Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Meetings

I was thinking, "why don't I start my own day of the week on the blog to post something about our lives." There are various blogs dedicate to themes. For example the 'Tackle Tuesdays' and 'Wordless Wednesdays.'
Today I am going to start, 'Monday Meetings.'

Meet Sam

Sam belongs to Drew.
Sam is Drew's only toy that he can not live without.
Sam has been around since I got pregnant with Emma. Given to him by Auntie Chow.
Sam has no clothes.
Sam has been tossed, dropped, soaked with water, soaked with pee, and written on.
Sam must go with Drew to spend the night at anyone's house. But it is okay if Drew forgets.
Sam may not be touched by Em, but it is okay for Lilly:)
Sam is named after Sara 2's brother Sam.
Sam went with us to see Toy Story 3 and Drew smiled at him when Andy held Woody, maybe Sam is his Woody. That does not sound right!! hahaha
Sam has never been lost.
Sam must never be lost. There will never be another Sam:)

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Farnes Family Four said...

Awwww. Tyler says "thats funny". I love that Drew has a friend like Sam. Also, it is beyond hilarious that Emma can't touch Sam and I can imagine right in front of Emma..Drew will hand him over to our little Lil.