Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Man oh Man!

I really have not been the blogger that I once was! I use to sit at the desk all of the time and just upload pics and write about what was going on in our lives! Well, life with three kiddies has officially 'taken me over!'

**actually while I was typing this Em yelled at me to come quick, which I did, then told me that Lilly spit up all over the couch...see I can never sit down!

Life with three babies is not one that allows me to just sit and type, I have realized! Now that LP can walk, Drew is a know-it-all, and Em is a little princess I can never get what I want done. Am I complaining!! Hell ya!! So as much as I hate the posts on blogs that say they are back, I am writing this, "I AM BACK!"

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