Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Patty's First Shower

Patty had her first baby shower!

I am so happy that she had one up where she lives! I think she glows and I told her that today when I looked at the pictures! Patty does not like to be the center of attention AT ALL and I told her too bad because there are really only a few times when you are. When you are getting married and when you are having a baby. I should mention to her that when William is here she will not have to worry about being the center of attention ever again!

From what she told me she got a lot of stuff and I need to ask her if she i going with the Dr. Sues theme for his room...so super cute. I am tickled for Will to come and meet all of us...oh yeah and for Pat to have a bundle of joy!

Now I just can not wait for our "Little Man" party next month! I think it is trendy now, but who cares it is going to be so cute! I can blame the trend on Em since she is the one who picked it!! haha Invites are in the mail!

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Farnes Family Four said...

Trendy Trendy Trendy!! What What! Our little man shower was superb and I loved making her the center of attention.