Monday, June 7, 2010


*ME attempting to take a picture of ME after 5 hours at the pool, wearing no makeup & Derek's shirt, and sporting a fab sunburn! You should see the rest of my body!*

1. I love God
2. I love my family!
3. I love my boobs...wait before kids, now I love to think about how nice my boobs use to be. Sorry they use to be my best feature, now I do not have one:) Sorry dad if you are reading this:)
4. I love wine, dt coke, and WATER!
5. I am happy that I have 3 more!
6. I struggle to find the balance between family and friends.
7. I try to do 'it all' and know that I can not, but I keep trying.
8. I have learned I can have it all, just not all at the same time.
9. I miss some friends that I no longer talk to, but am happy that I no longer do.
10.I love GOOGLE
11.Derek is the man that I always wanted, thank you love.
12.I am a freak about keeping my house clean, yet when people happen to just stop by the place is ALWAYS A MESS! argh
13.I hate,hate,hate my hair, but plan to cut it all off soon.
14.I never want to work EVER, but love the fact that I got my BA and will soon start a MA.
15.The only thing about myself that I would change right now.....sleep! I have always been a night person (since in the womb) and even though I sit here and yawn I still can not go to bed before 12am...even when I was preggo!

Thank you Dar for posting your ME (look at The Yadens) and even though it has been some time since you posted yours I have thought about it many times. So now here is my ME.


Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

Love this post! Oh and LOVE the new blog ya too!

Darci said...

You are welcome it was alot of fun! Loved yours. I don't know why you don't like your is great hair. Don't cut it you will miss it I promise. I think it is one of your great features along with your smile! Your boobs are still WAY better than mine since I really don't have any.xoxoxo

The Lee's said...

Dar you are funny! I LOVED your too!