Thursday, April 26, 2012

I love to drive myself....

Yes, I do love to drive myself...CRAZY!

Over spring break I had this CRAZY FUN idea to have most of the kids on the block over for a sleepover. It was sparked by a great trip to with a few kids from the block. They listened to me and behaved with the other children and when asked if they could have a sleepover that Friday I thought why not. Oh and why not throw in Caden and MaKenna too.

I picked up pizza after getting the Maloafs and Derek headed to the store with a list containing soda, ice cream, and candy and the next day's breakfast of donuts. The clerk at Stater Bros asked Derek if he was having a boys night. He laughed and explained that there was a house full of kids that he just found out about shortly before he got there. Oh how I love thee, Derek!

Well, I must say that it went great! It was MaKenna and Jonya's first sleepover (besides their own family) and all of the big girls were respectful with no fighting. Everyone feel asleep by 1am and the little one's by 11pm. How awesome is that!! Even the sour gummy worms, pizza, rootbeer floats, movies, and popcorn could not keep the 11, yes 11, kids up all night!

Of course there was this the next day while I cleaned and Lilly was at ballet rehearsal...why did I not partake? Oh that is right...I AM MOM!

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