Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thanks Girls

Where is this? Is this my house? Is this Lil and Em's room? Oh it is! Thank you girls.

Sunday Birthday Fun Day

A girlfriend of mine that I have not seen in about 3 years invited our family to her daughter's 5th birthday party. She invites me to stuff and I her, but it never works out. I think life got busy and bam she had one kid I did not know about and I had
one she did not know about. Difference, she has 4 and I have 3. I really thought she only had 3! That was a little embarasing on my part, but a great conversation topic at the party! We had a great time and I am so happy to see Laurie and her family. Out of everyone I met though working at Chili's she was always my favorite. GO BEACH!

Later that day was Issac. He is our neighbor and our babysitter's dad, oh and Drew's 'big friend' dad. We always go to the Concerts In the Park during the summer, so when we were asked once again to join the G's there for Issac's birthday it was a no brainer.

Trip to SB!

I swear that I am a driving fool! This is what I have always wanted to do and my kids and I are so lucky we have their daddy to let them do this...and me to drive! I think this past year of me taking off with the kids has made Derek really become more open to getting out of town. Later I will share how Derek was the 'fun seeker' during our latest trip to Santa Cruz and Lake Shasta.

Where did I drive to this time? Santa Barbara! Who had Lilly and Drew? Linda! I love her summer off! I also love SB, always have and always will. I have not been there since I turned 21 or 23, so going there was so much fun! What made it even more special was the fact that I got to spend time with Emma. She is my traveling buddy and a lover or ballet/show/dance performances like her dear momma.

Who did we see? We actually went to the State Street Ballet Summer Intensive Program demonstration/show. Two dancers from TDAD, where Em dances, had the honor of being accepted (I think on scholarship) to the Intensive Program. For both Angela and Kimmy it was kind of like a 4 week job interview. So who made it? Angela did! TDAD has produced another professional ballerina! How awesome is that! It would have been awesome to see both of the girls make it...really they both could have & the show was really centered around both of their dancing abilities...but they only had one spot. I hope Kimmy tries again, she can do it! I am so excited for the girls and for Em to see what she can possibly do. I wish I could have recorded her face while she was watching the show. She did not even want to sit next to me, so was so excited for the perfect view and I think she had it...five seats away from me. Once again, I got a little sappy while watching the show because I was watching it with my daughter. She just loves this dancing stuff.

How did our journey go? Well, like of my 'adventures' not so good at first then get better. I keep on trucking. Derek thinks I am crazy. Soooooo it took me 3.5 hours to get there...I hate the 101 at times. It was very hot. When we got to SB I have the wrong address, so I could not find the place. I contacted the normal box office for State Street, but this particular show was not through that box office. The gal from the box office gave me the "correct place" and I put that in quotes because the "correct place" was not correct and thank goodness I ran into Ms. Brenda at a restaurant because I really would have been pissed. She gave me the correct information. I put it into my phone and off we went to the show after lunch. Oh then my GPS dumped when we entered UCSB! I drove around and around and could not find this little theater that was showing the performance. Ya know when you start getting worried and sweat all over and then want to cry then say 'screw this' but don't because you have gone so far to get there and if you give up now you will be mad? That was me! Thank goodness I have a very well behaved child, she was great. Oh, then the flipping security guard I asked for directions was of no help. I trusted his directions were correct. I now know never to trust a man on a cell phone while working. He sent me to the other side of the campus. I SWEAR he did. By the time I finally found the theater we were a few minutes late, I did not pay for parking in the meter and I was SWEATING! I did not get a parking ticket though...that would have been the topper. Then again, I should have paid to begin with to avoid the headache of a ticket.

The show was great and like I mentioned before the two girls that were at the Intensive did a great job and were really the highlight of the show. Their level of dancing was just so much higher than the rest. Emma loved to watch the girls and pointed her little figure and had the biggest smile on her face when she saw Kimmy and Angela.

Em and I at lunch. Of course I had a glass of Santa Barbara Chardaney which was OK:)

Picture of Em at intermission...she is funny.
Em with Ms. Sam, another one of the TDAD instructors that we love.

Then her fav gal, Kimmy. She was so sad she did not get a position, but she was a tropper and super excited to see Em there. I think Em was the youngest Tracy Dee dancer there.

Picture with the Martinez Girls. Isabella I call her blondie twin because sometimes it is hard for me to tell the difference btw them. Katrina has the 'sad eyes' like Em does. Katrina is one of my favorite to watch dance.

