Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I did do one thing fun this past weekend!! haha

Oh, but I did get to do one thing fun...a baby shower on Friday night. I have never been to a shower on a Friday night, but ya know what it was a lot of fun and for those that work I am sure to have a nice night to hang out with the ladies before a busy weekend was probably very nice. Here is a picture of De Anne and baby Avah (she is getting so big) at Erinn's shower for her little girl Charlotte due in July. Of course I was so tired that I only took this picture! So not like me!!!

Moving day!!

Well, we moved! It was a lot of work and I so many other things going on that day that I wanted to do, but alas the moving took me instead!! So, saying that I am so sorry that I missed the MS Walk, Teren's Rock'n 30th, and the T-P's three birthday party! It looks as though everyone had a great time at all three:) I really do feel so bad and hate not to do things:(
We met up for the keys on Friday and on Saturday we moved right in. We had to get the biggest U-haul there was and I am happy to say that it only took two trips, but the next day Derek and the boys moved the spa to Linda's. HOWEVER, there was one big hiccup in the moving...the battery to the U-haul died when the truck was full the second time. It was horrible!! It did work out though and the move continued. The kids stayed with Linda the entire day, so thank you Grandma! People can come by as they want and we can not wait for you guys to see!! Oh, but the stairs are driving me nuts with the kids!!!!!!!!!1

Thursday, April 23, 2009


We are moving on Saturday!1 Actually I just packed everything and Derek and Dale will be moving it and then I will unpack it with my mom's help. Super excited to go to the MS Walk, drop the kids off with Linda then head to the new place!! Here are a few pictures, but in no way is that even accurate the in amount of boxes (it is just hard for me to get a good picture). So blogging will be done until Monday or so when TW comes to hook up the Internet. Thanks for all of the well wishes on the move and when I get the chance I will send out a proper change of address!!

Linda's Plantation picture

Linda went on her annual trip to New Orelans this past week and I am sure took many pictures, but I LOVE this one that she sent out. Oh to live in a place like that, but not have the bugs and heat! Also, when you look at it think of all of the movies this plantation has been in!

New babies!

On Friday the 17th (what a great day, haha) my dear friends the Kelly's had baby girl number 3! Her name is Adrianna and weighed about 7lbs. I am sorry to be so vague, but I can not remember and I have not gone to see her yet because of my pink eye.

Also, our friends the McConn's had their baby boy on the 11th. His name is Stephen and I do have a picture of him.

Congrats to both families on bringing healthy babies into the world!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Car Accident!! Major booooooooooooooo

the pic is upside down with the head to the left

On Saturday I had packed almost all day and Michelle had the kids. It was such a nice, calm, beautiful day! Then bam!!!! I was driving Derek and I to dinner in Michelle's car when a car ran a stop sign (I did not have one) and T-boned the passenger side. Thank goodness the other car hit the door frame and back or else Derek would have been really hurt! Oh and I hit a tree. I was fine, but just to make sure my friend Melissa took me to the hospital (I was cramping) ER. I feel horrible about Michelle's car, but thank the Lord that nothing happened to any of us and the kids were not in the car. On the plus side I got to have another ultrasound, here is another pic but not a good one, and Melissa and I got to spend some time together:) In fact, when we were in the ER getting the ultrasound Melissa asked the doctor if he could tell what the sex was and he just laughed and said to us, "hey I am only an ER doctor!" It was funny and can not thank her enough for going with me!

My birthday!

On Friday I turned the big 29! So, what did we do??? Well, we had the ultrasound, went to lunch, went shopping with Auntie Chow, tried to take a nap, and went to DISNEYLAND!! Hey, gotta take advantage of the free birthday! It was perfect weather (so sorry Teren), no one was there, and we got to go on a bunch of rides. I also wanted to give a huge "THANK YOU" to everyone for the birthday wishes, phone calls, and presents!! Thanks guys!

we had fun, even on it's a small world!

The haunted mansion (no line!!)

Emma hit her head on the rail at Pirates

Of course, Drew and the train

Daddy loves his girl!


