Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Third Times The Charm!

Hopefully we will not have to go back to the mall again for a forth traumatic experience, aka ear piercing.  The last time we went Lilly had a seizure a few days later and we had to take them out for her CTscan.  I never put them back in.  THIS TIME, I took a partner with me!  Ms. Brenda.  I felt confident that with Lilly on her lap, cookie in my hand as a bribe, and a promise to go to lunch after that Lilly would do good.  Of course she screamed and cried, but she did great.  It was a fun time:)  **happy to report she has now switched to jellybean earring with smiley faces....she for now we are in the clear...haha**

 Then at lunch she put makeup all over her face......

Super Drew

Drew is so happy..........

Framed cape, Patty made that for Drew years back

I bought the paint almost a year ago.  I took decorations down in his room almost a year ago.  I made excuses for almost a year now.  Well, no MORE.  I finally redid Drew's room!  The pictures from my phone are not the best, but the room is REALLY cool.  Super Hero themed... I love to look at Thor everyday...with gray walls is exactly what Drew wanted.  All that is left is a new bed spread and frames for the posters.  But I do like the way it is now.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My New Stress Relief

I run.  I mean I run and run and run and run!  I have always tried to run, but like many people I go too fast too quick and give up.  However, when I started to run in October I have not stopped.  As stated in the below post I love to walk for charity, but now I run for it...when I can.  My first official 5k that I ran was the Turkey Trot.  This was my third year, but first to run.  I ran into this fool Rodney........ 

And my friend.....

Then I started to to run when it was cold at night and am wearing headbands and reflective gear.  

DeAnne just did the LV Marathon, but subjected herself to a 5k dash at Angel Stadium....

Oh and another 5K

Oh wait and another this past weekend.  I had to leave at 5:30 to go down to South County.....horrible and hilly!

Oh and it was a Triathlon, whatever...

After I was done I stopped by a fellow dance mom's booth.  She has a non profit walk in October.

**I am really liking this thing I have been doing!  haha.  I just need to stop eating like crap and then maybe I will lose more weight!  I am running 4 days a week and training for a 10k.  I am running a 8k in 2weeks and hope I can do it.  But if I can do 5miles I guess I can do 6!  haha

My New Love

I just have to share my new LOVE when it comes to clothing.  I love to cut shirts!  I have always hated t-shirts that come so close to your neck.  I think it makes women look so much bigger than they are.  So, I cut them!  It started when Derek changed jobs and he had a few left over long sleeved shirts.  I did not feel like a girl, so I cut the neck.  I LOVE IT!  Just think about it and try it.  I swear you will love it!  If you have a problem just put the shirt in half and cut the neck that way.  It is pretty sexy when it hangs over one side too:)

Get Out There!

I have done countless walks for charity.  I LOVE to do it.  MS, Spinal Cord, ALS, Autism, and so many more...I should remember them!!  A few months back I walked  my first for Autism Speaks.  I wanted to show support for a dear Lee family friend's son, Liam.  He is just a few months older than Lilly.  Liam is the son of Jenny (aka honorary Jenny Lee) and Bill.  Liam has Autism.  I was so happy to be a representative for the Lee family for the walk.  It was a very nice day at the Great Park of OC.  I SOOOOOO wanted to run it, but it is a walk, haha.  There were many booths to look at, food trucks and etc.  Liam did great during the walk, hello he got to sit in a not fair, haha.  I honestly loved walking around the old El Toro Marine Base air strip.  Thank you Jenny for the invite!!!
Cloudy, but great walking weather

Jen and Liam

Here we are!

Handsome Liam!

Start and Finish Line

I know that not everyone likes to do the things that I do, but these walks that take no time at all are such a great way to share, well share life.  To see the looks on the kids and parents faces when you show up to support their cause is so touching.  After all, I got to go home to my healthy children....... 

Ice Queen Avah

Who knew that I had never seen someone ice-skate before!  Yep at the age of 33, still had not.  That changed when the girls and I went to little Avah's competition.  It was so great to see her use what she learned from ballet on the ice.  She even got first place!  She was so stinkin cute skating to the disco themed music.  Woohoo Avah Grace!
oh my 'not so baby' Nate!

Avah warming up...

Grant is CRAZY!

Here is the winner!

Goodbye Aunt Pat

Derek's Aunt Pat passed away.  

She fought the good fight for so many years against Ovarian Cancer, but she succumbed.  She was one of the nicest people I had ever met.  She loved to hand make items like cards and paintings.  She was the PERFECT match for Uncle Gary.  She was just great.  I know she is painting in heaven and looking down on her family with a smile.  We loved and miss you very much Aunt Pat!