Saturday, November 29, 2008

Party for Clint and Patty

Auntie Patty and Uncle Clint came to Cali from N.C. SOOOOO....On Sunday we had a party for Clint and Patty that celebrated all (well most) of the major holidays during the year, as well as a few other things. We celebrated both of their birthdays (yes two cakes), Christmas, New Year's, Clint's promotion to Major, St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Easter, Chinese New Year, and Halloween. We had Christmas dinner, double-doubles from In & Out, shrimp cocktail, sushi, and a bunch of other food... yes, that was all at the same party. We had an Easter egg hunt, went trick or treating, poppers for New Years, a speech for Clint's promotion, played 'hot potato' for St. Patrick's Day and even opened up x-mas presents! I know if the fires had not just happened that we may have snuck in some fireworks! haha. The kids were on such a sugar high that they both crashed, but they loved to share all of that time with Auntie and Uncle and do not want it to be 2 years until the next time they see Clint!

Missing grandpa!

The kids saw these pictures on the computer of grandpa and Drew yelled, "Grandpa Hey there!" it was too cute. We miss my dad and can not wait for him to come back to California. They need to be tickled by his hair!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Look at these crazy boys!

Auntie Patty and Uncle Clint with their favorite kids! Well, they should be!! haha

Since we have ALL of the 'Smith Girl's' husbands and children in the country at the same time for the FIRST time we went and took some pictures before it does not happen again for a few years! It was a ton of fun for the girls and kids of course, but the boys I think had to put on a good face and just go with it. However, I do think that they were just fine with the picture they took with just the three of them. If no one can catch on (I am included in not knowing what they were talking about) I guess they were trying to do the 'Stepbrothers' DVD cover. I really still do not know, but the boys were all smiles. I am not including any pictures of myself, beacause I took one for the team. What I mean is that I did not look good (I mean at all) in the pictures we took as an entire family or the one with the three of us girls, but I let them select the pictures we chose because everyone else looked good (no double chins or closed eyes) and with four kids I am surprised that we made it to even taking the pics after an hour wait. So, if anyone wants to see some not so nice pics of me then all you have to do is stop on by:) hahaha

Monday, November 24, 2008

Theme Week..Family

Last week was all about some quality family time. With the hours that Derek works just sitting and watching a movie can be a HUGE deal. It has been fun the last few weeks making more quality time for us. So having a family week seemed like the next best theme to have. On Monday we met with Derek's cousin, Franklin, for dinner at Bubba Gumps. On Tuesday I went and bought Wall-e, popped some popcorn and sat down to watch this adorable movie 2 TIMES with Derek and the kids. On Wednesday Connor came over for a few hours so we headed to Mc Donald's and then to the library to pick up some 'family themed' books. On Thursday we read the book together and waited for Friday to come. On Friday Auntie Patty and Uncle Clint came back to California for a week long visit!! So excited the kids were to see their Auntie and Uncle and it was even more special for me to see Clint and Emma together for the very first time. Keep looking at the blog for more pictures from our visit with Clint and Patty

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My kids are so lucky!

Yesterday Drew and Emma (Hailee and Tyler too) got a package from their Auntie Patty and Uncle Clint. This is not just any old package, but presents from F.A.O Schwarz!!! They were very excited to see the boxes and almost cried when I told them we have to wait until Auntie and Uncle get here to open them. I do not know about most people out there, but I never got a package from my aunts or uncle's from NY and especialy not FAO Schwarz!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We have been waiting a YEAR to meet THOMAS THE TRAIN!!!! Derek and I never thought we would have EVER been hooked into the world of Thomas the Train (I always thought it was very dorky), but our kids LOVE him and all of his friends. So, when we heard about this about a year ago we knew that we had to go and see him. It was in Parris California at the Railway Museum.
Man is that place (the city, not the museum) a dump. Derek and I were shocked to see the difference from our area when driving down the streets!!! However, once we got into the train world, as I like to think of it, we really did have a great time. Drew was a little frightened at first because of all of the people, but once he saw Thomas and realized we were there to see a bunch of trains he just walked around like he had been there before. When we got to actually ride the train the kids went nuts! It was a 25 minute ride and when all of the kids got onto the train and heard the music the all went crazy!!! I have never seen anything like that in my life. After the train ride Drew just kept saying, "choochoo Thomas lets go!" Even though it would have been nice to go again, the 18 dollars a person made us think twice. Especially when there were cabooses and other trains we could ride. The kids got chicken corn dogs (I am sooo going to buy those), bounced in the bounce houses, got tats, went in and out of trains dating back to the 1800's , and even saw the "Emma Nevada" steam train that they are going to be restoring in the spring of '09. We were there for about 4 hours then headed home to the ash filled sky of Orange:( Of course the kids fell asleep before we even hit the freeway!! They were so dang good...I am sure that drained them...hahaha. Oh and when we got home Derek and I got a sitter and went for some drinks!! haha It was a great day.

