Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So it begins!

I love being busy doing fun stuff. I am a freak and do love to clean and stay organized, but I HATE when I actually HAVE to do it (i.e Mondays post).

With that being said, I am so happy that soccer practice, soccer games, ballet, now ballet show rehersals, city sport almost here, mom's club is back on track, niece and nephews sport events to attend (sad that no Ty and Hailee) and the start of PRE-K!!

This last Saturday felt like the kick off of my season...yes, I am a dork, but I live for this kind of stuff!

Saturday AM, Cross Country meet for Kelco (aka, Kelsey) and Chuck (aka, Carly). I did not bring my camera, but here is a pic of the kids waiting for the gun to discharge and see Kels run by 'really fast' as Em put it.

Then, Drew-Drew Big Boy had his first AYSO soccer game!!! He is the youngest and smallest on his team, but heck... he is just so dang sweet! I was a little disappoined that only my mom (aka Nana) showed up for his first game, but there are many more games to come in his life. I just hope that it is not just me, my mom, and the girls at his games since Derek works so much. Then again, there are more games in his life.

Then there are my other babies! I miss them so much and to see pics of Hailee playing soccer made my heart ache!

Ty and Hailee had their first soccer games ever in NC! Em is of course coaching a team (Hailee's) and these pictures are from that. I did not get any pics of Tyler, but I hope to get some this weekend! I can not believe how fast Hailee is growing!


Rebecca Titone said...

Drew's team sign is over the top cute! So happy for him, and what a great mom you are to have gotten him signed up on time!

MRSB said...

The game was fun and only 20 minutes! Drew was so proud of himself.

Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

Yay Drew!