Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Take a quick look
Take a look at this blog. I think that it is brutally honest of my friend Diana to write her weight loss journey for all of the world to see. I love this gal, of course you too Melissa, and love reading her blog. Thank you Diana for sharing your struggles with women of all shapes and sizes!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Celebrating Emma turning two!!

The baby girl turned two, so of course we celebrated!! However, we did nothing fancy or big..way too pregnant to deal with that. On the 19th we had a family birthday party for Emma and we were very happy that it worked out for when Patty was here! Em had her "Abby" birthday party and loved all of her gifts!! She got a lot of baby doll stuff and books...which I loved! The kids played dress up a lot and hung out in the little pool that Gramma Linda let the kids have. It was hot outside, but a great time was had:)

On Emma's actual birthday Darci and Gwenie came over for some pool time and lunch. Emma opened up her presents from them (a shirt and cutie pie dress), sun blocked the kids up and headed to the pool. We were there for a few hours and ate yummy sandwiches and fruit then headed back for nap time:) OH and of course I have to mention how Dar saved Emma from death by picking her up out of the water when Em fell through her tube...thanks Darci!!

Later that night, after we dropped Drew off at Gramma's house, Derek gave Emma her flowers (two this year for turning two) and then went to dinner at Hero's. I know it may seem kind of strange taking a two year old to Hero's for her birthday, but she LOVES it there!! All of the stuff hanging from the walls and ceiling keeps her attention through most of dinner or lunch. After dinner we went to Toys-r-us to let her pick out a toy....she was so excited to be by herself with us and when she picked out accessories for her doll house she had the biggest smile!!! It was too cute. Then home and off to bed for her, well after daddy and her played doll house for a bit:)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Emma Girl is 2!!

Two years ago today little Emma was born! Words can not describe the love I have for this little girl, but I do not think words really are suppose to..are they?? When I was pregnant with Drew everything was "boy this, boy that, is he going to be like daddy, I wonder what sport he is going to play, is he going to have Derek's huge head or funny ears, will he be healthy even though I had high blood pressure?" Then when I was pregnant with Emma my thoughts were, "is Drew going to be fine with the baby, who is she going to look like, how in the world is this baby going to wear all of these clothes we have in her closet, we have our perfect family of a boy and girl, please let me be able to deal with 'Downs' if she has it, I hope she does not get my legs!!" Of course, this is not all I thought of, but you get the point. Now Emma is running, jumping, skipping, talking so much, counting, loves to read books and watch Elmo, must have a bow in her hair all of the time, wears dresses without complaints, wrestles with her brother, loves her baby cousin Hannah, plays dress up all of the time, loves the water, and plays with her baby dolls with such care! We love our pretty girl:)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bella's 4th Birthday Party

Saturday was Bella's fourth birthday party! Of course, it was decorated way cute, the food was good, and the kids loved to see Bella and all of the other kids. Take a look at Becky's blog to see all of the details (I did not take any good pictures)....oh wait she is private now...well trust me it was cute. Drew actually wanted to put on his cowboy outfit that he got a few years ago, so I let him wear it to the party, but since it was like 100 degrees outside he took it off right when we got there. My babies were so hot and their cheeks were so pinks, but they really did have a great time. This picture that I posted is an evidence that no matter what activity is planned for a party (ie coloring, bubbles, or games) the kids love nature and a good hole to look at. The kiddos looked at that ditch for most of the party. Awe to be young!

Too cute!

Aren't these boys just so studly without any shirts on! They are 4 months apart in age, the best of cousin's, and best buds and I hope they always stay that way.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Suzie is back to blogging!

My SIL, Suzie, has started updating her blog! Take a look

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This is what we have been doing this week!

Yes, I have been RESTING, but Auntie Patty is here camping on the beach! There was no way the kids and I were going to sit at home while the rest of the family is at the beach, so we decided to join them. We have been having so much fun and Derek even got to go with us on Sunday for the day! Jo and Ken joined us on Tuesday for a very nice time, we have made smores, the kids have walked with grandpa to the shack to get ice cream a few times a day, the kids love the dogs, and of course the water (aka pool to Drew)& sand is always fun! With a break for a few days and back to the beach next week we go before Auntie Patty leaves is the plan for next week too:) Once she is gone I will post more pics in a slide, but here are a few.

OH, so did not think this would happen

Last Friday, well how do I put this...I called 911 for the very first time!! Why?? I walked up the stairs, then down, sat at the desk, thought that Lillian was all up in my rib cage, I got down on all fours to make her move, AND BAM, I could not move!! I started shaking, throwing up, and felt like my uterus was ripping from my left side from my upper ribs to the 'no zone.' Since I have two little ones I knew that this would not work out very well (since I could not move) so I called Derek and he was on his way home, but it was just not fast enough so I called 911 who were here in like 2 minutes!! Of course the always HOT firemen were in my living room and asking me questions and when they realized I was pregnant the mood of the situation changed to a very fast paced "lets get her out of here!"
What did I think of? #1- Derek just got home and the kids will be fine #2- happy I actually got fully dressed and took a shower today #3- man these men are hot #4- Lillian would be fine if I had her now...just like Becky is:)
Well, thank goodness the last did not happen and when I was transported to the hospital to be checked out the baby was fine and I threw out my back! That was the worst pain I have ever felt and never want my kids to see me like that again, EVER! I had such guilt the entire weekend, but we have a great support system of family and friends, so the guilt went away pretty quickly!
The funny thing is that I just went to the doctors the day before for my monthly check up and she had given me orders for physical therapy for my back and I had an ultrasound later on that day. All is well now:) Thank you my family for the last 6 days!

**this pic is from my ultrasound last Thursday**

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10 years!

On July 1st Derek and I celebrated 10 years of being together!! Well, in all fairness we did break up few times...but we are not going to count that!! I still can not believe that I have been with him since I was 19, that just seems so young!

Auntie Patty made CAPES!

Patty sent me a few pictures of the capes she made for the kids and she is so excited to give them to the kiddos. They seemed very easy to make, well once she got the hang of it:) I was on the phone with her while she made Emma's! My sister is becoming very creative up there in CO!!

They LOVED THEM when Auntie Patty came down to visit!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Congrats to Chris, yet we are sad!

Our BIL, Chris got a promotion at work! It is very exciting because he is going to be a Gunny in the U.S. Marines. It is a huge promotion and we are very excited for him, Em, and the kids. However, they are MOVING!! We are very sad, but I know that being in a military family it happens:( So back to the east coast they go for a few years! Congrats Chris!!

Derek said......

my name is Sara and i am a crazy blog head. zomg, wtf, itf, lol, bbf, rofl, !!!!

Happy 4th!

We just wanted to wish everyone a Happy belated 4th (since today is the 5th) and we hope all had fun and were SAFE! We did the traditional BBQ, drinks, and swimming at Dale and Suzie's, but since they moved we were not close enough to the beach to walk to see the fireworks. Which was just fine for me!! The kids still had a blast in the pool, playing with their cousins, and running around.
**I did not take ANY pictures yesterday, CRAZY of me I know**