Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fallen Behind

Thinking that I would have enough time to post my 'Monday Meetings' was soooo wishful at best!! Also, Tackle Tuesday posts have fallen as well. Thank you Meg for posting and reminding me that I really do need to do this. I NEED to do this because blogging keeps me sane. I hate to admit it, but my life has gotten a tad out of control and I do need time to just sit....blogging is my time. Between trips, birthdays, family days, baby showers, swim lessons, movie nights, weddings, trying to see friends, ballet, t-ball and now the start of soccer, two more trips and pre-k events starting....I am spent!! Days have just flowed together and today was my breaking point....crying in the grocery store. I have been pushing myself and just trying to get to the store to get some formula in between leaving a ranch and heading to the Fair...well, come on...I am just crazy!!!

My patience is low, my house is filthy, and the kids are driving my nutty!!! AWWW to vent. I do feel a little better!! So here they are.....

SWIM LESSONS!!!! Since I thought of my Tackle and did not write about it...I will tell you the after thoughts.
Drew has had swim lessons before with Keeli and just a few with the YMCA, but this year he is ready, or at least he needs to be.
Emma....different story! She is very shy and loved being with Keeli, but not the Y. She is my challenge. Or at least I thought she would be.
Drew yelled, cried, screamed the moment I told him that he was starting swim lessons. Emma was so excited and even yelled, "I am a big girl and am going to swim!"
Yea right! By he time we got to Suzie's both kids did not want to swim, Drew wanted to stay in the car, and I was going to cancel the entire thing. However, with the help of Suzie, Conner and the amazing Elisabeth, all was well with Drew. Then....Emma! Man she can be a pain! I mean this is the nicest way, but MAN!!! When it was her turn she screamed, hit, and I could barely get her dress off! The ending with Em was some as Drew's...but her SCREAMS!!! So girly loud!!

Meet The BiBi's

#1- AKA, paci, plug, buggy, sucky, and so on.
#2- I am sorry for parents whose children hate them and for those parents that think they do not need to have them. It helps prevent against SIDS and is the biggest life savor!!
#3- All three of our kids loved them.
#4- As much as other people may hate the fact that we use bibi's, when the kids are crying those that hate them always ask for them:)

With the above being said.....

#5- We ALWAYS have to carry them!!! I have been through so many that I should have invested in the stock.
#6- Emma still uses one.....I say it is like her crack! I hope she does not smoke when she is older...haha.
#7- Watch out when you have babies at a hospital nowadays. Most do not provide them.
#8- There is really no other way to get my kids to calm down without one.

With all of that being said....

#9- I can not go a day without one.
#10- I would cry if I did not have these little pieces of plastic in my life.


Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

We have bi-bis. We call them pacis. My boys would honestly DIE without them. I get kinda mad too when people criticize(sp?) me for giving them to my kids. Who cares? Rebeccas' kiddos call them chupies- I think the names are just cute. haha. Glad your back, sorry your have been overwhelmed. =(

Farnes Family Four said...

I love your little stroy about the bi-bis. At least only two of the three kids use them! Right? I PROMISE Emma could survive without one!! But I get it!! Anything for those babies!!