Sunday, June 22, 2014

Took 3 years

Literally took me forever to actually start and finish Drew's room!  Well, I am actually not done....but almost.  Like so many little boys, Drew loves superheros.  He does not even have a favorite, but likes them all.  He has also got the entire family into all of the Marvel stuff.  We lay around some days and watch the movies to find more secrets or things we missed so we can piece stuff together.  FUN TIMES!

I picked gray for the walls, spray painted his bed from white to black, and took all of super hero stuff and put them on the newly built book shelf.  He even got a new lap and posters.  I think the entire project so far has not cost me more than $100.  

I still have to buy a new comforter, frame the posters, finish painting the base boards and ceiling, have Derek properly hang up the curtain rod, get an area rug, and I think that is it.

Proper room for an 8yr old boy:) 

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