On Friday, my birthday, I got to have an ultrasound to see the sex of the baby and do some measurements. Derek, the kids, and I all went to the event!! HOWEVER, the little stinker was not being helpful for the tech to get a good shot. SO WE COULD NOT FIND OUT!! Truthfully though, the tech really sucked, was in a rush, and did not even wait to get good pictures of the baby to give to us. I put a call into the doc to see if I could get another ultrasound:) I will let everyone know when we find out!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Suzie and I

For my birthday Suzie took me to go and listen to Kate, from Jon and Kate plus 8, speak. It was very nice to hear her speak about the challenges that her family faced and how God helped her through them. Thank you Suzie for taking me...it was very nice and something I have not done in a while. Oh and I did not have to chase the kids around which was the best part!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had a very busy Easter! Hey what is new for us!!! haha
We had church, a pancake breakfast afterwards, got home and opened up their Easter baskets (very simple this year cuz of the move) and they LOVED all of eggs and candy. Then we headed to the stadium for the Red Sox vs. Angels game. The kids sat for only 1.5 innings then we walked around for a bit (until the 6th) then headed over to Mar's mommy's house for a quick bite to eat and catch up with the family. Afterwards we came home, the kids and I napped while Derek made dinner for us!! It was a very good meal and I think that from now on we will try to have the tradition of a baseball game and Derek making dinner. We hope that everyone had a great Easter.

Fun, Fun, Fun!!

So much fun we had last week!! We got together with Dar and Gwenie at the mall and here:) We hung out with Auntie, Connor, Hannah, Auntie Sara, and Madi. We did some errands, packed and went to Auntie and Uncle Dale's for some dinner and jacuzzi action. By the way, Emma hated the water but Drew loved it! We went to 2, yes 2, baseball games, had an egg hunt, went to church a few times...so much!! Oh and Andrew drew his first picture of Daddy, too cute!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Opening Day

We had a blast at Opening Day for the Angels!! This was the first time a in very long time that Derek and I had been to a game by ourselves (we did miss the kids, but they are going with us on Sunday), so to just sit, watch the game, eat, and of course Derek had a few drinks... was just perfect!! I do have to say though that when we were driving in to the stadium where all of the tailgaters were BBQing and getting their 'pre-game drink on' I was just a little jealous!! Oh well, next season! Thanks Michelle for watching the kiddos for us!

Monday, April 6, 2009

A few shots from CO

Since I have already sent out my pictures to basically everyone from our trip to Colorado, I am not going to do a slide show or anything for the blog. Instead here are just a few pictures for those that happen to ACTUALLY look at my blog and I do not know:) Oh and I can not remember if I wrote about how when we were driving up to CO we got snowed in and were forced to go to a Red Cross Shelter!! It was really not that bad, but since we were only 40 miles away from Pat's house it kind of blew!! However, I have to say the Red Cross and the police were very nice even though they really need to build more hotels in Walsenburg!!

Derek's tradition

On Sunday we held a 4 or 5 year tradition that Derek started at his mom's house. We do not have a lot of traditions, but Derek always makes sure to have the first Sunday night baseball game of the year at his mom's. He also requests food, beer and snacks. He is too funny, but hey we all love it!! Last year we had an Easter egg hunt for the kids as well. So this year with a few more kids added (Em and Hannah)and Linda's new house the HUNT WAS ON!! It was fun, we were all stuffed and the kids fell right to sleep when we got home.
**Yes, I know the Angels did not play, but they had to bust out some baseball gear...I think Derek was happy it was not their Red Sox stuff...haha**

Friday, April 3, 2009

We are back!!

Well, we are back from the snow and fun of Colorado! The kids had so much fun with their cousins, the dogs, staying in the cabin, seeing dinos, the snow, their Auntie's and of course their Uncle Clint! In a way I did not want to come home, but we missed Derek and I think 7 days was enough for the kids. Now we just have to wait until next year to see Uncle Clint (he is leaving for Afgan) and in a few months I am sure Patty will miss us so much that she has to come to us! haha I will post pics in the next few days...there are a lot to go through!