Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mikey C turns THIRTY!

Mike turned 30 on Saturday and I forced him to have a little fun! We had intended on heading up to where he lives, but I did not take into account that I am 36 wks pregnant! No traveling for me!!!!!!! Instead he came down to us and his other friends for a steak dinner, a little party, a round of golf, relaxation topped off with a trip to an old bar we all use to go to. I think that Mike had a pretty good time with all of us and he was so sweet with the kids and helpful. I hope the year of being 30 brings great this to Mike and maybe a special lady to join Sara 2 and I!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This is what happens.....

When Auntie Sara watches Madison!! They found a few makers and Madi did the most damage to her body:) I just love it! These pics are not even that good, because it was WAYYYY worse!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Chris at work!

Here is a link to what my brother-in-law, Chris' does at work. He is the Senior DI at Camp Pen and man does he know how to scream. It takes a minute until he speaks, but I love how some of the boys look at him (notice they all have newly buzzed heads) with 'holy shit' faces! It is such a different world to me!! To make men into soldiers, Chris, thank you!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Out for some fun!

Those line dancing gals!

He was a good sport about going to a country western bar...good thing Big Ben was there!

Pregnant ladies can have fun too:) Rebecca, Caitlin, Me, Teren, and Mariah

Not sure what was going on there, poor Teren could not get around my belly!

Mariah said, "take a picture of me, take a picture of me!"

Last Saturday we got a sitter (Auntie Chow) and headed out for some fun with the Rodriguez's, Teren, Mariah and Matt, one of their friends, and Rebecca. We started at Cait's house for some apps and a few cocktails (well none for me) then to Montana's. I did not want to tell Derek that Montana's is a country western bar, so it was hilarious to see his face and hear his reaction when he saw line dancing, antlers everywhere, and of course all of the cowboy hats! It was a fun time to see the girls dance...I had no idea they were so talented in the ways of line dancing!

Monday, August 17, 2009

35, yikes!!!

On Sunday we headed back to the our old stomping grounds to see the Ayala's for Al's 35th birthday! There was a TON of yummy food and people...oh and flies! So gross, but with the heat and all of the food it was not too much of a surprise. Happy birthday Mr. Al and you guys are the only reason why we miss the area:(

Bath Time FUNNNNNNN!!!!

The kids always have fun with Auntie Chow during bath time!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nice Derek!

On Sundays I sleep!!! Derek does a great job of hanging out with the kids, making us all breakfast, cleaning up, and taking the kids on short errands. This past Sunday I woke up to this....

Derek and the kids had put the crib together, cleaned it up, and even put the bedding on it! Love that man!!!!!! The bedding is not my first choice, but since I can not find what I want online anymore (discontinued) I have chosen this. Ya now what I really like it! Of course, that meant that I had to continue the momentum of 'getting ready for baby' so we added the curtains, some wall hangings, and took down the closet doors for more room. Now all we have left is curtains for the closet, finish the walls, organize the clothes, buy drew a new mattress & dresser, wash everything, find places for baby stuff, continue on Drew's room, pack bags, find sitters for the kids while I have the baby, and....OH MY GOODNESS so much more to do!!!


We love going to baseball games! On Friday Jo came over to watch Emma while Derek, Drew, Kelly and myself went to the Angel vs. Rangers game. The game SUCKED and even though we had club level seats with in seat service and everything, we left after the Rangers scored 3 homers in a row!!!! Even though we left early Drew was not a disappointed boy at all! He got a red rally monkey from us and Mr. Kelly got him a a new Angels hat. He had soda, peanuts, popcorn and nachos and loved watching all of the stuff (ie balls and pieces of paper) float in the air. Oh and once we got to our typical post-game drinking hole (Chili's) Drew got ice cream with sprinkles...all to himself! I am not sure if he enjoyed the game or having time without his sister, hummm???

New buds!

Saturday we went to Jaxson's 3rd birthday party. The theme was a construction site and the kids were crazy! Teren had brown bag lunches for the kids, crafts to do, adorable "construction" decorations, a pinata (that sucker would not break), cupcakes, and wheels (donuts) to take home in case of a flat! Good job momma Teren:)

As we were driving there I was thinking if Drew would connect more with the other boys? Not that he does not know them or anything like that, but I wonder if he would play with them more and so on. Well, Drew sooo connected with the kids more! He was running around and playing with all of the kids this time...I guess this was the party to connect. It was too funny for me to see Drew throwing things at Em and Jaxs would throw to the side of her...what a sweet boy Jaxs is. It was very sweet to see him grow up a little.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shower for Lillian

Last weekend my good friend, De Anne, threw a baby shower for myself and Lillian! It was simple, sweet and perfect! I did not want to even have one, but as De Anne and Em put it, "it is because we want to/we love you." Well, how could I say no to that!! There was about 15 of us, yummy finger sandwiches & cupcakes, games, and lots of love. We received many gifts that I need for the baby, but one special gift from Suzie. It is a necklace with all three kids names engraved on it along with each child's birthstones. Of course I cried as I read the card and even more when I opened the gift. It was a great time and I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. Thanks everyone:)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chris reenlisted

I just wanted to say "thank you" Chris for serving our country for the past 12 years or so and the fact that you have signed up for another 4 makes my entire family very proud! Thank you for being a great senior DI that trains our strong men and women into strong soldiers!