually, I should take that back. I hated packing for 5 people, but that goodness Em was here to help me or else we probably would have been late! Anyways, The got married at the Samuelson Chapel on the CLU campus (Jo went there, Claire goes there, and may of my family have graduated from there), followed by a cake reception, then a private dinner. Her colors were chapmaine and plum and she wore white. They started a little late (about 35 min) but that was okay because travel from south OC to TO takes a bit of time. Pictures were quick and taken before hand (I am still not a fan of that practice) and even though it was a rainy day it was still beautiful. Johanna was gorgeous. Like I have posted in the past (got me into some trouble) I have been to weddings were you can see and feel the stress, but with this one there was none. They just looked happy, young, and in love.

As mentioned above there was a cake reception. I have never been to one of those before and it was really neat. They had a few hundred people (not sure on the amount there) that they really wanted to be there to see the ceremony and of course share the special day with them, but could not really afford (nor do I think wanted) to have them all at a reception. There was a receiving line, snacks, drinks, favors, and cake. It was very nice.

After the reception there was a little time before the dinner, so we checked into the hotel, gave Kels instructions on the kids (I always go overboard with them) and headed to Oxnard. **Side note** I just have to say that without Kelsey there with us I do not think we would have been able to have such a relaxing trip. Derek and I joked when we got home that we really need a nanny! Not to let us go out, but to allow me to do the dishes and laundry without a kid at my feet.***
Em was the DD and that was GREAT! We got to the restaurant La Dolce Vita di Mare and just hung out at the tables drinking wine and micro brew beer that Uncle Tod made. There was only about 70 people there, no music, no dances, only one toast made by my Uncle Kevin (Jo's dad). But there was love, fun, food, drinks, and memories shared. Brian, Derek, and Patty got a little tipsy....it was hilarious:) It was just a perfect weekend. Thanks Kels for your help, Em for yours, Patty for making the trip, and of course Jo & Ken for getting married!!

Right now at this very minute

Right now, my hand hurts from spanking Emma (yes, I spank when certain acts or words make it necessary) because she hit Drew in the face (yes Patty, ITF).

Right now, Emma is screaming at the top of her lungs in time out and will probably wake LP from her nap.

Right now, Drew is in his room with the door closed playing with his cars. I allow the door closure because he needs his own space sometimes and since he just got socked by his 3yr old sister (may get a shiner) I think he deserves sometime to himself.

Right now, LP is probably either #1- soundly asleep (but I dare not check for fear she will wake up), #2- using her Elmo and Cookie Monster to cover her ears from the fighting and screaming that is echoing all over the house.

Right now, Derek.....probably happy he is not here to hear this mess of a house! Go me for having three kids 4 & younger!! woohooo.

Oh, an update to the right now.....Right now, the Drew and Em are playing with there marshmellow shooters. I guess all is well, but mommy needs another cup of coffee!!

Monday Meetings

I told myself when Drew was little that he would not play video games when he was older. They are a waste of time and kids need to be outside playing and enjoying the world. Well....

things change. Meet Drew, the boy who loves to play old-school Mario (original and 3, Zelda, Super Sonic and Mario Quest). He gets so excited when he plays and just loves it. However, he plays it A LOT! Way more than I thought I would ever let him. I blame it fully on the move. While I was unpacking I needed him distracted so I told him to go play a game. Actually, it would be nice if I could blame it on the move, but really it was all me.

Suzie and I have had many conversations about the 'video game problem.' How do you handle it? As of right now I am feeling it out. If he cries about it then no games for the rest of the day. He has to get off of it right when I say and if he does not then no more for the rest of the day and maybe the next. He can not watch Derek play grown up games. It is working right now. I just laugh at how I said he would never play these games and now I play them with him!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Must Post!

Here are some pictures that Tyler took of Em (my sista) and I at Jo & Ken's wedding dinner. I just thought they were funny.

Here are some others.