Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Farnes Cross Country Adventure

On the way to their newly purchased home in North Carolina,

Emma sent us daily emails about their cross country adventure! I decided that since many of our family and mutual friends read my blog I would post what Em wrote to us. BTW, I told her to set up a blog of her own so I would not cry so much!

Day 1-
We just made it into Arizona. We had in and out for lunch which made Tyler especially happy. Stopped to use the restroom at a rest stop with a bus load of Italian tourist. They were taking pictures of the big 16 wheelers, it was pretty funny! Our first stop is flagstaff. Kids have watched a few movies, played DS and Hailee read some of the books she brought.

Day 2-
Here we are in New Mexico! Hailee enjoyed the visitors center. It was all native Indians that worked there. They gave her a map and a tourist magazine. The bathrooms were nice and clean but no seat covers. So I showed her the art of the toilet paper seat cover. Chris says NM highway is probably the best maintained. He let me drive this morning! I'll probably take over when we get to Albuquerque. We are going to Amarillo tonight. Last night we had outback for dinner, yum. I had a gift card from Michele. That's all for now! Love you...

Day 3-
We had a great nights sleep last night. Due to Patty's hook up at the Druary Inn we got a spacious suite! I highly recommend that hotel. Due to the great nights sleep we left later than usually but really no hurry since the weather is no longer sunny. Due to the inclement weather Chris will be doing most of the driving. If you didn't know I'm a true California Girl, I get nervous in anything else but beating down sun! But, I'm going to have to get use to it in NC!! I took a picture of a VW graveyard, four VW stuck front first in the ground with spray painting all over them. Last night we went to Red Robin for dinner usually we save that restaurant for after family Disneyland trips but once again things are changing. The waitress had a sweet Texas accent and her name was Bristen...very Texas name! Anyhoo after hearing her speak Hailee then suggested we talk in all Texas accents for the rest of our time here. We are 90 miles into our 500 mile day!! We hope for good weather!!

Day 4-5
The kids asked if NC is now their home state. I guess that's the hard thing with military kids you never really have a state to call home.
Anyhoo, we made it to cracker barrel last night and I'll tell ya it was yummy. The kids both stayed with their hamburgers. But we had chocolate coke cola cake so that was a little of an unknown item. Inside the restaurant is this massive country store with lots of sweets, gifts and toys. Well the first thing Hailee said was "mommy if I'm good will you buy me something" I don't think she's ever said that. She's always good hence they always get things. In the rare except that they aren't getting something she nags me to death and I give in. Now you know my mommy flaw : )
Tyler bought a cap gun. He slept with it last night on "his hip like a cowboy". They both have done great in the car. Hailee has napped just once. Tyler no such luck. They have really enjoyed the lap trays Sara got them. It holds all their books, games, drinks and has a big flat space on top. Thanks, Sara. Oh last night we stayed in Asheville, NC. We made it all the way thru Tennessee. We are now on the east side of the Appalachian mountains with only 175 miles until the house. Still on the 40!!

They finaly got there!
When the Farnes got to their new home, they wasted no time in getting everything rolling with improvements (there are really not that many) and here are a few pictures that Em sent.

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