Franklin Lee and Bubba Gumps

Yesterday we went to Bubba Gumps in Long Beach for dinner with Derek's cousin Franklin. Since Derek and his immediate family only have each other in California it is always nice to see one of his aunts/uncles/cousins when they are in Socal. I am pretty sure this is the first time we brought one of the Oregon Lee's to Bubba's and I am not sure we should have exposed our 'dork status' for the movie the restaurant is tailored after..."Forrest Gump."
Gump's has trivia questions, shrimp galore, and 'Stop Forrest or Run Forrest run,' way to stop a server when you need anything. The kids were able to run around and nice there was only Derek and Dale's family there with Frank was very nice to just hang out in a small group. Next time we hope we will be able to see Frank's wife and baby girl! The family just keeps getting bigger and bigger:)
oh ya...I feel bad for Franklin and laugh very hard when I think of his name. I married into the name Sara Lee (haha), but Frank was born with the nickname that leaves him with 'Frank Lee," (major haha to me).

Military Week

Week two of the 'themed weeks' did not go as well as I had hoped:( The first three days went fine, but then I got really sick on Wednesday night. However, what we did do was very fun. On Monday we had 'craft' night. We made stars from construction paper and put the different wars America has fought in on the stars. After we were done with those we made Derek's dad a 'Thank You' for fighting in Vietnam. Even though we have many family members in who are Veterans, it was very special for Derek to have himself and our children celebrate what was once a very difficult characteristic for Dwayne Sr. to live with.
On Veterans day the kids and I headed over to 'Depot Park,' for a Veterans day celebration. It was an overwhelming feeling to see the WWII and Vietnam vets with their metals standing so proud for the country. With that being said, on Tuesday while Derek's dad was at church we hung the sign up in his house and left. Not too long after we left his house Derek received a very nice phone call from his father.
On Wednesday I started not to feel very well, so the kids just sat down and watched a military movie, "All About the Military; featuring Hard Hat Harry." THAT WAS IT! It kind of stinks that we did not do more, but I was so sick and now Derek has it!!! A special Veterans day thanks to Patty, Clint, Chris and the late Papa Weil.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Southern Cal FIRES!

outside of our house

driving home

infront of the "Discovery Science Center"

Getting onto the freeway (not a great picture) in Brea

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Time out

Emma looks a little too happy here doesn't she?? You would never know by this picture that she is sitting in the timeout part of the hallway:( It breaks my heart to have to put this gorgeous girl in timeout, but it is about time that my heart grew stronger:) Derek and I talked about 'timeouts' for Emma last night and this is what he said,"I can not do it yet, so you have to!" Isn't he horrible! Then again I do the disciplining in the house:(
After many times of telling her 'no thank you' for climbing onto the entertainment center...timeouts had to start! The first time she just smiled and laughed. Of course, after the 'funny timeout' she just went right back to hitting the TV and standing on the table. SOOOO, one more time out, but this time it was not so much fun for her because she just cried and flung herself back while I held her. My poor baby!! So did she just go back to standing and hitting? Nope, but she did go over to the front of the TV and smiled at me:)

When grandpa goes to New England

Whenever, my dad goes to New England to see our family he ALWAYS..I mean ALWAYS sends a few boxes of Devil Dogs. Right now he is back east to help my grandma get ready for winter. So, ya know, why not send his three girls and their families the most fattening thing EVER!! hahaha. However, this time it he added a little more fat to the package. He sent FLUFF!! The best thing ever for those who like marshmallows. Even though I am not a fan of either, it is the idea and thought that comes with my dad sending all of us a little something from 'home.'

Mom and Em day out!

What does a mom do when she is home with the children all day with no real break to just hang out with one of the kids or even do errands in semi-sanity with only having one child to wrangle up? Your set up a playdate...where you the mommy LEAVE!!! I was watching Desperate Housewives not too long ago when Gabi sets up a playdate for one of her daughters and has the other in preschool. Well Gabi wanted to use the time to 'do the nasty,' but I want the time to have some peace without the terror that a 2 year old can bring. I prayed for some sort of sanity to my days and bam it was answered... rotating playdates with Suzie. Today was the first day and MAN it was nice! I had to text her in the middle of my time away just to say 'thank you!' Since Suzie lives by the beach Emma and I went for a walk down Main Street to the end of the pier and had lunch at Dukes. It was just so nice to sit with Emma in the middle of the day at the beach and show her the cute surfers as they pasted by. Some may be thinking..where is Derek at night to give me some time to yourself Sara? He does give me time at night, but this was DURING the much different! Next week I hope that Suzie has a much fun as Em and I did today!

