Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Big Bear!

We got back to one of our favorite places....Big Bear!  Oh Big bear how I love you and you gave me one more reason.... I FINALLY got to take my family to the museum that is ALWAYS closed when we come up.  It closes early (like everything there) and is seasonal, so unless we plan it just right we can't got.  Well, this time Derek made a point of having our family go and it was so much fun!  There are 5 or 6 sections of the museum which includes panning for gold and an blacksmith.  It was so cool!  Even better since it was nearly empty.  It made my June for sure...haha 

Of course there was horseplay, jiffy pop, relaxing, movie watching in the cabin.  We even found a new park close by.  The kids loved it.  I did not like all of the ants!
We even tried a new burger place.  So good.  Better than In & Out!

funny picture of Drew and I...
Walking?  What? What is that?  Why is there dirt in my shoes?  With all of the activities that we do I am perplexed by the amount of complaining.  Those kids:)   Needless to say,  the walk on the very low lake was over in about 20minutes.  Those kids!:)

 We even went to a movie!  That just goes to show many times we have been up there!  Note to people though...it is super small in there so when they say it is only half way full....it is basically full!