Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Book of Mormon!

For Derek's 36th birthday I surprised him with tickets for his VERY FIRST Broadway play!  Really!!  So of course, there was no way I could take him to a boring one, so Book of Mormon it was!  I thought for sure he was going to hate his present, but he LOVED it.  His mom watched the kids and off we went for a night by ourselves in LA.  We really do not care for LA and try to avoid it at all costs, but sometime you have to go.  So dirty.   

Once we were there we had to find parking and somehow we got suckered into parking in this totally ghetto part of the street...in honesty the entire place is ghetto.  For those that do not understand LA....it is dirty, there are homeless people everywhere, it is old, there are so many pot holes in the street, it is a little freaky, and did I mention it is dirty?  So going to a Broadway show, though exciting, you have to be on guard.  This is when Derek and I ran into arguments.  I wanted to look at the stars on the sidewalk and window shop, but Derek wanted to just find a place to eat and get to the Pantages.  I had no idea that the entire time I was looking down he was looking around to make sure that no one would hurt us.  How sweet!  Even when I walked into the Church of  Scientology (yes, I did that...wow that is a crazy place!) he was outside standing guard.  Love that!!

After dinner we headed to the show.  Goodness, if you have not seen it GO!  Since it is created by the writers of the cartoon South Park, do I need to say more?  It is demeaning, vulgar, hilarious, and as much as Mormons may disagree, pretty accurate at times.  Look at it as entertainment and you will be fine seeing it.  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!