Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lee Reunion 2010

I have not posted about the Lee Family Reunion 2010. I have been thinking back and forth about what I would write or even what pictures I would put up. There are so many things to say and pics to show!

So, I have decided to only put one picture and write a little something.

**the next generation of Lee's**

It was a very stressful month of August. I thought that I would just pack and be done with it all. Getting ready for the reunion I mean. However, as the day came closer I realized that I was STRESSED!! I was no longer doing the normal activities that I do and was putting off household chores (I swear when I write 'chores' I think of being 15 yrs old). I was a little overwhelmed, but I did it to myself! Helping with the activities for the reunion....tree planting for Papa, tourney's, meal prep and so on...I kid you not....stressful! When we got there though, I was not stressed and Derek & I did not even fight..wowwow. It may seem silly, but it is true. Even though I was not really that stressed there, I think I drank enough in 5 days to last me awhile! haha. The reason why I even posted the 'addition to weed' post was because of the reunion....I was SPENT! Like I wrote, there is so much to say about the reunion and the above is all you get:)

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