Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sweaty & Sweet!

these pics are from a funky thing DeAnne's bro did to my camera,,,,,,,

Drew's soccer practice last week. He is the youngest and smallest on his team. It is kind of hard for me to watch him practice because he is so small, but he is so into it and loving it!! He has done three other sports thur the city, now his first league sport, and 'soon all sports' I think that he is becoming a well rounded little guy. Who knows, maybe he will even dance....ya right, we always ask him.

That night after sweating in the sun for an hour....we headed to McKenna's birthday! It was at My Gym (kind of a cool place) where the kids played (just Drew really, Em is afraid of crowds still) and after we headed over to Jen's. I have written many times about my mom's club and how I am slowing getting to know all of them...this is just another example of how I do not want to EVER move from the city we live! With the exception of Melissa and her family from our old house, I actually feel more at home HERE than THERE. We had such a great time at Jen's and want to continue it....maybe Sunday??


Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

Those pics from soccer are gorgeous, like pieces of art. Glad you love where you live BTW.

MRSB said...

I couln't tell of Andy was 2nd from left or right. I love how Emma's picture turned out and you can see Lil's pearly whites really well. I'm glad you're loving your moms group. I wish they had things like that 25 years ago. What a sanity saver.

Farnes Family Four said...

I love the pics. Yes, he will be a well rounded boy. I think kids should at least know how to play every sport. Hailee and Emma are so much alike, Hailee doesn't really like crowds either. It doesn't matter if its family or strangers.