Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Please Pray!!!

Since Emma joined the dance academy we have made many friends. Us parents sit and watch our kiddies and have no choice after awhile to talk to each other..haha Three are Erica and Robert with there daughter Ava! Emma loves to dance with Ava and last month Emma got to perform with her at the mall and loved it! She calls her 'big Ava' since we have DeAnne's Avah who is 'little Avah.' So when we got the news that this.....


happened to Ava we were so sad, prayed really hard, cried a bit, and realized just how much we love the academy! We see other parents and kids there at least 4 days a week...we see them more than our families and other friends. If you know anything please let the family know, or you can even email me. I just do not understand how a lady could drive, cut a small car off, watch it fall off the freeway, then leave! Please pray for Ava during her recovery and for Erica and Robert to have the strength to get through this! Below is slide show of Ava prior to the accident.


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