Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday Meetings, posted on Tuesday!

Meet baby Cash! He is one of the most adorable babies I have EVER seen! He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is just a doll to have! He lives 4 houses down and ever since we met him and his parents in February I can not get enough of this kid!

Cash loves to bounce ALL of the time, he eat a ton of 'big person food' at his almost 10months here on earth, he had a blast this past weekend taking a bath with Drew and Emma, and most importantly he LOVES me! We play outside on blankets, with the kids toys and he just wants to have fun! The kids love him to death and every day they want to play with him! We can not wait to see how the love between Lilly and Cash grows, haha! I love having 16other kids on our street!

Tackle Tuesday....Date Night!

This tackle is to show that Derek and I do make time for ourselves...just months ago! I find it hilarious that we do not know where to go to what to do when we have some time to ourselves. A month ago we went to pizza and really could not decide which place to go to and when we got there I think we ordered way to much food because we usually order for 5 people. But one night when Kels was here in March for almost a week we (rather I) knew SUSHI was our destination. We headed to a restaurant we had not been before then to a bar we had only been to once.

It was a wonderful evening spent together! What could not have been better! We got to eat a HUGE boat (really it came in a boat) of sushi that we did not even come close to finishing. With full tummies that could not handle more than a few more beers we listened to a live band and people watched at the bar for a few hours. Derek even opened my car door!
***Derek was his usual self for picture taking! he would not smile, so this is what he gets by me posting the pic below***

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Momma Needs a New Pair of Shoes!

People have always told me that as my children get older I will have my hands full because they were such great newborns. I thought these people mentioned were CRAZY! I was so stinking wrong. I am not sure if I am just emotionally drained or I really do have my hands full! These past weeks have been HORRIBLE! I am not ashamed to say that, really they have been! I swear we have a newborn again with Lilly's sleeping habits, and the other two just DO NOT LISTEN TO US! We love our children, but DANG! Why does a 20 month old decide NOW that she does not want to sleep through the night? Or why does the 3 year old start to cough then throw up, this wakes the other two children? Even best, why does Drew start to scream and constantly ask the same questions all of the time even though I give him an answer! Argh!

So when I have to deal with a screaming child like this.....

Mommy has to go and get a pair of shoes from Kohls with a coupon and only when shoes are on sale....aren't they cute!

Connor's Blog

Derek's cousin Connor has been very busy since his arrival in Southern California with his brother, Skylar, and parents. His current project is The Jadagrace Show. He loves this show and even though it takes him away from his dad and brother he has a great time getting the experience. He is only 17! Here is a link to a blog that his Aunt Cindy, his mom, made. Love you Connor and we can not wait to see your career take off!


Drew's Birthday Pictures, yes so late!

Forever ago I tried to post pictures from Drew's birthday party, but something kept going wrong. So, even though it has been almost 3 months since his 5th birthday party...here are the pictures! Better late than never! It was so much fun to have a Mario Brothers themed party for our sweet little boy! He got so many gifts that matched the theme and so many more! If we are ever in a Nerf Gun war, we will for sure win!

From the pops that Nicole made, my mom burning two pizzas, the mounds of spaghetti left over, the fact that it was 40 degrees outside and we had to move it inside (we can fit 70 people in our little house!), my baby sis and her friends helped decorate and cook food, and the horrible fact that my camera are broken,my very preggo Marster was here, all the way to Drew having a blast with his friends and family.....was fully worth me stressing out because of the weather and lack of time in a day!

Our little man is starting to become 'not so little' and it makes us both excited and sad!

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