Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Peter Pan

Last year it was Wizard of Oz, this year it was Peter Pan.  I am in awe of the school plays at the kiddos school.  They work with a local production company, have less than 10 rehearsals, have a wonderful concession stand, excellent parent volunteers, and of course a wonderful cast that includes my two monsters!  

Last year Drew had a lead and I was hoping this year at least one of them would have one.  Wouldn't Emma make a perfect Tinkerbell!  Well, it was not meant to be..I was so bummed.  haha  Regardless of not having a lead the kids had a very good time.  Momma had fun too doing the below.......

How cute is all of this stuff!  A mother at school printed all of the tags and so on.  We had water bottles with gold duck tape instead of the labels, all the goodies you could ask for and even ice cream!  I have to work 10 hours for my kids and of course....it was a little more than that:)  Derek always says, better you than me:)

**gotta love our LOST KIDS**

The play was fantastic.  These kids had less than 10 rehearsals (I think 6?) with two at the theater...I was shocked at how good it was with so little practice.  Some of the actors even got to FLY!  Hello, FLY!  I told you it was not your usual school play.  Mrs Brenda and Mr. Jerry agreed.  None of our family came to the play (that made us sad) so it was very special to have those wonderful people come and see the kids.  Emma is still talking about it.  I love my dear friend for doing that.  I wish more people would have come to see that it was not the normal 'school play.'  Oh well.  

I can always count of Mia to come to the kids stuff!  My neighbors are so sweet.

Maybe next year the kids will join in the fun at the play again, but even if they do not I know they had a blast doing it for two years:)  If they do it again, PLEASE COME SEE THEM!