Friday, July 16, 2010

Crazy fun times!!!!

I have been so behind with blogging that I thought I would just add a few pics from our crazy fun summer!!!

The kids went bowling for the first time together. Well, I should really write that Drew bowled for both of them and Em just danced and jumped all around! It was very funny and killed a few hours before heading to our fav place, Costco.

Mad Dog's birthday party! Madison is 3 weeks older than Emma and they are destined to be BFF's. Maybe Drew will marry Madison..haha. Anyways, to see the girls grow together, have the need to always wear dresses, love princesses, and show love to each other is just the best thing. I am very lucky to have the 'Z' family in my life!

Palm Springs was a blast. Hot yes, but still a very cheap blast in a very beautiful Villa with two ladies that I am getting to know and their kids that I just adore! Drinks while in the pool, girls BBQin, kids that get along so well meant us mommies had a great time. I also need to mention that there was no doing laundry, vacuuming, or dusting! The only real eventful thing that happened was the earthquake...all of the kids in the pool and me in this pit feeding Lilly was not the best of times. It was memorial:)
On the way home we went to two places I have wanted to visit for years; Hadley's and The Dino's. The Dino's is not the correct name for the attraction, but that is what I have always called them and I do not care what they are really called, haha. Anyways, they are the Dino's that were featured in the movie, "Pee Wee Big Adventure," and since I use to live in beautiful 29 palms they always smile when I pass them on the freeway. The picture of Em looking like she is being tortured is her wanting to leave the Dino's, but I am not the type of parent who leaves...she got over it after awhile (when we left!). The other stop was Hadley's. My parents, sisters and I love Hadley's. I use to go there all of the time with Tyler when he was a baby and bringing my kids was yet another memory I will have of the dessert!

A County Fair. When my friend told me about this 'fair' I really thought the kids would see (of course, no touching) some farm animals, however there were no animals or anything like that. Then I realized where I live which is not really a place for farm animals or hay and embraced the old cars and PARK! I capitalized 'PARK' because the minute the kids saw it that was all they could talk about.
Finally, after looking at vendors and getting a snow cone the kids went to the park with Nana. I have to say Nana looked like she had a great time with Em:)

This first pic is probably one of my favorite EVER! I just wish I had gotten the correct lighting. Em was standing at the door as Derek and Drew were driving off to see their first movie together, "The Last AirBender," and all she could say was, "mommy we go to Disneyland and see princess now?" It was one of those things that kids do/say when a sibling gets to do something special and I was cracking up. Now every time a commercial comes on for that movie Em talks about princesses:) The second pic is of Drew leaving to watch the movie....yes, Derek sooo laughed at me for taking a pic. I only wish I had one of them leaving in the Expoler with their hands hanging out of the windows.

The background to the next set of pictures is this.... One day I walked into the dance academy that Emma attends and this gal looks at me and I look at her and these words come out, "I know you." I swear the city I live in is so small, yet you would never assume that growing up here. So the gal I knew was Tami. I went to high school with her and it is a crack up to get to know her all over again. We gossip (bad I know) about people from high school and have gotten to know each other as adults. And when DeAnne's daughter joined the academy...well, we just talk and talk. Here are a few pictures from Katilyn's 2nd birthday party.

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Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

OH that Villa is BEAUTIFUL. I love Hadley's too- did you get a date shake? Love the pic of Em in her boots and undies too. VERY CUTE! Glad to see you are enjoying the summer.