Then there is Ms. Angela. 17 years old and off to travel with the ballet company. How exciting is that to do something that you love and have been doing since I think 2? I wonder how Em will grow as a dancer?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

He Can Ride!

I am not able to sleep tonight, due to the girls Dance I will blog a bit.

Drew can ride a 2 wheel bike!! He was ready and after one day of pushing down a hill at the park with Derek. A few days later we packed a picnic and with one push Drew was off and has not wanted to get off of his bike since. He calls his time of his bike his 'adventures' and he tells everyone about it! He was ready!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Last Year

This year

**at grandmaland!

Mad Dog Turned 5!

How fast our girls are growing! My bestie, that I never see (along with many of my other friends) has the prettiest little girl and has such a wonderful attitude! I swear Madi is the nicest little girl! Em and Madi may never get to see each other, but they know each other and when they are together they click like many besties do! Madi is just a few weeks older than Em and of course we would not have missed her birthday party! I am very happy that I got to see Sara 2 twice in the past month and she was the awesome hostess that she always is. However, I was very sad to not see her in the 'Hello Kitty' t-shirt Madison picked out for Sara to wear during her birthday party. I swear "Hello Kitty" is all the rage! Happy birthday Madi!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of JULY! I am hoping that that everyone thought about what a great country we live in, what our founders fought for, and what our troops fight for today.

With that being said, how about some fireworks!

This year was VERY low key for the Lee family. We had plans of going to the 10 am HB Parade, which the kids go to every year, hang out at the HB Lee's until 1ish then come come to where I would cook and then head over to Veterans Park for fireworks.

Well, I do not think Derek remembers who he married when it comes to 'am wake up calls!' If the alarm is not going off for at least 20min then I will go back to sleep and prob not wake up until at least 9! So as you can probably deduct, we did not go to the parade (good thing we never told the kids we were going), hence no HB Lee house for a few hours. Instead, I woke up at around 10am, cooked home made beans, potato salad, and ribs. I was in the kitchen from 10:30am until 5pm. So, when I think about it I am glad we did not go to the beach...I never would have gotten my cooking done.

Strange that I write the last sentence, a little. Nowadays I take such pride in my cooking. There are few things that I make over and over anymore. For example my ribs...I have only make the same recipe once. I love it. My goal for the 4th was to make my family homemade everything....I did it. However, I did not get to dessert! I was tired by the time we headed up the street to the park for the fireworks.

Besides being totally stuffed from dinner, we had to be in a packed park with the rest of YL! I had not been to this firework show since right out of high school and Derek since he was in high school (we are 32 & 34). But now that we have kids that will watch fireworks, or so we thought, we really wanted to go with our community to watch the tribute to our country. Derek saw people that he knew and I saw a few that I knew. It was strange. We live in Ca, which is such a big state and yet we live in such a small city!

So, the fireworks. What can I say that will not have people think it was the most stressful evening ever!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


About a week or so before Fathers Day Derek asked if we could go to Hero's to meet Billy and his family for an early lunch. I am always up for Hero's and it had been I think since Halloween since we were there, so why not! Well, 1.5 hours later, 5 wiggly kids later, and me hungry...not a good combo!

It was very nice to see Billy and his family and the last time we saw them was by accident at Hero's...oh his twins are so dang cute... next year we will either get there at 10 or at 3ish!

I have only met Kristi, Billy's wife, I think 3 or four times but she is very nice and such a good mama! I really do smile and shake my head when I think about her working, handling Billy and taking care of those precious twins! I am in awe! Derek has known Billy forever and me for what seems like the same amount of time and I have always liked that Derek was/has been pushed by Billy to play hardball and I really wish that he would pick it up again. Then again, he would not be able to work if he hurt himself and that has been the reason since Drew was born. Derek is so good!

I do think he would be in the senior league now...hahahahahaha!!!

Then off to get Daddy some new golf clubs. Then again, I really do not know what he was getting. The kids had a great time looking around and hitting the putt-putt. However, Derek is a lefty and his section was SO TINY! Let me put it this way; he is a lefty so his area is located by the ladies and kid clubs and is literally 3x3 ft. My poor husband! He really wanted those three new clubs..once again I do not know what they are called or why because his are perfectly fine! Ten again he got them 7 years ago, so maybe in golf-talk that means he needs new ones?? As of late he is golfing once a month and maybe that is it too? I do not get it. Well, he did not get them there because they would have had to order them from two different states and who knows who long that would have taken, so the next day he went to another place and got them. Oh, I have to mention, I told him to go to the second place first...but NOOOOOO!