Sunday, June 22, 2014

Golf & Baseball for a good cause

This took place in February, but I still wanted to post it.  

Drew plays in the Pony Baseball league and we love it, but it really needed some updating.  So, last year they got a new president and some new board members.  They updated the website, changed the logo and apparel, and announced that they would be having The Inaugural Golf Tournament.  So we made a weekend of it with Mike coming down, playing ping pong, watching the fight, and having a small Superbowl get together.  Many BBQ'ing too.  Derek's old boss even came to play in the foursome.  

It was a very fun and all consuming weekend!  Derek and Mike got second in the tournament!!  There was a ball drop and for a small fee we brought Drew for dinner and a free golf lesson with a golf-pro, well at least someone who works there.  But the fun also came with a wonderful end result.  The tournament fee and extra proceeds went to help fund the leagues brand new "Champions League!"  

This tournament took place prior to opening day and once that day came the Champions League children played their very first game!  I never knew such things existed for children with disabilities.  It was truly heart warming to watch.  I am so proud of our city!

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