Nichole's B-day

Last weekend my sister Emilee threw a b-day party for our friend, Nichole. Even though it was a turnaround trip for me and the was so worth it! Nichole and I were pregnant together with our boys and she has lived pretty much next door to Emilee on base since Em moved there 5 years ago. Nichole is one of the nicest, most humble, kind, and such a loving friend to my sister and to myself that the least I can do is go celebrate her turning 34!! Happy birthday friend!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Education Week

Last week I decided that the kids and I have been staying in the house WAY TOO much! Even though we do have busy weekends and play dates... I feel that we do not have enough time to ourselves to learn, play together, or just hang out with QUALITY!.. So, I started doing 'weekly themes.' No matter what play date, household duties, errands that I/we have, I will incorporate the theme into our lives. Last week we had 'Education Week.' We went to the Discovery Science Center with Darci and Qwen. Bowers Museum and Voted:) Anissa had her last volleyball game (Drew calls this high soccer) at Orange High School then we headed to the Orange Public Library. The kids were so funny at the library and Emma even went up to a lady and sat in her lap with book in hand! It was a sight to see! The kids seemed to have the best time at the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace. Once mom was done in the exhibit part of the library we headed outside to see the house RN was born in, the heli, all of the beautiful flowers, the fountain, and the reflecting pool. It was a lot of fun with the kids and since they were so well behaved I feel that I can continue to do things like this more often. What I did learn is that I need SUCKERS with me at all times!! hahaha. This week will be military week to honor our Vets and those currently serving to protect us and others!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Discovery Science Center With Darci

Today we went to the Discovery Science Center with Darci and her beautiful girl Gwen. It was nice to go on a cool day, on a Monday when not a ton of people were there, and to see the Bat Exhibit running there until Jan. Okay, really the bat thing was a little disappointing and they are doing some construction upstairs which led to the center to be smaller than normal:( All in all it was a fun time and to see little Gwen 'run and run' was the best part!!!

The old and the young

Connor and Dale had their birthday parties together this year. For Connor it was his 3rd and Dale, his 37th! It was so nice to see both of them together to share this celebration, but even more fun to see how being 37 does not seem to change things too much for Dale. There was the typical Lee jumpy, Mexican food, two cakes, ping pong, drinks, the pool and spa, toys, and SAND to play with..this made the day so much fun:) We even got to watch the video to Connor and Dale boogie boarding in Hawaii, so adorable it was to see Dale and his son have that time together:) The funny thing is that I was cutting my food with a fork & the fork broke..what do you think happened??? Well not what I thought would ever happen to me.....I split my food all over the ground! Okay worse than that...I flung guacamole all over a man, Dave, that I had just met!! It was horrible.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Weekend

This Halloween was so very special to us. On Thursday our historic town gathered around for the 4th annual "Treats in the Streets" and of course we were not going to miss it:) Drew was Mickey Mouse and Emma was Minnie and boy did they look oh so cute. Drew would not put on the head piece so he just went without it, but it was still way cute. Emma, well what can I say? She is just so DAMN CUTE!!! As the time drew near for the event I picked Kels and Saige up from school, Suzie and the kids came over, Michelle and Pa came by. It seemed like the entire Lee family seemed to stop by:) We got the kids ready, took some pictures and headed off. As the years have gone on this event seems to get bigger and more crowded, but it was still fun to see the hay ride go by, watch all of the children (and some adults) in their costumes, watch the boys get candy from our favorite shops in the Circle, drink some coffee, take pictures and say a kind hello to fellow Orangeizans:) It was a very nice time and look forward to it next year.
So on to the next day...Halloween!!! Going back to how special of a day it was to us... this was the first Halloween that both of our kiddos could walk to the doors and be a little scared by the decorations:) Drew was so intent on having Emma, Tyler, and Hailee by his side that all he seemed to do was cry for them when they would walk to the doors or get way too far ahead of him!! It was so sweet, but it was a test of nerves. After going up and down the hills of Camp Pend the kids were ready to go back to the house, hand out candy, say goodbye to Nana, and play some Rock Band!!! We had never seen Tyler play, but we were surprised to see how good he is at the guitar. I NEVER do anything out of my realm, but I just had to play the drums for a song while Emilee sang. Man I STINK!!!! Then I sang...sucked even more!! I have a cold so I can blame the singing on that, but the drums just went to show how I am SOOO not talented! After I was so embarrassed we headed home and Derek, Drew and Em were asleep I thought about how lucky I am to have my family.